T2's Saturday Heroes User Poll

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    T2's Saturday Heroes User Poll

    Each Week I will rank all 12 of our user teams, this poll is more than just Wins and Losses, I will look at each user's game and use various information to determine team rank. At the end of the season i will give out a few awards. If you dont like where i put your team... Feel free to EAD!

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    Rank Team Why Prediction
    1. a B c D
    2. a B C D
    3. A B C D
    4. A B C D
    5. A B C D
    6. A B C D
    7. A B C D
    8. A B C D
    9. A B C D
    10. A B C D
    11. A B C D
    12. A B C D


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