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TCBL 2011 Rule 5 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MG, May 30, 2011.

  1. MG

    MG Watching Folks Swim

    Jul 21, 2010
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    Round 1
    1 Pittsburgh Pirates - SS Jimmy Rollins
    -Pittsburgh hasn't had a great SS since...ever. Rollins will be the face of the franchise for Pittsburgh that they desperately need and will replace a big need with the loss of Ronny Cedano.

    2 Seattle Mariners - OF Vernon Wells
    -Vernon Wells will add some much needed pop to this speedy but weak offense. He is the best bat on the board and will help them against the great rotations in the AL West.

    3 Arizona Diamondbacks - OF Grady Sizemore
    -Arizona just got done with a great draft and a surprise MVP season. What else to expect? How about (pending a last minute deal by the Rangers) Grady Sizemore. How can you bring another spark to an offense? How about adding another 5-tool player to an outfield already crowded with them. If their pitching progresses like projected, this team will fight with the Dodgers and Giants for the NL West crown very soon.

    4 Baltimore Orioles - SP John Lackey
    -Now before you write off this pick, hear me out. John Lackey had a 1.9 ERA for the Red Sox this TCBL season. He is far and away the best pitcher available. He will give some fire and tenacity to a team that seems comfortable with last place and will help solidify the rotation that was just awful for the O's last season. He isn't a franchise guy, but he will be a good pitcher and a nice pick for Baltimore.

    5 Kansas City Royals - 2B Rickie Weeks
    -I know KC is trying to bolster their rotation this offseason, but the prospect of adding a player like Weeks is too enticing to not at least consider. Do not be surprised if the Royals go Ervin Santana or another pitcher here, but I think in the end they will go with the sexy pick of Rickie Weeks.

    6 Washington Nationals - SP Justin Masterson
    -This is a sleeper pick, as not many know who Justin Masterson is...yet. Masterson is coming off a monster year in Cleveland where he pleased the Cleveland faithful to the tune of 2.41 ERA in 33 innings. Masterson is a high ceiling guy who could go right along Strassberg, Zimmerman and company to help provide a strong pitching future for this lowly franchise.

    7 Cleveland Indians - SP Ervin Santana
    -The Indians pitching staff is getting blown up this offseason, so they must go pitching here. Santana is the best starting pitcher available and would slide right in where Justin Masterson left off. I would not be surprised here if the Indians also have J.A. Happ, Ross Ohlendorf, Jonny Venters, Kyle Lohse or even Joba Chamberlain (pending his release) on their radar.

    8 Chicago Cubs - 1B/C Victor Martinez
    -The Cubs are another team that is getting decimated by free agency. Carlos Pena had a great year with the Cubs last season, but he can be replaced with a bigger talent in Victor Martinez here, and the Cubs would be foolish not to add VMart to a lineup that looks pretty pedestrian and got bailed out by their pitching staff most of the season.

    9 Houston Astros - SP J.A. Happ
    -After considering bullpen, outfield and shortstop/2B help, the Astros make the smart choice and hold on to their young pitcher who will continue to improve and provide quality innings. Not a sexy pick, but the right pick.

    10 Milwaukee Brewers - 3B Casey McGehee
    -Milwaukee already was prepared for the departure of weeks, but can ill afford to lose another bat the likes of McGehee all in one off season. Although they could go the route of OF, this is a very easy choice for the Brew crew as McGehee is a known and highly valued commodity within the Brewers organization.

    11 New York Mets - SP Kyle Lohse
    -The Mets surprise run to the NLCS and perhaps beyond was shocking to the TCBL universe considering they didn't even have their best player, Johan Santana, this season. With the position spots being for the most part locked up, the Mets get a great value pick here with Lohse, who can help fill the rotation with quality innings until Santana is finally healthy.

    12 Florida Marlins - RP David Robertsen
    -Who? Robertsen might just be the best reliever in the rule 5, that's who. He showed in New York that he was capable of pitching in the big time, and will slide right in as a setup guy in the Marlins bullpen who is more than capable of replacing Brian Sanches's setup role out of the pen.

    13 Los Angeles Dodgers - C Russell Martin
    -LA was extremely saddened last winter when fan favorite Russell Martin got swayed by the bright lights of New York to leave the Dodgers. Now that he has been released by the Yankees, perhaps this can very well be a story book ending. Besides, who wants Rod Barajas to be their starting catcher?

    14 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - OF Carlos Quentin
    -The Angels counter the loss of Vernon Wells with a guy with a great bat in Carlos Quentin. Quentin is the best available outfielder and is still only 28. Carlos has time to get better and I doubt the Angels offense misses a beat with him in the middle of that lineup.

    15 Oakland Athletics - 1B Carlos Pena
    -Perhaps the easiest choice of the night, Pena can fit right into 1B with the glove or DH for them. Pena showed he can still hit with the Cubs this season and brings another bat to a team that is loaded with pitching but needs help to score runs.

    16 Detroit Tigers - SP Randy Wells
    -Randy Wells came out and performed like an ace last season for the Cubs. His stats were tremendous and with the loss of Phil Coke and Brad Penny, the Tigers will count on him to help Rick Porcello and Justin Verlander hold down the AL Central.

    17 Colorado Rockies - RP Jonny Venters
    -Steal of the draft, right here. Venters is not only a high ceiling guy, he can come right in and challenge for a setup or closer role right off the bat. If Venters IS here at 17, the Rockies would be just plain stupid to pass on him.

    18 Toronto Blue Jays - SP/RP Phil Coke
    -Coke had a monster year for the Tigers and is verstile in that he has experience both starting and out of the pen. He will be able to help out of the pen and perhaps the rotation if needed in Toronto as a dependable arm who is still fairly young.

    19 St. Louis Cardinals - SP Kris Medlen
    -A 25 year old starter who still has a lot of room for improvement and can take a spot in the rotation right away? At pick #19? Yes, please. He replaces Lohse and in a few seasons will be at the top of the rotation.

    20 Chicago White Sox - RP/CP Chris Perez
    -If the White Sox land Perez here, it will be highway robbery. Don't let the 8.00+ ERA and 4 losses get it twisted, this guy might end up being the best pitcher in this draft 5 years down the road if he figures it out.

    21 Boston Red Sox - SP Brad Penny
    -The team carousel continues for Penny who lands back in Boston with a rotation spot, replacing the lost John Lackey. Decent value here for Penny who is 32 but still looking fairly strong.

    22 San Diego Padres - SP Aaron Harang
    -Picking this low, the Padres would jump for joy if they can resign Harang who put up good numbers and was solid for them this year. A guy like Harang can make a good rotation great and a great rotation over the top.

    23 Texas Rangers - RP Sean Burnett
    -Burnett is 28 but still has the potential to improve. He is the best reliever left, and with some of the older guys in the Rangers pen they would gladly add Burnett, who is coming off a career year. Look for Burnett to be a 7th inning guy for the Rangers next season.

    24 Cincinnati Reds - RP Robinson Tejada
    -The trend continues as another pitcher comes off the board. Tejada moved from Kansas City to Cleveland last year in the Matt Laporta deal, and was a pleasent surprise for the Indians. It wouldn't hurt for the Reds to add another arm out of the pen here and Tejada fits the bill. Nice pick, Cincy.

    25 Atlanta Braves - SP Barry Zito
    -Just to keep the weird trend of former Oakland A's pitchers finding their way to Atlanta, I have the Braves taking Barry Zito here. They lost Medlen and Venters and need to reload with arms. Zito is coming off his best year in San Francisco and could really help ease the pain of losing two young, talented pitchers.

    26 San Francisco Giants - 2B Blake DeWitt
    -With the loss of Barry Zito, their rotation will be filled with young, talented pitchers. Wheeler and Bumgarner will progress as Cain, Sanchez and Lincecum continue to dominate. The biggest problem here is shortstop. Tejada was downright awful defensively. Blake Dewitt is a guy who came on strong at the end of the year for the Cubs, batted near .300 for them and was strong defensively. Not only that, he is 25 and continues to get better. He has shown in the past he can play short stop, and if the Giants end up liking him he can turn into their every day starter.
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  2. Ryty

    Ryty Over the Cap

    Jul 19, 2009
    Nice Job, MG!

    I don't think you need Weeks. Stay away....
  3. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    great work mg
  4. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Good job MG! We will see how right you are...
  5. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Great work MG, that pick is spot on for me unless there are some guys in gtgs player pool that I want to reach for...
  6. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Awesome job MG. But I will say one thing...if Chris Perez is there at 18, gonna be really hard to pass him up :)

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