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TCL 1: Format & Regulations

Discussion in 'TCL: Tradition Cup Events' started by Basis4aDay56, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Basis4aDay56

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    Feb 22, 2009

    Game reporting will follow TFL guidelines, which are currently in the process of being hashed out for season two. The settings, card system, match reporting, etc. will all be done in the same format to make it easy on all participants.

    A note about cards: the cards accumulated for the Champions League will be kept separately from the regular league cards, as they are in real life. This does not mean accumulate them as frequently as you can - if someone is committing more booked fouls than I think is reasonable, I'll have to have a discussion with you.

    Group Stage
    The groups for the group stage will be made up as you see below. All ties for seeding will be broken using the TCL tiebreaking process at the bottom of the post.

    Group A
    Seed 1
    Seed 8
    Seed 9
    Seed 16

    Group B
    Seed 2
    Seed 7
    Seed 10
    Seed 15

    Group C
    Seed 3
    Seed 6
    Seed 11
    Seed 14

    Group D
    Seed 4
    Seed 5
    Seed 12
    Seed 13

    Thanks to niuhuskie

    Each gameweek during the group stage, you will play a home and home series against one other team in your group. You must play both games in the same week - doing it this way will make scheduling easy and allow us to stick to the timeframe.

    Group standings will be determined using the same scoring system as the TFL, and will be points based. This means you play 90 minutes, no extra time, during the group stage.

    Tradition Champions League Tiebreaker Process
    For all TCL seeding, ties will be broken in the following fashion:
    1. Goal Differential
    2. Most Goals
    3. Fewest Goals Allowed
    4. Number of Wins
    5. Number of Draws
    6. Home Wins
    Knockout Rounds
    After the group stage has completed, the top two finishers in each group will advance to the knockout rounds. The 8 teams making the knockout rounds will be thrown into a hat and will be drawn at random to fill in the bracket.

    The knockout rounds will be home and home series' and use aggregate scoring to decide the winner. In the event of a 180 minute aggregate draw, which would mean both teams aggregate scores are tied AND their AWAY GOALS are the same, standard Extra Time and Penalties will be used (see below). Winners advance to the next round, and we'll go on until we crown the winner of the Champions League.

    Should extra time be needed, please play a new game using FOUR (4) minute halves. If you made any substitutions, that should be your starting lineup. This is on your honor, so please try to be realistic. If you are tied after this 8 minute game, play the extra time and go to penalties afterwards. The winner of this game will advance.
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