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Team by Team Off-Season Review/Season 3 Preview

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by mmorgan184, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. mmorgan184

    mmorgan184 Walk On

    Sep 15, 2011
    Browns FA Signings:
    WR Dylan Keldani
    TE Delanie Walker

    Browns Draft:
    1st Round 13th Pick: LB Davarius Bullock 6'2" 228 lbs Duke
    The Browns traded up to the Cowboy's pick by giving them a 3rd round pick they acquired from the Colts for the services of Greg Little in a pre-draft trade, and for a 4th round and 5th round pick. Davarius Bullock is, in my opinion, the best defensive player in the draft. He comes into the league as a rookie with 98 hit power, 82 speed, 86 block shedding, 84 tackling, 85 pursuit, 87 play recognition, 65 zone coverage, and 90 agility. Simply put he is able to step into a starting role right away and provide an immediate impact in run and pass defense. By the end of the season I feel he can be one of the best linebackers in the whole league.

    Grade: A+

    1st Round 27th Pick: CB Tomaz Dobbs 5'9" 200 lbs San Diego State
    The Browns acquired this pick as the Dolphins were looking to move back. We ended up trading them our 1st and 3rd round picks next year along with a 4th round pick in the current draft. Dobbs comes into the NFL starting as an 80 overall cornerback with future shutdown potential. A perfect player to pair with All-Pro level Joe Haden.

    Grade: A+

    6th Round 21st Pick: WR Ryan Carter 6'2" 202 lbs Northwestern State
    Carter comes into the league with 96 speed and some solid receiving skills; 78 catching, 78 spectacular catch, 79 route running. He is going to be thrust into our slot role and help provide another deep threat to our receiving corps.

    Grade: B

    7th Round 3rd pick: WR Lakarius Jenkins 6'3" 210 lbs Sam Houston
    He must have flown under everyone's radar with his very low 82 speed. But, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in being a tremendous receiver with 88 catching, 79 route running, 88 catch in traffic, 91 spectacular catch, 79 release, and 82 jump I feel he can be a tremendous red zone threat and a great receiver to work underneath defenses and be a dependable receiver in the short passing game.

    Grade: B

    UDFA: DT David Gentry 6'3" 320 lbs Central Michigan
    This mountain of a man has 98 strength, 80 play recognition, 87 tackle, 79 hit power, and 72 power moves. Unfortunately he only has 62 block shedding, but with some proper progression he should be able to take over for Sopoagoa next season if we decide to cut him due to cap reasons.

    UDFA: FS Kyran Woods 6'1" 188 lbs Kent State
    With 93 speed, 80 zone coverage, and 77 press he might look more like a corner back until you see he has 74 hit power and 60 tackle ratings. What really jumps off the board for Kyran is his 83 catch rating. We hope he can develop some more and become a tremendous zone safety who can ball hawk with his very high catch rating.

    On offense we have much of the same from last season. Rookie WR Ryan Carter will step into the slot role in place of 2nd year receiver Joe Watson. TE Delanie Walker will step into the starting spot in place of the retired Dallas Clark. Walker is not the receiver Clark was but he will play a huge role in the blocking game which is more beneficial to our game plan to help pave the way for the reigning rushing champ 3rd year running back Trent Richardson.

    On defense we also return much of the same starting line-up and will be employing a hybrid defensive scheme. We have so much depth and talent in our defensive line and linebacker units that we feel employing a defense like this will help us get more talent on the field and keep our players more well-rest. Look for rookies LB Bullock, CB Dobbs, and S Woods to make huge impacts in our scheme.

    @Eagles W
    @Chiefs W
    Cowboys W
    Ravens W
    @Bengals L
    @Patriots L
    Broncos L
    Steelers W
    @Chargers W
    @Steelers W
    @Ravens W
    Redskins L
    Raiders W
    @Giants W
    Bengals W
    Texans L

    Season Predictions:

    AFC North: Browns
    AFC West: Broncos
    AFC South: Texans
    AFC East: Dolphins

    NFC West: 49ers
    NFC North: Packers
    NFC East: Redskins
    NFC South: Saints

    AFC Champions: Dolphins
    NFC Champions: 49ers

    Super Bowl: 49ers
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  2. oneshot24

    oneshot24 Walk On

    Aug 20, 2012
    Pats FA Signings:
    DT B.J. Raji
    RE Robert Ayers
    LE Aaron Kampmen
    FB Chris Gronkowski

    Patriots draft:
    1st Round 5th overall pick: MLB Nickell Hudson 6'3" 244 lbs Stanford
    Pats knew who they wanted but with the 4th pick Saints snagged MLB Antwon Russell, So Pats went with the 2nd MLB on their board and chose Nickell Hudson with 88 Hit Power 85 Tackle , 86 Speed , 85 Play Recognition, 82 Black Shedding, 82 Pursuit and 68 Zone Coverage pats feel they got a MLB who can get after the QB and Drop back into coverage .

    Grade A+

    1st Round 24th overall pick: DE Cole Bible 6'4" 284 lbs Virginia Tech
    Pats had trouble getting to the QB Late in last season so pats wanted a speedy pass rusher and that's what they got with Cole Bible with 84 speed, 95 Hit Power, 82 Block Shedding, and 80 Finesse Move He becomes a instant starter and pats hope to see production from their young DE

    Grade A+

    2nd Round 7th Pick: CB Shawn Campbell 5'11" 201 lbs Nebraska
    Pats went Defense with their 2nd round pick and selected CB Shawn Campbell with 94 Speed and 77 Man Coverage he looks 2 become a starter in the future but for this season the pats have him returning Kicks and Playing in nickle formations.

    Grade B

    2nd Round 24th Pick: WR Morris Sanders 6'4" 215 lbs Texas
    Pats lacked a tall receiver so pats went with Morris Sanders at 6'4" with 88 Speed, 92 Spectacular Catch, 92 Jumping and 80 Route Running hes deemed a work in progress and will look to be worked into the offense this season.

    Grade B

    3rd Round 24th Pick: WR Orleans Douglas 6'3" 211 lbs Cincinnati
    Pats went with another tall receiver in Orleans Douglas hes a little slower than Morris Sanders but with better route running and better catching he will make the teams and be worked into the pats offense when needed.

    Grade B

    4th Round 5th Pick: RB Tyrell Kenon 6'0" 219 lbs Baylor
    With 3 Rb's in a contract year Pats selected RB Tyrell Kenon with 88 speed, 95 acceleration, 86 agility and 88 Trucking pats hope Kenon can develop quick cause he could playing time sooner rather than later.

    Grade C+

    5th Round 24th Pick: CB Adrian Linder 5'9" 190 lbs Southern Miss
    Pats went depth with this pick and selected Adrien Linder with 97 speed and 88 man coverage only thing holding him back from becoming a starter is his height look for him 2 cover slot guys at first and gradually move into a starting role.

    Grade A

    With the departure of QB Tom Brady look for an adjustment period with new Starter Keon Wilson learning the ropes. With basically the same receivers and running backs look for the pats to still put up numbers. With WR Jamaal Hicks and TE Rob Gronkowski this will be a hard team to contain.

    Pats come into this season with 3 rookies starting on this defense MLB Nickell Hudson, DE Cole Bible and CB Adrien Linder. Pats hope to look better at containing the passing attack that hurt them last season. With B.J. Raji and Vince Wilfork clogging the running lanes pats hope that Chandler Jones and Cole Bible and get to the Qb Multiple Times and wreck havok on the teams Passing attack.

    Colts W
    Jags W
    Jets W
    Seahawks W
    Bills W
    Browns L
    Miami L
    Jets W
    Miami W
    Bills W
    Rams W
    Titans W
    Texans W
    Arizona L
    Denver W
    49ers L


    Season Predictions:

    AFC NORTH: Browns
    AFC SOUTH: Texans
    AFC WEST: Denver
    AFC EAST: Pats

    NFC NORTH: Chicago
    NFC SOUTH: Carolina
    NFC WEST: 49ers
    NFC EAST: Redskins

    NFC CHAMPIONS: Carolina

    Winklerbowl: Denver
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  3. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    I would like all teams complete an offf-season report within a week. It doesn't have to be as detailed as mmorgan184 's but they make for good content and reading material. Great stuff!

    Boman5 - HOU
    - TEN
    Crowe - JAX
    BLACKJ414 - IND

    oneshot24 - NE
    whatspeakyou - NYJ
    OkayEvan - BUF
    AwaLL - MIA

    nellycuz - PIT
    mmorgan184 - CLE
    Snake Eyez - CIN
    - BAL

    Aspect1 - OAK
    AWinkler02 - DEN
    platinumjol14 - KC
    T.B.A.R. - SD

    SmashMouthFB33 - DAL
    Troy J. - NYG
    The Rulah - WAS
    Craig Brown - PHI

    Nick Winkler - CAR
    Matthew Keves - TB
    jay2149 - ATL
    Coachmedicis - NO

    Anthrax78 - SF
    xassassin4lifex - STL
    Will Atkinson - SEA
    RRAHx2 - ARI

    GDip - CHI
    ConiglioSG - MIN
    Elemnt - DET
    CalebMackie - GB
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  4. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Cardinals FA Signings:
    HB Marcus Haynes
    HB Knowshon Moreno
    HB Beanie Wells
    HB Santaurus Tabannah
    FB Lawrence Vickers
    WR Anquan Boldin
    WR Dexter McCluster
    TE Antonio Gates
    TE Visanthe Shiancoe
    RG Marshall Yanda
    RT Stephon Hoyer
    LT Jordan Gross
    RE Ricky Jean-Francois
    RE C.J. Wilson
    MLB Brandon Siler
    LOLB Larry English
    ROLB Calvin Pace
    SS Larry Asante
    K Robbie Gould
    P Jeremy Kapinos

    Cardinals Draft:
    1st Round 1st Pick:QB Ron Dunson 6'5" 238 lbs Kentucky

    The Arizona Cardinals began the off-season with the #3 pick of the Draft. Everyone in the league knew who they wanted, Ron Dunson. A player that would give Arizona something they have been missing since the '08 season. An all-pro QB that can lead the franchise. Arizona worked tirelessly and through multiple trades and negotiations, managed to move up the draft board and select Dunson with the #1 pick. Dunson is the "QB of this generation" according to some NFL scouts. He will battle RG3, Luck, and Newton for many years to come in the NFL's latest youth movement. Dunson has the size and skills that all GM's covet. At 6'5" and 238 lbs he has the height to see over the O-Line and the strength to make the deep throws. He boasts 99 throwing power and accuracy is in the upper 80's at every level. This pick alone made Arizona's off-season a success.

    Grade: A+

    2nd Round 14th Pick: CB C.J. Kendricks 5'11" 191 lbs San Diego State
    Arizona traded Seattle future picks in order to draft DB C.J. Kendricks. C.J. had the best size of any CB still on the draft board, and has the tools to be a versatile player in the Cardinals' secondary. Kendricks has a 88 ZCV rating and an 86 PRC rating. Combine those with a 77 TAK and 77 PUR, you have the makings of an outstanding Safety. If C.J. were a CB alone he would have gone much later in the draft, but with his return skills and potential at safety this was a bargain of a pick.

    Grade: A

    6th Round 3rd Pick: QB B.J. Warren 6'2" 236 lbs Ball State
    Warren was selected to be Dunson's backup. A low round pick out of Ball State, Warren was not highly scouted and lacks the "big arm" that QB's in this league need. What he lacks in throw power he makes up for in speed. With a SPD rating of 85, he has the mobility to be effective in the West Coast scheme.

    Grade: C

    The Cardinals will be changing their offensive attack in 2014. With our new additions to the passing attack, we will be moving to an aerial game plan. Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Gates are arguably the best receiving core in the NFL, and now have a top-tier QB to get them the ball. With Dunson's abilities the possibilities are endless in AZ. Look for Boldin and Fitzgerald to have career years, and Arizona to be one of the most productive offenses in the league.

    On defense Arizona will use a Zone Blitz scheme, to take full advantage of the strengths of their personnel.

    Season Predictions:

    AFC North: Bengals
    AFC West: Broncos
    AFC South: Texans
    AFC East: Patriots

    NFC West: 49ers
    NFC North: Lions
    NFC East: Redskins
    NFC South: Saints

    AFC Champions: Broncos
    NFC Champions: 49ers

    Super Bowl: 49ers
  5. Anthrax78

    Anthrax78 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2012
    San Francisco 49ers Season Preview
    FA Signings and Off-Season Moves
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Darrelle Revis Charles Godfrey
    After the 49ers franchised tagged Donte Whitner, the Jags cut a deal with coach/gm Westcott for Chris Culliver and Whitner for their 7th overall pick and this seasons 4th round and next seasons 4th.
    Key Draft Picks
    Lekambrick Lipsey WR 7th Overall
    Possesses blazing speed and athleticism that the 49ers wanted to address after letting Crabtree go on his final year after a lackluster season that saw Keyshawn Lyons steal the spotlight from. Still lacks "all the good" yet to be an elite wideout but will get there with time, similar to Calvin Johnson's first couple of years in the league.​
    Jordan Cates TE
    The 49ers used their 2nd first round pick on a young promising TE with a great football IQ and terrific blocker for a rookie. Not an ideal TE receiving option but that will come in time and coach Westcott has been happy with his performance on and off the field.​
    Stephen Johnson RG
    The 49ers used their second round pick that they got in a trade with the Browns the following season by picking up a very solid guard. My replace Alex Boone in the RG position and see some snaps but coach Westcott will more than likely do a wait and see approach to this guard. Has some strength issues but blocks well and needs to work a little more on strength and pass blocking before seeing starting action.​
    Reade Williams WR
    The 49er's used their late second round pick on this hidden gem that maybe as good as Lipsey, if not better but lacks certain intangibles and toughness before coach Westcott feels comfortable with him starting. Not as pure an athlete as Lipsey but just as fast and maybe better hands but needs polishing too. The 49ers have been using him in the slot position with mixed results so far.​
    Kyle Ward P
    Coach Westcott used his last pick to draft the strong-legged punter out of his Alma mater, Michigan State. Had 99 kick power and the one thing the 49ers lacked last season was a solid punter to aid with defense and field position. A true hidden gem that coach Westcott got for special teams.​
    Fearless Season Predictions
    AFC East
    Tough to call this one considering Miami is maybe the most improved club this season and Brady being traded. I think oneshot has something to prove and Miami might split series, but New England will still come out on top if healthy.​
    Yep, picking the Browns. The Steelers seem to be stuck in neutral and have the best talent maybe but the Browns are young and hungrier in my opinion. The Bengals have the best shot at stealing this division due to Snake Eyes previous success against Morgan but I question the Bengals lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Can end up like last years, everyone beat up on each other fiasco.​
    AFC South
    This one might be the easiest to pick but Bowman can never get his guys to stay healthy and by the end of the season and they don't have enough horses to make a run in the playoffs. The Jaguars can sneak this one out if injuries become a factor but Bowman is still too good in my opinion to let this one go yet. Texans may have quarterback issues too and if Foster gets hurt again and Schuab on the way out it could be the perfect storm for Jags.​
    Despite coach Winkler losing Manning and Champ Bailey during the offseason don't think for a second that the Broncos will still lose this division. Chiefs still pose the best threat to knock these guys out of their dominance but adding Matt Ryan was the best move these guys did, even with the huge contract. Secondary might be questionable after Bailey's departure but they still have their weapons.​
    NFC East
    This one might be the easiest pick considering Rulah has won the NFC all 3 RS years, taking 2 Super Bowls with RG3. Giants have the firepower but how much does Eli have left in the tank? RG3 is simply too good and with Fred Davis and their all-world LB core look for the same results out here. Only chance the other teams have is if RG3 gets hurt and even then it might not matter.​
    Detroit Lions
    Look for the return of Elemnt has the Lions have added TE Karl Kruger and have more than enough firepower to overwhelm the Bears this season. May sneak into a bye slot with how nasty the NFC West look and they beat each other up. May not have all the pieces yet to knock off Washington though and the Bears coach has been absent due to personal reasons so the Lions already have a leg-up and the other division foes.​
    AFC South
    With DoubleWink taking over this squad, the Panthers may have the best shot down south. If coach Winkler can put together some momentum, these guys could be upset picks in the playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons have started slow, but still have a lot of firepower despite losing Ryan so it could be close. Remember, the birds started bad last season too! Saints have a very solid shot as well, will be entertaining and high scoring.​
    NFC West
    Coach Westcott still likes his chances despite RRAhx2 being in the division and the Rams and Seahawks being tough as always. Might be tough going for the 49ers with a very tough schedule and health always being a concern. Coach Westcott thinks the Rams have the best team to beat him but the Cardinals might have the mental toughness to pull it out. Despite being a favorite for the Super Bowl the 49ers have yet to show that they can beat the Redskins. NFC West is the toughest division in the RS hands down.​
    NFC Title Game​
    Redskins over Cardinals
    AFC Title Game​
    Patriots over Broncos
    New England Patriots
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  6. CalebMackie

    CalebMackie Easy like Sunday morning

    Apr 28, 2012
    Green Bay FA Signings:
    C J.D. Walton
    LE Rob Ninkovich
    CB Chris Cook
    CB Brandon Ghee

    Green Bay Draft:
    1st Round: DT Immanuel Dawn 6'4 321 lbs Oklahoma

    The Packers came into this draft with the 10th overall pick and had a ton of holes to fill on the defensive end. They let go B.J Raji during the off season to conserve money and ended up finding their franchise NT for years to come. It was definitely the correct pick for this organization since not only did he come in as an 84 OVR from the get go but he will have plenty of time to improve since he is only 22 years of age.

    Grade A

    2nd Round: CB Joseph Knight 6'2 200 lbs Colorado

    Going into this pick, the Packers did not get the players they had anticipated so they took a shot in the dark for this corner and boy did they luck out. The Packers corner depth was already lacking very much at this point but Joseph Knight came out of the draft already the best corner on the entire team so this was definitely unsuspected big pick for us.

    Grade B+

    3rd Round: RB Jermaine Butler 6'0 230 lbs Air Force

    Jermaine Butler is definitely a project that will require a ton of work if the Packers hope to get any type of real productivity but he is not all bad. The main reason why this pick was so disappointing was not for the lack of ability of Jermaine Butler but it was the ability he brought at such an early pick. We definitely stretched ourselves out a round or 2 for this back but we are not willing to give up on him completely. Seeing how Reggie Bush went out for 3 weeks after the second game, picking him was not the worst decision ever since he just came off a 100 yard rushing game but we will see. Right now we will label Jermaine a bust until he really gets over the 1000 yard season hump.

    Grade D+

    4th Round: QB Brandon Harris 6'4 233 lbs Toledo

    Brandon is a very intriguing prospect that has already shown shimmers of becoming this team's next franchise quarter back since it is pretty obvious to most of this league already that Rogers will be on the market come next season. He seemed to be able to make all of the throws in the pre season and he just had to come in last game for Rogers' bruised sternum and he had a QBR of 157 and went 10-12 for 150 yards with 2 tds. We've seen back up quarterbacks have some good games before though (cough, cough) Matt Flynn. We will see what he's really got going into next week since coach Mackie was so impressed he decided to give em a chance at the starting job. We will keep him in until it's apparent that he can't handle the pressure. Seeing how Brandon is only 20 years old and is playing semi well for his first season we have high hopes for him to become this team's new leader.

    Grade B

    The Packers had a disappointing run at the playoffs last season and by the time coach Mackie came into the picture there was not a chance at any playoff birth at all. We are coming into this season (at this point) 2-1 and coach Mackie really feels like he has something to prove. He has a very different offensive mentality than what Green Bay fans are probably used based off the past 5-10 years but he's trying to bring back shades of Vince Lombardi and the heavy run game. It will be tough with the shallow running back depth he has to work with but he will do everything in his power to game plan accordingly to the style he knows. The defensive side is the part that needs the most improvement, with the key additions of Immanuel Dawn, Joseph Knight, Chris Cook, and Rob Ninkovich, we are hoping we have filled the necessary roles to give our defense a chance at playing the tough style that coach Mackie lives and breathes. We have a great safety core with Chung and Burnett so if we can fine tune the Corner play I think we become a real force in this division and in the playoffs.

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