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Team cycle review

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by bringbackjimmy, May 13, 2016.

  1. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    Overall record: 47-49
    Sb: 0-0*
    Conf: 0-0*
    Playoff 1-2*
    Division titles: 2

    Biggest rivals:
    Ace847 (sd chargers)- I have to say this is one of the best if not the best rivalry in tmfl. A lot of trash talk go on between both of us and I know our games are the first thing we both look for when the schedule comes out. Last cycle I believe I got the edge in wins, but ace got the upper hand this cycle winning 7 of the 12 contest. Although I can sleep soundly knowing I have more division titles.

    JFace907 (Cleveland browns/Orlando sentinels)-
    This rivalry has spanned 3 different sports titles starting in 2k and ending up in Madden. The 1st game put some gas on the fire when J took a int with no time left and scored what coach bbj calls a FU td. The second matchup saw the broncos throttle the browns as revenge. The last 2 matchups were classics with the broncos coming back to win one and almost came back to win the last matchup. This rivalry is a rivalry you never turn the channel until the final whistle.

    Best moments- getting the wc spot after a slow start and having everyone claim I was tanking after trading Jimmy Graham and Emmanuel Sanders for picks.

    Watching hskr8128 trying to trade into 4th round to take Warren, but have him end up falling to 2nd pick of the 5th to where I gladly took my franchise qb.

    Winning my 2 division titles. Happy to finish strong after starting the cycle underperforming the first 3 seasons.

    Worst moments-
    Finishing 3-13. Was by far my worst Madden season.

    Setting the record for most ints in a season.

    Settling for a 2nd for Brock after having multiple teams offer trades involving a 1.

    Denver broncos all-cycle team:
    Qb- Sean Warren
    Hb- Chris Anderson
    Hb- Fredrick Farrell
    Fb- James Devlin
    Wr- Demaryius Thomas
    Wr- lavon Collins
    Wr- Rodriguez Jeffrey
    Te- Jimmy Graham
    Lt- Ryan Clady
    Lg- DeVaughn Parker
    C- Josh Leribreus
    Rg- Ty Sambrailo
    Rt- Eugene Monroe
    Le- Shane ray
    Re- Von Miller
    Dt- Sheldon Richardson
    Dt- Malik Jackson
    Dt- Star lotulelei
    Lolb- Brandon Marshall
    Mlb- Rafael Howell
    Rolb- Danny Trevation
    Cb- Chris Harris
    Cb- Darrick Rodriguez
    Cb- Bradley Roby
    Fs- Aqib Talib
    Ss- Raysean Barkley
    K- Connor Farrell
    P- Jack Bray
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  2. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    JFace's Cycle Summary
    Overall Record: 48-48
    SB Record: 0-0*
    Conf Finals Record: 0-0*
    Playoff Record: 0-1*
    Division Titles: 2

    Biggest Rivals
    Papa Perry - Always epic battles. The highlight of which came when the lowly Cleveland Browns were the only team to defeat the Ravens in the 2018 season.
    bringbackjimmy - Absolute craziness. 28-0 leads that were unsafe. Shootouts. Our games had it all.
    Ace847 - Always highly competitive matchups. And neither of us will soon forget him mismanaging the clock and completing a two score comeback.

    The aforementioned victory over the Ravens was certainly my greatest highlight to date. Maybe that changes this postseason?

    FINALLY making the playoffs for the first time ever in TMFL in my first season in New Orleans.

    Moving the New Orleans Saints to Orlando and playing in a slick new stadium with a Sentinel team with a nice color scheme and unis.

    The 2-14 season in Cleveland was so stinkin rough. I nearly left the league with all the rage that season was putting in me.

    Missing on all the receivers I drafted into Cleveland to play opposite Josh Gordon. Had I drafted a receiver in the mold of Denard Raymond in Cleveland, who's to say my jaded butt wouldn't have switched to New Orleans.

    All JFace Team
    QB - Corey James (NO/ORL)
    HB - Duke Johnson (CLE and again in ORL)
    FB - Will Harrington (NO/ORL)
    WR - Denard Raymord (NO/ORL)
    WR - Josh Gordon (CLE)
    TE - Gary Barnidge (CLE)
    TE - Jimmy Graham (CLE)
    LT - Joe Thomas (CLE)
    LG - Joel Bitonio (CLE
    C - Alex Mack (CLE)
    RG - Rashaud Barber (NO/ORL)
    RT - Will Barnes (CLE)

    RE - Aaron Lynch (CLE)
    DT - Israel Nelson (CLE)
    DT - Danny Shelton (CLE)
    LE - Manny Bradley (NO/ORL)
    ROLB - Deantre Dawson (NO/ORL)
    MLB - Stephone Anthony (NO/ORL)
    LOLB - Alec Ogletree (NO/ORL)
    CB - Johnathan Lowe (NO/ORL)
    CB - Joe Haden (CLE)
    FS - Sean Smith (NO/ORL)
    SS - Kenny Vacaro (NO/ORL)

    K - Chris Boswell (NO/ORL)
    P - Jacob Shum (NO/ORL)
    KR/PR - Travis Benjamin (CLE)
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
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  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Great write ups, I'll have to put my team up.
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  4. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    BR's Cycle Summary (Eagles)
    Overall Record: 88 - 12
    Superbowls: 2
    Division Titles: 4

    Biggest Rivals:
    charter04 and the Cowboys. We've had great battles for several files now. A classic rivalry between two teams who expand the hatred from the gridiron to the digital landscape.

    BigK44 and the Redskins. The Skins under BigK now for two cycles! He built this team up nicely in both cycles and got busy ! Some great chessmatches with the Skins which is always a great experience.

    publik drunk and the Cardinals. Always love playing PD. Our games always mean something with something on the line! Another great GM who brings strategy rather than fuckery.

    Winning two Superbowls with Jets QB's. Shout out to Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith for getting us and carrying us in the games that mattered most.

    Getting Madden'd in two Superbowls. Watching sorry ass Jordan Todman break 3 tackles for game winning TD run vs Steelers.
    Then watching the Ravens make diving tipped interceptions to stall our game winning drive.

    All Time EAGLES team:
    QB: Geno Smith / Tramon Harrison
    RB: DeMarco Murray
    FB: Thomas Gordon
    WR: Jordan Matthews
    TE: Zach Ertz
    LT: Lane Johnson
    LG: Grant Russell
    C: Travis Kelce
    RG: Ladarius Pickett
    RT: Matt Kalil

    LE: Cornelius Washington
    RE: Brandon Graham/Darrien Parker
    DT: Fletcher Cox
    LOLB: Kiko Alonso
    MLB: Mychal Kendricks
    ROLB: Chris McKay
    CB: Eric Rowe / Patrick Peterson
    FS: Malcolm Jenkins
    SS: Antuan Bryan
    K: Cody Parker
    P: Dallas Griffin
    KR: WR-Taylor Graves

    Unsung Hero's who started with Eagles had role playing positions and retained on the roster!

    WR: Nelson Agholor
    TE: Trey Burton
    DT: Bennie Logan
    SS: Ed Reynolds

    Hall of Fame Players:
    DT: Fletcher Cox
    FS: Malcolm Jenkins
    LT: Lane Johnson
    MLB: Mychal Kendricks
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  5. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Publik Cycle review (Cardinals)

    Overall Record: 68-32
    Division Titles: 3

    Biggest Rivals:

    hskr8128 , Cheez , Cgreen214 The whole NFC West. We knew coming in it would be a competitive cycle after we strategically placed ourselves in the same division. All way a pleasure playing you guys.

    ptsbx1 and the Giants. Dude kicked my ass in my dream season, season 2 and we have met in the playoffs 3 times. Plus our regular season games were always crazy.

    Black Republican this rivalry really started in Madden 25. Alot of mutual respect between us as our games are usually close chess matches.

    Highlights: Season 2 was an amazing season for us. Acquired Mettenberger at the end of year 1 and he took us to a 14-2 record.

    Lowlights: Season 1 was by far my worst user season in Madden. Finished 4-12 and had people claiming I was tanking . It really took me a while to adjust to M16 and that first season was horrible.

    All time Cardinals

    QB: Sherwin Hickman
    HB: Chris Burrell
    FB: some guy I drafted
    WR: JT Patton
    WR: Jimmy Ives
    TE: Jermaine Gresham
    LT: Jared Veldheer
    LG: Mike Iupati
    C: Zach Hamilton
    RG: Johnathan Cooper
    RT: DJ Humphries

    LE: Calais Campbell
    DT: Ben Vasquez
    RE: JJ Stokes
    LOLB: Sean Weatherspoon
    MLB: Zenell Goodwin
    ROLB: Daryl Washington
    CB: Patrick Peterson
    FS: Honey Badger
    SS: Deone Buchanon

    Hall of Fame players:

    JT Patton WR
    Zenell Goodwin MLB
    Tyran Mathieu FS
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