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Team Leaders

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Masler, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Team Leaders

    Who is going make an impact this season? What makes him an impact?

    Michigan St

    QB Joe Boisture - 82 Overall - Boisture will help us achieve greatness this season with a high 97 Throw Accuracy. This guy helped fill in while Cousins was hurt last season and put up impressive numbers. Look for him to do a great job, as long as he stays healthy.

    HB Larry Caper - 95 Overall - Caper has the makings of a great runningback with 94 breat tackle and 89 speed he can mow over the defenders easily.

    HB. Edwin Baker - 87 Overall - Faster than Caper and able to take off in a shot. He has 95 Acceleration, 91 Agility, 93 Juke and 99 Stamina, meaning he should be able to weave in and out of defenders with ease. His short height (5'9") makes it even tougher for the defenders to scope him out. Look for a good season from him as well.

    WR Keith Mumphrey - 74 Overall - While he isn't that great, his 98 Speed and 93 Acceleration make up for any catching issues. Get him downfield and it should be 6 all day if he is open enough.

    DE William Gholston - 87 Overall - He is a great defensive player. His 95 Hit Power and 84 Tackle should put it to the ball carriers. No one should get past him easily with his 86 Pursuit rating.

    DE Cameron Jude - 91 Overall - He is a little worse than Gholston when it comes to being a big hitter but has the finess moves with at 91 overall. The Twin Towers have arrived in East Lansing.

    DT Jerel Worthy - 90 Overall - His name says it all, he is worthy to be DT #1. He is better than Gholston with 90 Tackle and has 91 Hit Power. Worthy puts together the core of the Spartan Defensive Line in what looks to be the best D line in years for MSU.

    FS Isaiah Lewis - 83 Overall - This guy should deserve a better rating but his 50 Awareness dulls it. With 98 Speed, 85 Jump, 93 Man Coverage, 89 Zone Coverage he should be all over the secondary.

    K Dan Conroy - 98 Overall - The highest rated player on the team Dan Conroy is an outright BEAST, for a kicker. He has 85 awareness, 99 Kick Power and 99 Kick Accuracy. He should have no troubles kicking the ball this season
  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Maryland Terrapins

    Kicker Nick Ferrara - 95ovr 99kpw 94acc - Gonna be a busy season for this guy and with that type of power he could even be considered a "weapon."

    RT R.J. Dill - 88ovr - If the Maryland rushing attack hopes to find success, it starts with this guy, the best rated player on the team outside of the kicker. Hopefully he'll be dominant.

    DT A.J. Francis - 86ovr - Hopefully can shore up what appeared to be the worst bowl season run defense.

    QB Matthew McGloin - 85ovr 87tha 87thp - This transfer from Southeastern Tuscaloosa State A&M (made up) has won over the coaching staff and looks to improve an offense that often suffered from inconsistent QB play.

    HB Caleb Porzel - 84ovr 96spd 99acc - Scatback from last year figures to get the bulk of the carries this season with that type of game breaking speed and moves. He's the only Junior on this list so should he decide to return for his Senior season he could be primed for something very special.

    MLB Avery Murray - 83ovr 86spd 86pow 80zcv - A rangy guy who just made plays last year for the defense figures again to be in the discussion for the best linebacker of the year award.
  3. Ceewo

    Ceewo Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010

    MLB Steve Greer - 94ovr - Defensive team captain. The LB's are the only strong part of our defense and Steve is the best. Last year he was a tackling machine. He is going to have to play out of his ass agian if we expect to build on last years success.

    ROLB Tucker Windle - 84ovr - Not a spectacular player, but is steady and does his job. Benefits from playing next to Greer. Decent against the run and the pass.

    HB Dominique Wallace - 81ovr - This is the guy that makes our offense work. Last year he went for over 1500 yards and double digit TD's. He also had 10 fumbles. He needs to hang on to the ball this year if we are going to pull out some of the close games.

    WR Tim Smith - 84ovr - Takes over for Kris Burd who graduated. Smith is more of a possession reciever than a burner. He needs to step up and be the man this year.

    QB Ross Metheny - 76ovr - He got off to a horrible start last year, but finished with strong last two games. This is his Senior year and he needs to play consistant football and not turn the ball over. If he reverts back to his old self we have a couple of other QB's willling to lead the offense. Last years starter JR Michael Stauss and Sophomore QB Ray Keys who made the switch to QB from WR during the offseason.
  4. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010

    QB Denard Robinson, Mr. Shoelace himself is going to be an impact player, he is fast as lightning, throws the ball pretty well, and he has playmakers to get the ball to, I expect big things from this kid.

    RB Arby Fields this guy is fast as well with 91 speed and 94 acceleration. I expect if this guy can find the holes and holds on to the ball I expect to see big plays from #19.

    MLB David Nwabusi-David is the leader on the defensive side of the ball, as a senior he has worked hard and earned this starting position, if the defense plays well we could see defensive player of the year honors.

    RE Quinton Williams, Quinton is a senior as well, he is a fierce compeitor, has good speed to help him go after the QB this fall.

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