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Team Previews Season 7

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by IrishBearcat, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
  2. Alwaysfly

    Alwaysfly Walk On

    Apr 23, 2012
    Utah 2017 Team Preview
    QB C+
    AT QB Senior John Nixon comes back to lead the Utes. He threw for 2302 passing yards and 18 touchdowns. Back ups are Josh Porter Sophomore and Jerome Pittman.​
    HB A+
    The heart of the offense. Ben Deloach coming of a great freshman year with 1134 yards. Look for Deloach and Buckley to take the PAC-12 by storm.​
    FB D
    Alex Tanner a 83 OVR wont get to see a lot of time due to the offense but he could see some time at Tightend​
    WR C+
    The weakest part of the offense not a lot of big play players but they should get the job done.​
    TE C
    Freshman Sam Hopkins will be Nixon man guy and he will be a big key for run blocking.​
    G & T C+
    Not much to say very weak last year but the hit the weight room hard last off-season.​
    C B
    James Meyer 88 OVR will be key part of the line and on rush blocking​
    DE C+
    Freshman Ron Pace will get the start on LE look for him to be All-Freshman team. Sam Johnson will be at RE he wanted to go pro but came back to win PAC-12 Defensive player of the year.​
    DT C+
    Two senior will anchor the line Clarence Sands and Fred White.​
    OLB B-
    Stephen Johnson and Lee Hollins will be coming around the edge on blitzs very strong core of guys .​
    MLB C+
    Not much to be said here All-American Derron Kiniry will be calling the defense this season​
    CB B+
    CB are the best part of this team with Andrew Lowe and Tim Harris anchoring the outside. Look for Xavier Williams to turn some heads this season.​
    FS C+
    Quinton Whitaker is a quick FS that will come up and lay the wood on running backs.​
    SS C
    Mark Wilson will be the man on defense look for him to get 7 Int this season.​
    K D+
    William Jefferson a freshman will have a lot on his shoulders.​
    P C+
    Dan Wilson is only a sophomore and will approve. Surprise note he has 93 speed​

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Arizona State outlook​
    The program is down to a 2 star. There are no decent recruits. There is no depth. 1 returning WR. OMG What did I get into. LOL Should be a fun year. I might be playing with chew clock on all season. Running the ball 40 times with the only decent player on my team... Oh wait the OL is BAD
    LOL No body recruit against me :)
    Just so you all know Im being sarcastic. I knew it was going to be a rebuilding project. Should take a season or 2 to recover. Hopefully if i have a good class we should be much better next season​
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  4. moparjoe

    moparjoe Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    2017 Colorado Football (the year of the Fish)
    True Freshman starters: Offense/Defense 5/4
    Redshirt Freshman starters Offense/Defense 1/2 (mostly package formations)
    The last Coach totally neglected the offensive line, doesn't look like he recruited any for the last 3 years. What a joke, glad they ran his ass off. The future looks better, there are many recruits interested in coming to Colorado with the knowledge of early playing time.
    The heavily recruited freshman Quarterback from Gilroy, CA, has won the starting job over the returning Senior, with his cannon arm and decent accuracy.
    The starting tandem back field will consist of a redshirt freshman and JUCO recruit with very different skill sets, thunder/lightning.
    The highly touted freshman WR's will have plenty of oportunities to show their stuff, after winning positions in the starting lineup.
    On the defensive side of the ball, the #1 overall DE recruit in the nation will be giving opposing quartebacks fits. Luckully for us,Colorado is his home state and he didn't want to stray to far from his folks. (he is kind of a moma's boy, but will clean your clock) The other 2 freshman LB's will be working their way in and out of games in package formations also. The gifted freshman CB has also played his way in the offseason into nickle and dime package formations.
    All in all, the new coach is hoping to continue the winning tradition here at Colorado, and wants the youth of the team to help build their own Legacy.
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  5. -Cougars-

    -Cougars- Walk On

    Dec 30, 2010
    The Bruins have come from easily being one of the best Pac-12 teams in the nation to being who are they? The Bruins have had back to back bad seasons, not even being ranked and people are wondering when is it time to change. The Bruins have a great history and the fans want it back. The Bruins look for great defensive players and good QB's for their Air Raid offense. The Weakness of our teams are the RB's we won't be able to get those short yards if we needed it because of our tiny, speedy back he can't bulldoze through the opposing teams. The Strengths of this team is our QB's and WR's all of them have good chemistry with each other and with two good QB's with great accuracy expect to see both of them getting some playing time.
  6. XAttackConquerX

    XAttackConquerX Walk On

    Jun 26, 2011
    Arizona Wildcats​
    Players to Watch:​
    QB Kevin Gray - The redshirt senior will get his first chance to start for the Wildcats and he is ready. Gray is an all-around quarterback that can make the tough throws, both short and deep. He can also has the speed and agility to get out of trouble and make something happen with his feet. Gray should be the star of the Wildcats offense in 2017.​
    WR Adam Alfred - Though Alfred only made 7 catches last season for the Wildcats, the 5th year senior should be a favorite target for Gray. He is not a pure speedster, but gets incredible starts off the snap and ability to get to top speed quickly will help him get open early. Alfred will line up as the number two receiver behind Youdlan Evans.​
    C Marcel Jones - The anchor of the Wildcats line will return for his senior season. Jones will help open gaps on the interior for Rob Bell and co.​
    DTs Corey Lumpkin and Mike King - The two big men in the middle of the Wildcats defense will be key in stuffing the run this season. Lumpkin will look to return to his 2015 form where he recorded 11 tackles for loss and 10 sacks. ​
    SS Fred Williams - The leader of the Zona defense will look to continue his success from last season, which was his freshman year. Williams collected 29 tackles and 33 assisted tackles last season while also showing his coverage skills with 4 interceptions, one being returned for a touchdown. He will also return kicks and punts for the Wildcats.​
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  7. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012

    The Washington Huskies and their head coach, Bice, after taking over after a scandal last season forced the Huskies coach out of the program and left many questions unanswered, are looking to take over the PAC-12 and bring back to Seattle what they haven't had since 1991, a National Championship. There will be many tough challenges ahead for the Huskies and Bice, but with the roster stacking the house, all 12 opponents better have a gameplan on how to shut these Huskies down!

    2017 Schedule

    8/26 - Ole Miss
    9/7 - @ UCLA (DivisibleDuke)*
    9/16 - #14 Boise State
    9/23 - #19 Oregon (ThruTheSmoke47)*
    9/30 - @ Utah (Fr33k Packag3)*
    10/7 - @ #22 Mississippi State
    10/21 - #10 Cal (IrishBearcat09)*
    10/28 - Colorado (Mopar4Joe)*
    11/4 - @ #13 Stanford (Atkinson919)*
    11/11 - Arizona State (LSU TRUTH)*
    11/16 - @ Oregon State (I Peench)*
    11/25 - Washington State (Caleb Mackie)*

    BOLD - Home Game * Denotes Conference Game

    Washington Huskies 2017 Team Preview
    Quarterbacks - B+
    Junior Redshirt Kyle Davis is going to be running the Huskies out of a pro-style offense, and look for his backup Senior(RS) Kyle Ingraham to get some carries in with his great ability to run the ball. ​
    Halfbacks - A-
    Pat Brown, who won the starting battle over the summer is going to have his work cut out for him with All-Americans Trevor Haley & Lee Jenkins right behind him on the depth chart. But look for the Huskies to ground and pound this year with their great depth in the half back position.​
    Receivers - B+
    Senior James Moore, who is going to be the impact wideout this season, look for his great abilities to carry this team through the air, with Danny Hudson & Tony Smith on the filed with him followed by some great receivers behind them on the depth chart this offensive attack could be the deadliest in the PAC-12.​
    Tight Ends - C-
    Great speed and lack of experience in the tight end position the Huskies are going to have to utilize these guys to the best of their abilities and make sure they know what to do out there on the field. ​
    Offensive Line - B-
    The Huskies offensive line has some great players, but they are going to need to step up this season to keep their quarterbacks from taking hits and feeling too much pressure this season! ​
    Defensive Line - B+
    All-American end, Kenny Tucker who is playing his final season in Seattle, will look to put all the pressure on opposing teams this season, followed with a great group of defensive tackles, this Husky d-line is going to be a powerful foe in this years hunt for a conference championship!​
    Linebackers - B+
    Mike Flowers, senior impact player, will be looking for a great season with his great speed and power look for this defensive captain to get the Huskies defense fired up and hunt to kill! But don't overlook the rest of the linebacker corp, they are just as deadly and potent.​
    Secondary - A-
    With great depth, young players, and All-Americans look for this secondary to apply enough pressure to opposing receivers this season, and it wouldn't surprise anyone to see this secondary have the most interceptions this season!​

    Special Teams - C-
    With Freshman kicker/punter this season, Bryan Hill, has a lot of pressure on his shoulder. He is backed up by kicker/punter Bo Carter, who will look to battle it out for the starting position for the next few seasons.​
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  8. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Heisman Contender Shaun Young (RB - 93 OVR) will lead Cal's quest for a National Championship
    California, the reigning Pac-12 Champions, will enter this season coming off a dissapointing loss in the National Championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide. An 11-3 season was highlighted by Coach IrishBearcat's first Pac-12 Championship Game victory 38-0 over Colorado and a surprise bid to play in the BCS National Championship Game. It was the second time Cal earned a bid to the National Championship as a two-loss football team. No FBS Head Coach had ever lead a program to the big dance with two losses as NCAA History was re-written.

    The 2017 Golden Bears football team possesses the best talent and depth that of any previous IrishBearcat squad. Here's a closer look at the California team by position:
    The quarterback positions consists of one of the most exciting position battles for Season 7. QB Seth Fritz (87 Overall, 90 THP, 96 THA, 59 SPD) is a pocket passer with a NFL-caliber arm. The Senior QB would seem to be the most logical choice to start but his lack of mobility could pose problems. Sophomore QB Dan Larsen (86 Overall, 89 THP, 85 THA, 89 SPD & ACC, 91 AGI, 95 ELU) has a very solid arm but brings a lot more athleticism and game-breaking ability to the table. Don't be surprised if either starts or a combination of the two are both used during the upcoming season.

    The RB position is one of the deepest positions on the roster. Five runningbacks rated at least 83 overall fill the position with great depth and a variety of skill. SR RB Shaun Young (93 OVR, Impact Player) will lead the way and is an early contender to win the Heisman Trophy. Young is on of the most-talented backs in the entire country with his ability to run defenders over. He also has just enough speed to make him a threat outside and keep the front seven honest. Backup RB Brenton Smith (86 OVR) will also receive a handful of carries for his amazing speed and and ability to change direction (94 SPD, 99 AGI, 97 ACC). Smith created some Heisman buzz of his own during the early part of last season.

    California returns their top three receivers and top two tight ends from the previous season. WR Dwayne Anderson (87 OVR) was the first Cal WR of the IrishBearcat tenure to haul in at least 10 touchdown passes in a single season. Anderson's isn't the fastest receiver but he is reliable and has a knack for beating the defense over the top. WR Anthony Carpenter (84 OVR) returns at the other outside WR spot after a solid performance as a first-time starter. SR WR Nick Green (87 OVR) is the most talented of the bunch and boasts the best hands on the entire football team. Green will start in the slot position due to his 5'11 stature. TE David Frederick (85 OVR) returns after providing great blocking on the edge as well as a huge target downfield with his frame and size (6'8 266 lbs). SR TE John Clarke (83 OVR) provides a better receiving option at the TE spot.

    The offensive line returns only two starters but several talented back ups will get their chance to step in and shine this season. The starting offensive line has always been geared towards running the football, but this season's O-Line is definitely a great pass-blocking offensive line. This could change how the Golden Bears attack opponents with their offense. The line is also the most talented across the board since Coach IrishBearcat's arrival (LT 87 , LG 89, C 87, RG 82, RT 84 OVR respectively).\

    All four starters from last season return on the defensive line. DE Marquis Stewart (87 OVR) and DE Drew Miller (84 OVR) combined for 16 sacks on the previous season. DT Vic Roberson (85 OVR) leads the group as the best at his position. DT Kevin West (84 OVR) returns as an All-American for his senior season. This group pressured the quarterback, accumulated sacks, created a bunch of turnovers, and created a lot of havoc for offenses last season. The ceiling for this group is through the roof.

    All-American OLB Marcus Jackson (89 OVR) leads one of the most talented linebacking units in the entire country. Jackson lead the Cal defense in total tackles during 2016. Manning the other OLB spot is OLB Will Johnson (87 OVR). His ability to accelerate off the snap and track down ball carriers (98 ACC, 92 PUR) makes him a special player. Former OLB and now MLB Same Rowe (87 OVR) will replace Ryan Cook who bolted early for the NFL. This group, coupled with the defensive line, heads one of the most talented and experienced front seven's in all of college football.

    The Golden Bear secondary returns a lot of talent. SR Captain CB Jordan Moore (87 Overall) has locked down one of the outside CB spots as a returning starter. CB Brett Woods (86 OVR) and CB Bubba Luke (83 OVR) will battle for the other outside spot with the other holding down the nickel CB position. FS Arnold Campbell (82 Ovr) will take over to replace William Stevens. SS Julian Robinson (89 OVR) returns for his senior season after contemplating leaving early for the NFL. The secondary is the head of a defense that looks to have one of the most dominant lineups in the FBS.

    Season Outlook & Prediction: It's tough to ignore the collection of talent, experience, and playmakers Cal has assembled over the past few seasons. The recruiting efforts of IrishBearcat have shown up on the field producing five bowls wins, two National Championship trips, a Conference Championship victory, and a National Championship victory. California should with the North Division and have a great shot to be the favorite heading into the CCG. A win could vault Cal back into the National Championship for redemption of last season's loss.


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