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Team Previews - Year 1

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Please provide a brief write-up on your team and expectations for the upcoming season.

    Ideas on things to cover:

    * Star Players
    * Offensive and defensive play styles
    * Expectations for the upcoming season and toughest opponents on schedule
  2. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    2011 Virginia Tech Hokies



    QB- rsSO Logan Thomas (84ovr) is a first year starter who has the huge shoes to fill of Tyrod Taylor. Thomas is more of a pocket passer, but does have enough leg in him to run when needed. Coaches just ask that Thomas manages the game and doesn't need to try to win it.

    RB- JR David Wilson (90ovr) will be the most dynamic player on the field and has the ability to score anytime he touches the ball. rsSO Tony Gregory (87ovr) will share the load in the backfield to help take some pressure off of Thomas and give Wilson a breather.

    WR- The Hokies are experianced and deep at WR. Although they lack a true speedster the top 4 are very reliable and led by SR Jarret Boykin (90ovr) and Danny Coale (88ovr).

    OL- The line is rated average to above average but should provide enough proction for the young QB and create running lanes for the expected run heavy offense. They are anchored by rsSR Blake DeChristopher (90ovr).


    DL- Inexperianced but always successful under DC Bud Foster schemes, led by rsJR DT Antoine Hopkins (87ovr)

    LB- Led by rsJR MLB Bruce Taylor (90ovr) who is a true NFL proto type LB, which should help pick up any slack from the DL

    DB- This is the Hokies strong point as JR CB Jayron Hosely (92ovr) defines the meaning of a shutdown corner and will lead a dominant secondary

    Special Teams

    K-rsSO Cody Journell (82ovr) doesn't posses the strongest leg but has time to work on that only being a SO

    P- rsFR Ethan Keyserling (80ovr) same as above

    PR/KR- The Hokies put their playmakers on the field in the return game as Wilson and Hosely take on the return duties


    The Hokies are expected to remain king of the ACC, but can they take their game to the next level? The season may lay on the shoulders of Thomas and whether or not he can not be forced into mistakes as he has plenty of experianced skill position players around him. Wilson should be taking notice from the Heisman voters and Virginia Tech should finish with no worse than a 10-2 record.....
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  3. 1ke

    1ke D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

    Jun 18, 2009
    My key players according to the game are...

    HB - Chris Thompson JR (90)
    Chirs will have the duty of stepping right in and continuing the very long tradition of FSU have very good running backs. Gaining 846 on 133 carries, Chris is eager to hit that century mark for the first time in his career.

    QB - EJ Manuel JR (89)
    EJ is the heir apparent to the throne that Christian Ponder left for him. EJ has long been a fan favorite, but has yet to make the impact that many expected of him throwing 10 interceptions in comparison to his 6 touchdowns.


    RE - Brandon Jenkins JR - (94)
    Brandon had one phrase uttered about him last season. "Oh shit, hell be back". Thats right, everyone's most hated sophomore is back for his junior season. Last season was a break out one for Brandon. As a sophomore he had 56 tackles, and 13.5 sacks. LOOK OUT!!!

    K - Dustin Hopkins JR - (88)
    Some may laugh, but Dustin's goal is to become a "weapon". He is well on his way, , missing only 6 of his last 30.


    Florida Sate this season has tons if promise. But the youth of this team worries the Coach. CO ( Short for Chief Osceola) said, "it is true, we are very young. But sometimes even youth can surprise you!
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  4. Vandermint

    Vandermint Walk On

    Jul 12, 2010
    The Tar Heels are coming off of last year's "scandal" plagued year in which UNC actually withheld any player who had ever picked his nose, unlike Auburn and Ohio State who just went for the BCS bowl money and will let the chips fall where they may in years to come. Thus, the Tar Heels have a lot of young players who might have been redshirted but now have some experience.

    On the offensive side of the ball, Bryn Renner will be the QB for this year's Tar Heels. He's a RS soph who was highly rated coming out of high school but his ratings in the game are nothing special. He may not make a huge impact this season but with lots of playing time ahead he may be a bigtime player over the course of his career.

    Ryan Houston would have been the power-back in the Heels' RBBC last season, but was held out due to academic issues for several games and once reinstated was redshirted due to UNC finding success with Anthony Elzy. Therefore the senior will inherit the starting job and will be the feature back for UNC in 2011--a nice bonus.

    The WR corps seems solid but it seems like everybody usually has decent WRs in NCAA. TE Christian Wilson doesn't seem like anything exceptional but in my limited practice time he's been catching everything thrown at him. The offensive line probably has some of the lowest group ratings on the team, so that's a concern. RS FR T.J. Leifheit will start at LT so that's cause for concern/excitement.

    The biggest studs are on defense--Donte Paige-Moss and Tydreke Powell are studs along the line whereas Kevin Reddick will anchor a depleted LB corps. The defensive backfield is a question mark though.

    Most if not all of you are better players than me and Carolina lacks the talent to make up for my lack of skill. The Heels only have six seniors though and some decent young players so if I can hold on maybe we can make a run at 5* status in a season or two.
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  5. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009
    Nebraska Team Preview

    Taylor Martinez
    QB - #3 - Sophomore (RS)
    6’1” - 205 LBs

    Turner Gill … Tommie Frazier … Eric Crouch … Taylor Martinez???
    In 2010, the RS Freshman certainly flashed the ability to eventually be considered among the greatest QBs to ever play in Lincoln. Can the flash transform into sustained greatness? Before anyone anoints Martinez, they would be wise to remember that he was a completely different QB in the second half of the 2010 season. Injuries aside, Martinez has a lot of critics. Without a doubt, “T-Magic” is one of the biggest enigmas in all of college football.

    Rex Burkhead
    HB - #22 – Junior
    5’11” - 210 LBs

    With the departure of Roy Helu Jr., the task of leading the Husker rushing attack falls squarely upon the shoulders of Burkhead. As usual, the Huskers need to establish the run in order to execute on offense.

    Jared Crick
    DT - #95 - Senior (RS)
    6’6” - 285 LBs

    Emerged as a contributor alongside All-World DT Ndamukong Suh in 2009. Last year, Crick took his game to another level and was rewarded with All-America honors. Turned down overtures from the NFL and returned to Lincoln in 2011.

    Lavonte David
    OLB - #4 - Senior
    6’1” - 220 LBs

    Transitioned from the JUCO ranks to NU without a hitch, earning All-America honors from several media outlets in his first year as a Husker. Does not possess a stand-out physical attribute yet always seems to be around the ball.
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  6. Cutch 22

    Cutch 22 Let's gooooooo

    Jul 10, 2010
    2011 Penn State Football


    WR - Derek Moye - Senior: Moye, a huge 6'5" WR, is not only a great redzone target for the Lions, but has improved his game to a threat all over the field. While not terribly fast, Moye is quick and can get off the line and beat his man down the field. Moye is hoping to put up big numbers in his senior year to improve his draft stock.​

    HB - Silas Redd - Sophomore: Only in his second season, the explosive Redd is already one of the Lions highest rated players. Penn State plans on relying heavily on the workhorse Redd, which should mean significant carries for the young back.​

    QB's - Matt McGloin - Sophomore and Rob Bolden - Sophomore: The on-going QB battle is still undecided. While Bolden has more raw natural ability, presenting himself as a dual threat, the former walk-on McGloin seems to just make the offense works and score points. For the Lions to succeed, one of the two QB must step up.​


    CB - D'Anton Lynn - Senior: The senior CB from Texas is a phenomenal athlete and a very underrated CB. Anytime the ball is thrown Lynn's way, there is a chance it could be going back the other direction.​

    FS - Nick Sukay - Senior (RS): Ball hawking safety Sukay is the brains of the Lions smart defense. While Sukay is a good enough athlete, his strength is being in the right place at the right time.​

    MLB - Michael Mauti - Junior (RS): You cannot talk about Penn State with out talking LB's. Mauti is the cream of this years crop and is tackling machine.​


    Despite being talented on both sides of the ball, Penn State starts the year unranked and has a lot to prove. The defense most likely will be solid, so the success, or lack thereof, will fall solely on one of the QB's stepping up.​
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    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    2011 LSU Bayou Bengals Preview

    We start the season ranked #4, and are one of the front runners nationally to make a run at a Crystal Ball. In order to do that though we are going to have to hop scotch through a complete mine field! Check out this schedule:

    • BYU
    • @ #10 FSU (1ke)
    • @ UNC (Vandermint)
    • @ #19 Miss St.
    • Kentucky
    • #20 Florida (Satan's Angel)
    • @Tennessee
    • #12 Auburn (Slick)
    • @ #2 Alabama
    • #8 Boise ST.
    • @Ole Miss
    • #18 Arkansas

    If we can get through that gauntlet we would then have another top team in the SEC Title game...and that's a biiiiggggg if.

    The Good:

    This team is deep and solid and every position. There isn't much drop off for most positions if it becomes necessary to replace anyone due to injury or ineffectiveness (looking at you Jordan Jefferson). We also have explosive play makers at the WR position and we have a QB that when he's good he can be very good. He's also a dual threat, which in this game will be key due to what you could say is an "aggressive" cpu pass rush at times. We also have a very good, very athletic, and very opportunistic secondary, which again in this years game could be the difference between 8-4 and 11-1. Also, with 14 seniors this is still a very young team, and next year could be our year if we can't get it done this year.

    The Bad:

    While we are solid across the board we are lacking explosiveness at some positions, and we were forced to move guys out of their normal positions to put out our best possible lineup. We also travel to Tallahassee, Chapel Hill, Starkville, Rocky Top, and Tuscaloosa. That schedule is brutal, and with that #4 next to our name there is sure to be a big fat target right on our back. Our biggest ? mark on this team is at QB...not the position you want to be up in the air.

    Projected Off MVP: Spencer Ware HB

    Projected Def MVP: Mo Claiborne CB


    Bad news is there will be no NC this year. That schedule just is too much, especially with an erratic QB. However, Auburn is also very young. The game to watch will be @ Alabama.

    I predict we lose 1 early OOC game (either FSU or UNC) but win the other one, drop 1 conference game (either Bama or Auburn) and beat Boise in Death Valley and finish the regular season 10-2. Auburn, Bama, Ark, and us will beat the shit out of each other, and Alabama makes it to the SEC title game, but on the strength of our high starting position in the polls and our crazy high SOS we finish in the top 10 and get a BCS at large bid. Not a bad first season. We'll start season 2 in the top 10 and will have a legit shot at going the distance.
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  8. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009

    Ohio State

    There are a lot of questions surrounding the team after the departure of coach Jim Tressel and quarterback Terrell Pryor. With a new QB under center, the Buckeyes will look to rely heavily on the depth at running back. Herron, Berry, Hall, Smith and Hyde make up the deepest backfield in the NCAA. Herron is expected to get the bulk of the carries while Berry provides a change of pace. Hall may see some time as pass catching back and the other two will be late game replacements unless the injury bug strikes the team. Another strength of this unit is the offensive line led by seniors Brewster, Adams and Shuggarts. the questionable areas are QB and WR. Bauserman is solid but unspectacular at QB. He won't win many games with his arm but he should limit turnovers. If he falters true freshman Miller and redshirt sophomore Guiton are waiting in the wings. As for WR, Posey is an elite WR but the rest of the unit is unproven. Sophomore Corey Brown is the #2 with Fields and Reed inside.

    As for the defensive side of the ball, this unit lost a lot of talent to the NFL. The star player is defensive end Nathan Williams. Other key players on the defensive side are Sabino and Moeller at LB, and Barnett and Wood in the secondary. This unit has many players switching positions including Barnett a former CB playing S , Moeller switching from S to OLB and Simon switching from DT to DE. Williams also saw time as rush OLB last season, so the team may move him around at times this season.


    Ohio State has a tough schedule with home games against Oregon, Michigan State (Jman) and Georgie (Twist), and road games against Nebraska (Beazus) and Penn State (PSU). How the team fares against this difficult schedule will depend on the team's ability to pound the rock. I'm going to predict an 11-1 record, with a division title. This means the Rose Bowl berth will depend on winning the conference championship game.
  9. Jman

    Jman It's a Flying Circus!

    Jun 28, 2009
    2011 Michigan State Spartans



    Cousins is the key to the 2011 season for the Spartans according to Coach Jman, "Everyone knows I'll run the damn rock, we gotta be able to throw the sum'bitch too!". Cousins comes into his senior campain with all the momentum in the world, a new and very Pro Style offense will require him to not only throw the ball, but make the right reads in the option as well. Doesn't have a big arm, just average, so Coach Jman must be careful to not give hime throws he cannot make.​

    HB - EDWIN BAKER - JR - 91 OVR
    Coach Jman loves to run the rock, and the senior Baker is just the type of back to do it. Baker is the quintessential power back for a Pro Style 2-back based offense, he can go through you, over you, and around you. Coach Jman has been quotes as saying Baker is a "student of the game with impressive awareness about him on the field and in the moment".​

    Dudes fucking name is XX. What else is there to say?​



    Worthy is the prototype DT in todays game, 6'3" 305 pounds and can move, I mean move. Not only is he an animal in the run game, he's a tremendous pass rusher as well. Will need to anchor the 3 man front and should be able to handle the job, and then some.​


    Not overly fast (80) but with high awareness (87) and a true nose for the ball. At 220 pounds form the outside linebacker spot he will hit you with all of his being and his eyes wide open. The only knock is if he misses, he's not gonna catch you.​


    The enforcer of the Spartan defense, roams the field as the alpha-dog of the defense both physically and emotionally. Can hit, can cover, can finish and is the cliche "coach on the field" for the defense as well.​


    The Spartans are coming off a tremendous season and carry #15 ranking into the beginning of the season. The Spartans will go as far as Coach Jman's offense and that will hing on the offensive line entirely, not a truly cohesive unit, this could be the downfall if they allow Cousins to get hit too much. Defensively, youth rules the day, but this youth can flat out play. The Spartans don't play a singe player on the defensive side of the ball that is a senior, great for next season, but they need them to be great know to allow the Jman ground and pound offense to grind games out.


    9-3 (6-2)

    Michigan State will host North Carolina (Vandermint) and #10 Florida State (1ke) in matchups sure to have fireworks early in the year but then muss travel to #6 Ohio State (bravejaf) and #16 Nebraska, outside predictions anticipate a 1-3 user campaign with two losses being close, and one will surely be a blowout, the win will likely crush the should of the opposing team though when it sinks in who they just lost to.
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  10. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    2011 Georgia Bulldogs:


    The 5 :5stars: Bulldogs are coming off a disappointing season and also losing 3 talented skill players in WR AJ Green, RBs King and Ealey. The load of the offense will be relegated to the young arm of RS SO Aaron Murray and true FR RB Isaiah Crowell. The WRs are very young and talented but a tad bit inexperienced. They are led by Rantavious Wooten and Tavares King. The TE Orson Charles will be a focal point in the attack. The Offensive Line is a senior laden unit, led by C Ben Jones and will provide good blocking for the skilled players.

    Defense: I just love their 3-4 set. NT Terrance Cody (for you Perry) has nothing on 6-6 350 pound Kwame geathers, who is backed up by JUCO JR John Jenkins who is 6-4 330 lbs. The ends are Abry Jones and DeAngelo Tyson. The LB corps is led by ILB Chris Robinson and stud FR Ray Drew. The secondary will be very solid with Branden Smith and Brett Boykin manning the CB spots and Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams manning the S spots.

    ST: Walsh and Butler. Nuff said. Thomas will be a primary RS.

    I expect many tough battles in the first season and I expect to go 8-4.
  11. vBIG SLICKv

    vBIG SLICKv Varsity Baby !!!

    Mar 21, 2010
    2011-12 AUBURN TIGERS


    The Auburn Tigers look to get back to the promise land after winning the National Title last year. This will prove to be a tough task for first year Coach Big Slick as the Tigers lost a lot of seniors and all world QB Cam Newton. Auburn has 7 seniors on the roster with 3 starting on offense and 2 starting on defense. Coach Slick hopes to pull this young talent together and make a run at a couple of championships.

    With Cam Newton gone so is the spread attack. Coach Slick will run a multiple offense.

    QB: Barret Trotter(JR-RS) will step in and be the field general. He does not have the running ability that Cam Newton had, but has a good arm. His job will simply be to make smart decisions and not turn the ball over.

    RB: Onterio McCalebb(JR) will get the start in the backfield over Michael Dyer(SO) who will take a red shirt this year. McCalebb and Dyer skills are almost identical but McCalabb has much better awarenss on the field.

    WR: The wide receiver corp is young with only 1 senior on the roster. Quindarius Carr(SR-RS) will be the leader of this group and will have to help bring the younger receivers along.

    OL: The offense line will be the glue that holds it all together. The OL will start 2 seniors and 3 jrs. They will be relied on heavily to keep pressure off of 1st yr starter QB Trotter and open holes for RB McCalebb.

    The defense will be running the 3-4 scheme. With only 2 seniors starting Coach Slick wants to put a lot of guys flying to the ball.

    DE: Matt Putnam(SR-RS) will be the guy to get pressure in the backfield until his sophomre counterpart can get up to speed.

    DL: 6'3 310lbs Jeffrey Whitaker(SO) will be the stopper up the middle.

    LB: Eltoro Freeman(SR) is the field general of the defense. Coach Slick will rely heavily on Eltoro to get everyone into position and fly to the ball.

    DB: Free Safety Neiko Thorpe(SR) will lead the young secondary.

    Coach Slick expects the SEC to be the top conference as it is every year knows that Auburn faces challenges every week it lines up against another team. He has big hopes for his young Tigers.

    Coach Slick predicts finishing 13-1 and making a BCS Bowl

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