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Team Previews - Year 4

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Ohio State



    Ohio State finished last season with Big 10 and BCS Championship trophies. Can the Buckeyes repeat as champions or will they fall? The team had several losses on both sides of the ball. On offense wide receivers Fields and Brown used up their collegiate eligibility. Star HB could have stayed another season but he left early for the draft. There was also losses along the offensive line. On defense the secondary lost many starters, including standout CB Clarke.


    Miller will assume the role at QB. His play last season was erratic. He played great in some games, while struggling in other games. At times he was benched in favor of Guiton, but that is not an option for this season. The coaches worked with Miller in the offseason and the team will be dependent on his success. Hyde will assume the vacant HB spot. He is expected to carry a heavy load for the Buckeyes this season. At wide receiver OSU is young but talented. Williams and Reed are both redshirt seniors, with Reed having 3 years of experience. Pryor and Atkins are juniors looking to prove their :5stars: recruit ranking. The offensive line possesses talent but this is a young group. Center Terrell is a first year starter but the junior is the most experienced player on the line.


    The defense returns 7 of 11 starters, all in the front 7. The defensive line will be led by DT White, who led the Buckeyes in sacks last year. DE Seward and DT Bennett also return from last season's championship team. The linebacker core returns all 3 starters, including MLB Matthews. As for the secondary, the only returning starter is B Nick Sparks. Harrell will start opposite of Sparks at CB. Sophomore McKeon will start at the free safety spot. His biggest play last season was a blocked punt in the end zone. The strong safety will be Austin or Gordon, both redshirt freshmen. Overall this group has talent but it will depend on the young players in the secondary.


    This is a very young team with only 9 seniors on the roster. Some experts have the Buckeyes in a rebuilding year, but the OSU coaches feel different. This team has a lot of talent and some young players will become superstars. The schedule certainly doesn't provide many easy games to the Buckeyes. OSU has back-to-back road games against LSU and North Carolina in weeks 2 and 3. They follow those trips with a week 6 home game against Alabama. The other key game will be the road game against Penn State. I am projecting OSU to drop 1 of the 3 early games but to finish the season at 11-1. The Buckeyes will then face off with Michigan State for the conference championship.

    Breakout Players
    - SO FS Ray McKeon - Tremendous speed and size combination. He should bat down or pick off a lot of passes.
    - JR CB Charlie Harrell - Lacks ideal size but makes up for it with great speed. He will need to step up to replace Clarke
    - WR John Atkins - Fields and Brown are gone so Atkins will need to provide deep threat for Miller. He has been quiet his first 2 seasons.
  2. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011

    Maryland finished last season with 3 losses in the ACC, including a close loss to VT and a blowout by Clemson. After losing 14 seniors and star QB Danny O'Brien, Junior QB Troy Jones looks to guide the Terps to the highest level of prestige and another BCS bowl game.


    Troy Jones secedes Danny O'Brien at QB, while HB Josh Wilson and the entire WR corp remains the same. The offensive line is the only area of concern on offense, as they have young players starting that will progress together but for the time being are inexperienced. Watch for WRs Adrian Coxson and Dustin Burns to make big plays this year, while Pre Season All American HB Jeremiah Wilson looks to draw alot of attention in the ground game.


    The defense is in the process of rebuilding, and that means things will become worse before they get better. The defense lost a few seniors last year and the Terps struggled on that side of the ball to begin with. The Terps have 6 freshmen CBs, 5 of which are true freshmen. FS Jed Harvey is also another freshmen starting in the secondary, which brings the secondary to a total of 7 freshmen. The defensive line is the only veteran part of the defense, as DEs Isaiah Ross and Clarence Murphy line up on the outside with the 300lbs nose tackle Andre Monroe anchoring the line. The LBs are generally inexperienced, with freshmen starting at both OLB positions, however the inside LBs are returning starters from last season. The defense is weak for now, but in a few years they will be serious contenders.

    Breakout Players:

    HB Jeremiah Wilson - Heisman contending RB with 99 Break Tackle, there will be more of a comittment to the running game now that O'Brien has graduated.
    MLB Desmond Kearse - One of the Senior leaders on a young defense, very fast with excellent tackling and coverage abilities.
    CB Jeremiah Johnson - Another Senior leader in a secondary with 7 freshmen, shuts down opposing WRs and has great hands
    QB Troy Jones - With the attention on Jeremiah Wilson, Jones should pick defenses apart with his Dual Threat capabilities.
    WR Adrian Coxson - The go to guy on offense, converts 3rd downs and big plays consistently.
    WR Dustin Burns - Burns is the deep ball threat opposite of Coxson, with 96 CTH and 93 SPC, Burns will be a huge target in the Red Zone and in single coverage.
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  3. Gravity

    Gravity Hey, I'm Batman

    Jun 22, 2011
    The North Carolina Tarheels finished 10-3 last season with a victory in the Chick Fil A bowl.​
    Having suffered 3 losses last season (2 conference) the Tarheels are looking to take the ACC championship this year.​

    Offense: Having lost 16 seniors last year the Tarheels are thin at certain positions such as WR. A QB battle will be going on throughout the season as Marquise Williams and Lance Simmons are very equally talented. Williams will be getting the starts for now as Simmons has showed his youth in some tense moments in practice. Returning is heisman hopeful Giovanni Bernard, who last season rushed for over 1400 yards.​

    Defense: The Tarheels defense is the weakest part of this team. Very young and very fast this unit looks to get pressure on the QB. The secondary could use some work but will hopefully be masked by a veteran D line and fast linebackers.​

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