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Team Previews

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by kcstlmang, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. kcstlmang

    kcstlmang Walk On

    Jun 21, 2013
    It's that time of year again boys

    The Denver Broncos

    The Broncos are a team that ended last season on the highest possible note, a Superbowl but have lost some important pieces from a year ago. The biggest departure was definitely the "The Sheriff" Peyton Manning, and their backup quarterback Brock Osweiler shocking the world and going to the Houston Texans in Free Agency(TEX, 4 Years 72 MIL 37 Gaurenteed). Other departures were Malik Jackson (JAX, 6 Years 90 Mil), Danny Trevathan (CHI 4yr 24.5 Mil) Evan Mathis, Louis Vasquez. These departures left some pretty big shoes to fill during free agency and the draft. The Broncos would pick up 2 3rd round compensatory picks(from Osweiler and Jackson).

    2016 NFL Draft:

    R1 P26, Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis - Getting a QB with this guys physical attributes(6'7 244lbs) and a great overall athlete, this late in the 1st round in my opinion was a steal. The two quarterbacks graded above him went 1st and 2nd, and some even put Paxton Lynch in that same caliber. He will no doubt get the reins early in TMFL as leadership has very little faith in Mark "Buttfumble" Sanchez.

    R2 P63, Adam Gostis, DT, Georgia Tech - Since the departure of Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton the broncos have been looking to fill the void left in the center of the defense and they think they have with Gostis.

    R3 P98, Justin Simmons, FS, Boston College - Some had Simmons graded as high as the first round, being a great athlete, soild tackler and a solid ballhawking presence in the middle of the field.

    R4, P136,Devontae Booker, RB, Utah - For me personally I am stoked about this guy, he was a workhorse for utah and will definately see the field for the Broncos in the coming season.

    R5, P144, Conner McGovern,OL, Missouri - being a missouri fan I have seen this guy play, he lacks some in physciality but is a solid blocker for the 5th round of the draft.

    Free Agency 2016:

    The Broncos would bring in several players to attempt to fill some of the holes left by free agency. The biggest aquisitions would be on the offensive line, with the signings of Russell Okung LT and Donald Stephenson LT. Jared Crick DE was also brought in to bolster the defensive line.

    Work in progress (y)
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  2. seranrap7

    seranrap7 Walk On

    Apr 12, 2016

    The Cardinals were a team that had almost all the right pieces to make it to the Super Bowl in 2015, but seemed to fall short when playoff time came against the Panthers with a devastating defeat. Multiple regular season games had everyone questioning if the Cardinals were in fact an elite team, or just a decent team. With hopes of finally making it back to the big game, this off season the Cardinals have buffed up their defense, and added strength to their offensive line to protect a somewhat frail Carson Palmer. Lets take a look into the Cardinals off season moves:

    2016 NFL Draft:

    Round 1, Pick No. 29: Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss
    The Cardinals have a history of picking up players with seemingly bad character traits in hopes of either the rumors being wrong, or turning that player around. This was seen with Tyrann Mathieu who has become one of the core players on the roster. They hope to accomplish this feat again with Nkemdiche. Although a DT in College, Nkemdiche will be playing opposite of the monster LE Campbell this season. Will Nkemdiche turn out to a boom or bust? This season we will certainly find out.

    Round 3, Pick No. 92: Brandon Williams, CB, Texas A&M
    With CB2 Jerraud Powers gone in Free Agency, the Cardinals were lacking depth in the DB department. I personally don't know much about him, but from scouting reports he only played one seasons at DB. Although that one season he seemed to be competent at the position, he is still raw in terms of skill/technique.

    Round 4, Pick No. 128: Evan Boehm, C, Missouri
    Former teammate of OLB Markus Golden, the Cardinals picked up an offensive linemen who will be competing for the starting job against A.Q. Shipley.

    Round 5, Pick No. 167: Marqui Christian, S, Midwestern State
    Not much is known to me about Christian, from reading reports it is said that in college he was a more in the box type player who liked to hit. The Cardinals will be utilizing him more as a FS or SS in coverage, either way he will provide excellent depth to the Safety department.

    Round 5, Pick No. 170: Cole Toner, OT, Harvard
    For this season Toner will serve mostly as a depth player at OT, possible being moved to OG pending performance.

    Round 6, Pick No. 205: Harlan Miller, CB, Southeastern Louisiana
    Another depth player at DB, but with hopes of someday becoming a starter within Bruce Arians man coverage scheme.

    Free Agency:
    The Cardinals lacked in the pass rushing department in 2015, which was seen explicitly in the playoff game against the Panthers. Man to man coverage can only hold out for so long before receivers get open, and without a pass rush offenses will shred that man coverage apart. In comes former Patriot Chandler Jones, an elite pass rusher who may just be the key to giving this front seven the spark they need.

    With Veldeer and Iupati on the left side, A.Q. Shipley at center, and former rookie D.J. Humphries at RT, the Cardinals bring in Evan Mathis from the Broncos to add another rock to a already somewhat sturdy offensive line. Mathis provides excellent run blocking for 2nd year rookie David Johnson who showed glimpse of greatness throughout the season. I personally am excited to run with David Johnson behind this offense line as the run is a big part of my game.
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  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Good stuff!!

    You two are going to have some power house rosters!!
    Lynch would be a fun project, Sanchez is perfect backup!
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  4. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012

    They keep talking shit about the squad huh? Put some mofo RESPECK on our name, and


    Redskins are the defending NFC East champs and aren't given any respeck at all. Coach CT pulling up on anyone who refuses to put that respeck on his squad. "Why should we respeck the Skins" you may ask.

    The Skins have finally rid themselves of the biggest distraction/bust in franchise history, Mr. Robert Griffin III, Good Luck Cleveland!!! Kirk Cousins was given control last season, and finished in the top 3 statistically in the last 9 games of the 2015 season. His 79.3 acc percentage was the leagues best. The weapons that we've been able to surround Kirk with as well as his even keel demeanor in the pocket has paid dividends offensively" said Scot McCloughan when asked about the the 4 year QB out of Michigan State. D-Jak, Jordan Reed, and rookie wideout Doctson will stretch the field while veteran's Garcon and Paul feast underneath. Chris Thompson and Matt Jones will share carries with a change of pace form Silas Redd. Alfred "The Butler" Morris is no longer with the team and will be missed. The O-Line is back to being 100% healthy which boads well

    Defensively, the Skins have addressed two of the biggest concerns, pressuring the QB as well as covering the deep ball. The Panthers were in their little pussycat feelings and decided to not pay one of the top 5 CB's in the game, enter the Skins. They wrote Josh Norman a fat check for his services, making him the top paid CB in the league. He will earn evey penny gojng up against Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham a fourth of the season. Bashaud Breeland has been a bright spot the last two seasons and has a chip on his shoulder after the Skins brought in Norman. He will show that he is indeed a #1 Corner in this league, making for a nice one two punch on the edges. With Junior Galette returning from injury, the Skins hope to have a meetings at the QB with him Kerrigan, and Preston Smith coming up the middle. Pot Roast is out, and Chris "Big Swaggy" Baker fills the middle. Trent Murphy returns to the D-Line with a hand in the ground replacing the retired Jason Hatcher. D'Angelo Hall rounds out a much improved secondary as he attempts to resurrect his career as a FS in the mold of a Rod Woodson/Charles Woodson.


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  5. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    The Philadelphia Eagles

    2016 Draft :
    1st Round Pick - Quarterback Carson Wentz (NDSU)

    Carson will be handled the keys to the city right up front being selected number two overall in the 2016 draft. The sacrifice to move from number 11 to 8 to 2 was steep so the development on Carson must begin right away.

    3rd Round Pick - Center/Guard Issac Seumalo (ORE ST)
    Issac is a versatile offensive lineman with the potential to take over for Jason Kelsey in the future. Even if it's not for Kelsey Issac could move outside to his natural position on guard to help anchor the middle.

    5th Round Pick - Running Back Wendell Smallwood (WVU)
    Wendell is a quick, shifty back who posses the ability to run between the tackles and catch the ball out of the backfield. Smallwood may see time early with the aging Eagles backfield.

    Key Additions
    Defensive Coordinator - Jim Schwartz

    Going back to the 4-3 vastly improves the Eagles natural personnel set. Add in several top league pass rushers and defenders the Eagles will posses a very solid and deep defensive unit.

    OL Brandon Brooks
    Brooks was a HUGE addition for the offensive line, instant impact starter at the RG position. Thank you Houston for not paying this man.

    SS Rodney McLeod
    Rodney by way of St Louis comes to the Eagles to finally provide Philly with a true safety tandem on the backend. McLeod has solid speed and loves to hit and will be a great addition next to Malcom Jenkins!

    LB Nigel Bradham
    Nigel is an athletic linebacker familiar in his time with Schwartz in Buffalo. Nigel will add great sideline to sideline ability with Kendricks and Hicks.

    QB Chase Daniel
    Chase's presence makes Sam Bradford expendable. Daniel has starting experience in this league, is familiar with Doug Peterson's system from KC and has been guided by the likes of Drew Brees.

    OL Stefen Wisniewski
    Stefen has starting experience at the center and guard positions. He will add much needed depth to offensive line.

    WR Ruben Randle
    Ruben, by way of NY joins a WR unit which is very inexperienced. Ruben can step in right away with veteran presence and sure hands to secure plenty of playing time and a crutch for Carson Wentz.

    Philly's staff plans to rely heavily on their vets at key positions to help transition this young roster immediately. With the Redskins dubbed Division champions, the Cowboys getting healthy and unsuspended and the GMen... Yeaaa the Gmen. The division is wide open for the taking year 1!

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  6. bawvu97

    bawvu97 Let's Goooooo Mountaineers

    Jul 26, 2010
    Featured Threads:
    Baltimore Ravens Draft Recap & Roster Review


    Draft Pick Summary

    Round -1 – Overall Pick - 6 - RONNIE STANLEY Notre Dame – Position - T – Height & Weight - 6-6 315 - A Clear replacement for Smokey McPotts AKA Eugene Monroe.



    • Played in 41 games at Notre Dame, making 39-straight starts to conclude his career
    • Started all 13 games in each of his final three seasons, including 26 at LT (as a junior and senior) and 13 at RT (as a sophomore)
    • In 2015, helped guide Notre Dame to become one of just 11 offenses in the nation to average 205.0 yards rushing and 250.0 yards passing per game

    Round - 2 – Overall Pick - 42 - KAMALEI CORREA Boise State – Position – OLB – Height & Weight - 6-3 245 - Bringing youth to the Baltimore Linebacker Core with T-Sizzle and Dumervil getting up there in age.



    • Played in 40 games at Boise State, making 27-straight starts to round out his three-year career
    • Started every game in his final two seasons before declaring for the NFL Draft after his junior campaign
    • In 2015, led the team with 7 sacks and 11 TFL, also recording a career-high 3 FFs
    • Earned first-team All-Conference honors in 2014 after setting career bests in tackles (59), sacks (12 - led Mountain West), TFL (19) and PD (2)

    Round - 3 – Overall Pick - 70 - BRONSON KAUFUSI Brigham Young – Position – DE – Height & Weight - 6-6 285. Depth add to improve Baltimore's Defense.

    http:// [​IMG]

    • Played in 50 games (37 starts) at BYU, totaling 26.5 career sacks (-173 yards) and 44 TFL (-213 yards)
    • Compiled 167 tackles (109 solo), 2 INTs (including 1 for a TD), 5 FFs, 3 FRs, 17 QB hits, 15 PD and 4 blocked kicks
    • Finished his career ranking No. 3 in BYU’s all-time TFL (44) and No. 5 all time in career sacks (26.5)
    • Set a BYU single-game record (NCAA official since 2000) with 3.5 sacks against Cincinnati in 2015 • Led the nation as a senior with 4 blocked kicks

    Round - 4a – Overall Pick - 104 - TAVON YOUNG –Temple -Position - CB – Height & Weight - 5-9 185


    Played in 48 career games (32 starts), posting 127 tackles (99 solo), 2.5 sacks (-20 yards), 8 TFL (-34 yards), 21 PD, 7 INTs (157 return yards), 2 FFs, 3 FRs..
    Scored on 2 TD returns (an INT and FR)

    Round - 4b – Overall Pick - 107 - CHRIS MOORE Cincinnati – Position - WR – Height & Weight - 6-1 205


    • Started 34 of 50 games played, posting 119 receptions for 2,301 yards and a school-record 26 TDs...Recorded a career 19.3 yards-per-catch average​
    • Added 4 rushes for 26 yards and 11 KORs for 226 yards (20.5 avg.) for the Bearcats • In 2015, ranked eighth nationally and second in the AAC, averaging 21.8 yards per catch (40 for 870 yards & 7 TDs)
    • Posted 3 catches for 221 yards and 3 TDs (60, 83, 78) vs. Ohio State (9/27/14) to set school, conference and NCAA FBS records with a 73.7-yard single-game receiving average

    Round - 4c – Overall Pick - 130 - ALEX LEWIS Nebraska – Position – T – Height & Weight - 6-6 315


    • Started 26-consecutive games at Nebraska...Sat out the 2013 season after transferring from Colorado, where he saw action in 24 games over two seasons (2011-12)
    • In 2015, helped the Huskers’ offense average 32.8 points, 266.9 passing yards and 446.9 total yards of offense per game, ranking in the Big Ten’s Top 3 in each category

    Round - 4d – Overall Pick - 132 - WILLIE HENRY Michigan – Position - DT – Height & Weight - 6-3 305


    • Played in 33 games at Michigan, making 21 starts, before declaring for the NFL Draft after his junior season...
    Posted 86 tackles (40 solo), 10 sacks (-89 yards), 18.5 TFL (-103 yards) and 1 INT with the Wolverines
    • Recorded a career high in tackles (34), TFL (10) and sacks (6.5 for -46 yards) as a junior in 2015
    • Scored on a 7-yard INT-TD return as a sophomore in 2014
    • Also blocked a PAT (as a redshirt freshman in 2013)

    Round - 4e – Overall Pick - 134 - KENNETH DIXON Louisiana Tech – Position - RB– Height & Weight - 5-10 215

    • Played in 47 games (38 starts) at Louisiana Tech, where he recorded a school-record 4,480 rushing yards and 72 TDs on 801 carries...Also posted 88 receptions for 972 yards and 15 TDs
    • Dixon’s 87 total TDs are the second most in NCAA history behind only Keenan Reynolds (Navy - 88), who was drafted by the Ravens in the sixth round in 2016
    • Is tied for the NCAA record of games played with a TD (38)
    • His 72 rushing TDs rank fourth most in NCAA history

    Round - 5 – Overall Pick - 146 - MATTHEW JUDON Grand Valley St. – Position - OLB – Height & Weight - 6-3 275


    • Played in 42 games at Grand Valley State (32 starts) finishing as the school’s all-time leader in sacks (34)
    • Led the nation, at any collegiate level, with 20 sacks in 2015
    • Finished his career with 204 tackles (100 solo), 34 sacks (-236 yards), 1 INT (41 yards), 11 PD, 8 FFs and 3 FRs

    Round - 6a – Overall Pick - 182 - KEENAN REYNOLDS Navy – Position - WR/RS – Height & Weight - 5-10 190

    • His 88 career rushing TDs are the most in NCAA Division-I history (includes FBS and FCS), while his 88 career scores (rushing & receiving) are the most in NCAA FBS history
    • Scored at least 1 TD in 37 games, tied for the second most in NCAA history and one shy of the record held by Florida’s Tim Tebow (38)
    • Scored 2-or-more TDs in a game 24 times in his career, tied for the third most in NCAA history
    • Scored 3-or-more TDs an NCAA-record 16 times in his career...Averaged 1.8 TDs per contest (88 in 50 games), the second-best average in NCAA history

    Round - 6b – Overall Pick - 209 - MAURICE CANADY Virginia – Position - CB – Height & Weight - 6-1 195



    • Played in 44 games at Virginia (34 starts), recording 148 tackles (102 solo), 2 sacks (-28 yards), 6.5 TFL (-44 yards), 5 INTs (108 return yards - 1 TD), 29 PD, 4 FFs and 1 FR
    • Also recorded 5 PRs for 126 yards and 1 TD
    • Participated in the 2015 Senior Bowl
    • In 2012, twice earned ACC Defensive Player of the Week honors (11/5 and 11/12) and College Sports Madness ACC Defensive Player of the Week (11/5)

    Key Additions Via Free Agency

    Eric Weddle - 92 OVR with a great football IQ and ability to read plays with the best of them.
    Ben Watson - Supplement for Dennis Pitta and Former second rounder maxx williams

    Key Loss Via Free Agency

    Daryl Smith

    Roster Preview
    Top 5 Players Likely to Have the Potential for a Significant Impact
    1.) Breshad Perriman - If he can stay healthy - Injury Rating 74 - Perriman has the potential to stretch the field with 95 Speed. Steve Smith will be the WR1 at least for year one but this guy needs to step up.


    2.) Eric Weddle - Providing help over the top - Just signed a 4 year deal with the Ravens


    3.) Brandon Williams - With a 98 Block Shed he has the potential to greatly limit opponents run games


    4.) Flacco/Mallet - Both potential trade baits if given the option to shine :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    5.) Marshall Yanda - It all starts up front and Yanda is the anchor. At 31 years of age no one knows how much gas he has left in the tank.

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  7. xSavedByGraceo

    xSavedByGraceo Walk On

    Jun 24, 2011

    The Miami Dolphins have been quite the disappointment to Dolphins fans for the last 7 years as their last playoff appearance was a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and many fans think the drought will continue in 2016. The 2015 season was supposed to be the year the Dolphins made some noise, but it again was one of pure disappointment. Joe Philbin was given the chance to keep his job but after a 1-3 start he was replaced by Tight Ends coach Dan Campbell. Campbell made some changes and won his first two games as interim coach in convincing fashion winning games over the Titans (38-10), and the Texans (44-26). However, the early season struggles continued which led to Campbell replacing OC Bill Lazor with QB coach Zac Taylor on November 30, and DC Kevin Coyle being replaced by Defensive Backs coach Lou Anarumo on October 8th. Campbell would go on to lose 4 of their last six games and Owner Stephen Ross had seen enough. After the season Interim Coach Dan Campbell was fired along with GM Dennis Hickey. Ross quickly hired long time Director of College Scouting, Chris Grier as the new GM. Grier has been with the Dolphins for 16 years, spending 9 as Director of College Scouting. The team of Ross, Grier, and Executive Vice President of Football Operation Mike Tannenbaum quickly found their guy to turn this program around naming Adam Gase the 12th coach in team history.

    (pictured left to right: GM Chris Grier, Owner Stephen Ross, HC Adam Gase, and EVP of FO Mike Tannenbaum)
    New HC Adam Gase gets the nod from several well known football guys such as John Fox, Peyton Manning, John Elway, and (Tim Tebow lol). However Gase has his work cut out for him. Gase is known as a QB guru who recently revived the career of Chicago QB Jay Cutler, worked with Denver QB Tim Tebow to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in the 2011 playoffs, and also worked with Peyton Manning. Gase inherited QB Ryan Tannehill who is entering his 5th year as an NFL QB, but also a team with holes to fill. Tannehill has improved each year in one category or another, and in 2015 Tannehill posted a 61.9 completion percentage. Tannehill passed for 4,208 yards with 24 TDs, and 12 INT's. However, the problem offensively is the offensive line has not protected their franchise QB, and he has been the most sacked QB in the league being sacked 184 times since 2012. Gase and company looked to the draft to fill some of those huge holes, below is the draft picks selected in the 2016 draft.


    Round 1, Pick 13: Laremy Tunsil LT Ole Miss
    The Dolphins were shocked that Tunsil's cloud hid him until pick 13. Tunsil can be an immediate starter for the Dolphins, but with Pro Bowler Branden Albert locked at LT, Tunsil will probably start his NFL career at Guard. Tunsil will help fill out an Oline that includes Pro Bowlers C Mike Pouncey, and newly acquired Jermon Bushrod will man up the other Guard position, and Ja'Wuan James is a lock at RT.

    Round 2, Pick 38: Xavien Howard CB Baylor

    The secondary is the unit that concerns me the most. The Dolphins released Pro Bowler Brent Grimes to rid themselves of his loud mouth wife Miko, and traded CB Jamar Taylor to Cleveland. Howard was expected to battle for the starting spot opposite Byron Maxwell who was acquired via trade with Philadelphia, but a knee injury has him on the PUP but he will be ready week 1. Bobby McClain is a lock to play in the Nickel, and ex-WR Tony Lippett played well at the end of the season. I look for the Dolphins to acquire a veteran before the start of the season.

    Round 3, Pick 73: Kenyan Drake RB Alabama

    The Dolphins selected Kenyan Drake to compete in an unproven backfield after Lamar Miller bolted in free agency to Houston. Jay Ajayi was slated as the starter of a backfield that includes newly acquired former Dolphin Daniel Thomas, Isaiah Pead, and Damien Williams. However, newly signed RB Arian Foster as long as he stays healthy will most definitely dig into his carries if not carry the load. Drake is a shifty runner, with blazing speed who can contribute catching passes out of the backfield and in the return game.
    Round 3, Pick 86: Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers

    This pick was a bit of surprise as WR is probably one of the deepest units on the roster. Carroo joins a stable of studs that showcase Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, and last years first round pick Devante Parker. However, Carroo has been labeled an "alpha personality" by GM Chris Grier, who can play both inside and out and is tough as nails. He has great size and exceptional hands, it will be interesting to see where he fits in.
    Round 6, Pick 186: Jakeem Grant WR Texas Tech

    Again this selection was a bit of a head scratcher with needs at Linebacker, and in the Secondary. However, Grant has been compared to LA Rams WR Tavon Austin in that he has dynamic speed and quickness. Grant is shifty and will most definitely be a package player and looks to be a dangerous return man.

    Round 6, Pick 204: Jordan Lucas S Penn State

    Lucas will be used more at CB and is more accustomed to playing press coverage. Lucas fits the mold of new DC Vance Joseph who comes over from the Bengals where he served as DB coach last season.

    Round 7, Pick 223: Brandon Doughty QB Western Kentucky

    Doughty makes sense this late in the draft as it is another QB added to the mix for Gase who is great with QB's. Doughty put up crazy numbers last season throwing 5,055 yards. He will compete with veteran Matt Moore, and Logan Thomas for a spot. Doughty is a South Florida native, who has struggled in camp so far with his progressions, but somehow has found away to make completions.


    Round 7, Pick 231: Thomas Duarte UCLA

    This is another surprising pick with Pro Bowler Jordan Cameron, and Dion Sims ahead of him it will be tough for Duarte to make the team. However, he is describes as a playmaker who can catch the ball well, but if he makes the team it will be on special teams.

    Off Season/Free Agency:

    The Dolphins made a surprising move trading the #7 overall pick to the Eagles in return for CB Byron Maxwell, LB Kiko Alonso, and the #13 pick overall. Maxwell looks to return to the form in which he played at during his days in Seattle that led him to his payday in Philly. Alonzo hopes to stay healthy and mimic his play from his rookie season in Buffalo where he tallied 159 combined tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF, and 4 INT's.

    After losing DE Olivier Vernon to the Giants, the Dolphins signed DE Mario Williams after a down year in Buffalo. It has been said that Williams quit on his team last season, but Williams is looking for a fresh start, and wants to prove that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Williams has been dominating in camp and says he wants to prove that he is worth every penny of his deal. The Dolphins also signed DE Andre Branch, and DE Jason Jones.

    The Dolphins decided not to resign Lamar Miller and tried to acquire RB C. J. Anderson, but Denver matched the offer and the Dolphins lost out. With an already thin backfield the Dolphins wanted to add a veteran RB to the mix that included Jay Ajayi, and Damien Williams so they started by bringing back Daniel Thomas, and signing Isaiah Pead. However, they were still not comfortable so they signed injury prone Arian Foster who despite his injury plagued career has been one of the best RB's in the league statistically. After tearing his achilles tendon in week 6 against the Dolphins last year, Foster is ready to prove he can stay healthy, and return to his Pro Bowl form.

    Addressing the Oline the Dolphins signed Jermon Bushrod, a Pro Bowler who can play both G and T. He will will push rookie Laremy Tunsil, Dallas Thomas, and Billy Turner for play time.

    To address the secondary issues S Isa Abdul-Quddus was signed to a 3 year deal to play opposite of Pro Bowler Rashad Jones. Isa played very well down the stretch last year and look to fill a hole in an unproven secondary.

    Finally, he's not a player but the Dolphins added Senior Defensive Assistant-Pass Rush Specialist Jim Washburn to the defensive staff. Washburn brings a ton of experience to a loaded defensive line which includes previously mentioned Mario Williams, Jason Jones, and Andre Branch, but also Pro Bowler Cam Wake (who is coming of an achilles injury, but looks like his old self in camp!), Ndamukong Suh, Earl Mitchell, and Jordan Phillips. Washburn is known for his attacking style, and will implement his famous wide 9 formation.

    In conclusion there are questions regarding this team. Can Adam Gase make it as head coach? Are the issues on the Offensive Line addressed? Is this young secondary good enough? Is the defensive line that is one of the best in the league on paper able to stay healthy and produce, or are they old and washed up? Can the Linebacking core stay healthy? Can new owner Billy Carter lead this team to back to their winning ways? It's going to be a cycle filled with new rivalries and I can't wait to get started and see how it all plays out!

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  8. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    After a 6-10 campaign in 2015, Bucs ownership decided to let HC Lovie Smith walk as he has not made the strides with the defensive unit they were hoping to see. They wasted no time in promoting OC Dirk Koetter who did a tremendous job with the offense in 2015, primarily with rookie QB Jameis Winston. Owners are hoping to capitalize on the relationship Koetter and Winston have built together and hope that by making Koetter the head man that it will help expedite Winston's development and learning curve. Many pundits compare this team to the 2015 Minnesota Vikings as a team with a strong defense on paper and a 2nd year QB who could come out and surprise people en route to a playoff berth.


    G JR Sweezy
    DE Robert Ayers
    CB Brent Grimes
    OLB Daryl Smith
    CB Vernon Hargreaves (R)
    DE Noah Spence (R)

    G Logan Mankins
    LB Bruce Carter

    QB-Everyone knows this team is led by Mr. Crabs himself, Jameis Winston. While Winston is a lightning rod for controversy across the league (you either love him or hate him), he had himself a fantastic rookie season and looks to build on that to become the franchise QB the Bucs have never had. Coaches are 100% comfortable in backup Mike Glennon who has gotten some interest from QB needy teams this offseason.

    HB-Tampa boasts one of the best backfield duos in the league in Doug Martin (90 OVR) and Charles Sims (82 OVR). These guys are the perfect compliment to each other as Martin is a big north and south runner who excels after contact while Sims is one of the better receiving backs in the NFL and will serve as the teams primary 3DRB.

    WR-This is one of the scariest WR duos in the league for defensive coordinators and for no other reason than sheer size. Both Evans (86) and Jackson (82) stand 6'5" and can both go up and get the ball. Evans needs to work on his drops but he has shown flashes of being an elite WR in the league. The teams also boasts solid depth at WR as at least 4 guys may see action behind Evans and Jackson. Coaches are said to be high on 2nd year WR Kenny Bell (63) who is exciting with the ball in his hands.

    TE-One of the more surprising and in intense positional battles this camp is taking place at TE. Austin Sefarian Jenkins (78) was long considered to be "the guy" in Tampa and many were just waiting from him to take that next step towards being elite. However, Cameron Brate (75) stole some receptions from ASJ last season and has shown no signs of slowing down this season. Brate doesn't have the speed or flashiness of ASJ but he is solid at everything coaches ask him to do and is pushing for the starting job.

    OL-The Bucs have made huge strides in shoring up this unit in recent years, including spending (2) 2014 2nd round picks on T Donovan Smith (77) and G Ali Marpet (77) both of whom will be heavily relied on this season. G JR Sweezy (76) comes over from Seattle to take the place of retired Logan Mankins. Longtime vet Demart Dotson (78) and C Evan Smith (75) round out a solid but unimpressive unit.

    DL-One of the games best interior lineman calls Tampa home in DT Gerald McCoy (93) but it is hard for him to get going when teams are allowed to double team him all game. DT Clinton McDonald (77) is serviceable and has shown flashes but needs to take that next step. The pass rush left much to be desired last season which is a big reason the Bucs brought in Akeem Ayers from STL and drafted Noah Spence. Coaches are hopeful that Spence can adapt quickly to the NFL game and become the pass rush specialist they have been lacking.

    LB-This is without a doubt the best and most exciting unit on this team. LB Lavonte David (86) has been playing at an all pro level for a couple seasons now. Daryl Smith was brought in from Baltimore where he has been a consistent contributor and possibly one of the games most underrated LB's for quite some time. Manning the middle will be 2nd year man Kwon Alexander (76) from LSU who had an excellent rookie season.

    CB-Possibly the biggest weakness of the 2015 squad, management has brought in two guys who are expected to slide immediately into the starting spots. CB Vernon Hargreaves III (77)is a rookie out of Florida who has had some hype around him for quite some time. Management hopes he can live up to that hype after being a top 10 pick this season. Opposite him will be Brent Grimes (85) coming over from Miami where his wife, Miko, made more headlines with her social media accounts than Grimes made with this play. Alteraun Verner (75) and Josh Robinson (75) provide great depth at a crucial position.

    S-The position in need of the biggest talent boost now that CB has been addressed is S. Neither position has a solidified starter as Major Wright (74), Bradley McDougaald (77), Chris Conte (76) and Keith Tandy (71) will all be fighting for the two starting spots.
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  9. jwaddy

    jwaddy Walk On

    Jan 2, 2014

    Deon Long gets cut before i even see the team was picked up by the eagles
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  10. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012
    Indianapolis Colts
    The Colts come into 2016 season as a bit of a work in progress however, they do boast the best K/P combo in the league, with "Boomstick" Pat Mcafee and the old vet Adam Vinatieri. They are 2 of the top 6 OVR rated on the Colts this season if that tells you anything. Although a work in progress, their offense offers some explosive players while a 2nd round pick on defense could be a difference maker in years to come.

    Offense: Colts drafted a center in the first round Ryan Kelly 76OVR who has decent skills but is by no means a superstar. Colts return WRs Moncrief, Hilton and Phillip Doresett which will allow Luck to throw the ball all over the park. The question mark will be the running game and old timer Frank Gore. He might have one more good year in him but behind this skeptical line, his days might be done. The line is a huge question mark this year and we anticipate a rebuilding process to start right away. The Colts offense will be looking at a top 10 offense in the league this year because the anticipation that the defense will struggle.

    Defense: Highlighting this defense is new rookie 2nd round pick FS TJ Green. He's 6'3 has 4.3 speed and has better hands than some receivers. Coach is really high on him this year and looks for Green to make an impact right away. Robert Mathis and Trent Cole are old but will add some (we hope) pass rush to this 3-4 defense. Vontae Davis is still considered a lock down corner but is nearing retirement. The LB core needs some serious work and we will look to improve that area right away.

    We will be happy to be 8-8 this year playing in this division with some known ballers. Only time will tell!
  11. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    Cleveland Browns Season Preview

    The 2016 season is here and the Factory of Sadness is set to open its doors for another year of Cleveland Browns football. Let’s analyze the roster position by position and preview the upcoming season.

    QB – Surprisingly a position of strength assuming a healthy Robert Griffin III stays on the field. However, assuming RG3 is going to stay healthy is like assuming a chick with daddy issues isn’t going to go into some sort of adult entertainment. When the inevitable RG3 injury comes the Browns have last year’s hot hand of Josh McCown ready to back him up. McCown put together a nice season last year, but he too has a history of injuries that plagued him again last season. Third on the depth chart is rookie QB Cody Kessler out of USC. The Browns hope to do nothing more than develop this kid with practice reps. However, if he should be called upon, the Browns feel his arm is accurate enough for the job however the strength isn’t where they would like it. If RG3 can stay healthy and show signs of his former self, look for the Browns to shop McCown and/or Kessler to try and get either more picks or depth in one of their weak spots.

    HB – One of the glaring issues for the Browns last year was their utter lack of a run game. Unfortunately for Browns fans, the cast of characters toting the rock will largely be the same. Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson will likely see a split load again with Duke likely to see more touches given his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. That includes lining him up as a receiver. The third halfback spot with the Browns has generally been a return specialist and the trend will continue with 2nd year back Raheem Mostert. He’ll get some touches on offense, but they won’t come often.

    WR – Holy cow did the Browns address this position in the offseason. However, it seems they addressed it more with quantity than quality. The Browns have currently 6 receivers who did not put on a Cleveland Browns uniform last season. Why the specification? Well, Josh Gordon returns Week 5 this season after his season long suspension last year with the 4 game topper that will apply to this season. On top of these 6 are the returning Taylor Gabriel, Marlon Moore, and Andrew Hawkins. Those three men realistically all play the same position of slot receiver and likely won’t all make the team out of camp. Marlon Moore is most likely to make the team of the 3 veterans is Marlon Moore. Moore provides the Browns with a dynamic special teams player who is currently on the kickoff and punt teams, but can fill in as the kick return man in a pinch. Finally there is the 10th man in camp, Mr. Terrelle Pryor, Sr. The former Buckeye QB made the switch to WR during training camp last year with the Browns and ultimately failed to make the team. After sitting in free agency for a few weeks the Browns called him up for a spot when receivers began dropping like flies. He’s made significant strides at the position and appears to be a lock for a roster spot and quite possibly a starter until Gordon comes back. Teams rarely carry even 7 receivers into the season so with all these bodies, my prediction for the Browns receivers on the 53 man roster goes as follows: Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor as the Week 1 starters, Andrew Hawkins the slot man, Rashard Higgins, Jordan Payton, Ricardo Louis, and Marlon Moore. That’s right, I’m calling for 7 men with the least used being cut once Josh Gordon is eligible to return in week 5. We may even see another cut if the Browns find the need to add depth somewhere at some point in the season.

    OL – The running backs can’t be blamed entirely for the lack of running game the Browns put out last year. The offensive line severely underperformed a season ago. How did the Browns address it? By letting the two of the staples of the offensive line walk in free agency (Alex Mack and Mitchel Swartz) and filling the voids with last year’s back ups who struggled when their numbers were called (Cam Erving and Austin Pasztor). Vets Joe Thomas, Joel Bitonio, and John Greco are back and will be relied about heavily to protect RG3 and also open up the running lanes. If this unit struggles again, look for the Browns to finally pull the trigger on a Joe Thomas trade after flirting with the idea in the offseason and leading up to the trade deadline last year.

    TE & FB – Gary “Butt Catch” Barnidge. Barnidge came out of nowhere to provide the Browns that go-to target in the passing game that the team desperately needed. He signed a new contract and he’s ready to repeat this season. The team doesn’t have a legit backup for Barnidge with EJ Bibbs currently sitting as the front runner. This may be a position the Browns look to swoop in and sign someone when everyone else cuts their roster down to 53. As far as fullback, Malcolm Johnson returns to be the teams fullback.

    DL – Super Bowl contenders typically run the ball well as well as stop the running game on defense. Well, we already addressed the Browns lack of ability to run the ball a season ago and guess what? They couldn’t stop the run either. The Browns down linemen were absolutely putrid and it really all started in the middle with rookie nose tackle Danny Shelton. The big man out of Washington has got to show up this season to avoid that dreaded B-Word being attached to this name. The Bryant brothers (not real brothers) returned to Cleveland, but both men won’t be seeing much time in the Orange and Brown. Desmond Bryant recently tore his pectoral muscle and has been place on IR while Armonty Bryant has been suspended the first four games for a drug violation and is still subject to further punishment by the league. John Hughes III and Jamie Meder now step in to shoulder a good part of the rotation at defensive end with NFL journeyman Nick Hayden and 2nd year player Xavier Cooper getting reps as well. Call me crazy, but this all sounds like a dumpster fire waiting to happen. The Browns will need to address this next offseason and will likely see a revolving door of bodies coming through Berea to try and make the team throughout the year.

    LB – Only one starters from last year’s linebacking core returns, while another regains his spot as a starter after losing it early in 2015. Paul Krueger and Barkevious Mingo are the aforementioned men and Krueger looks to build off of a solid season in 2015 where he saw his pass rushing responsibilities go down, but increased work in stopping the run and dropping back in coverage. Mingo on the other hand is in year 4 of his career and still has never lived up to the expectations a 6th overall pick has placed on them. Mingo did add some muscle weight in the offseason (about 20 pounds worth) and hopes it allows him to finish more tackles and break free from pass protectors when he rushes the quarterback. The Browns did use one of their many draft picks on a pass rusher in Emmanuel Ogbah out of Oklahoma State. In the middle the Browns see free agent signee Demario Davis come in and play alongside third year Cleveland Browns Christian Kirksey. Watch for late pick out of Arizona Scooby Wright to possibly see some action as the guy has an extremely high football IQ and a motor that doesn’t stop. Unfortunately he’s not the most athletic of guys and has a hard time making the more physical of plays. Those intangibles though could definitely earn him time on special teams and possibly even a spot in the linebacker rotation.

    CB – Joe Haden and Tramon Williams return to man the starting corner spots with Joe Haden hoping to stay healthy and prove that last season’s poor showing was just due to poor health and a bad year. Behind the starters are Kwon Williams, Pierre Desir, and (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) underachieving former first round pick Justin Gilbert. This is a make or break year for Gilbert as the new front office and coaching staff made it a point to draft and sign high character guys while emphasizing accountability to all the returning players. If Gilbert continues to be the immature, unmotivated guy that he’s been in his first 2 years with the team, he likely won’t be seeing a 4th. Quite possibly not even a complete 3rd.

    S – The Browns turned over both safety spots this year as Tashaun Gipson was not a priority to bring back and veteran Donte Whitner was cut to save money. The Browns initially have returning players Jordan Poyer and Ibraheim Campbell penciled in as the starting safties, but the team did sign Rahim Moore to a 1 year deal to compete for the job in camp. Look for Moore to win that job, or at least force his way into some split time with Poyer. Campbell was already earning reps when Whitner was on the team and he’ll be a mainstay at the strong safety position.

    K/P – Punter is set. Andy Lee is top 5 in the league. Enough said. Kicker is going to be interesting for the Browns. Travis Coons returns after a good first season with the Browns, but really exposed his lack of a power leg towards the latter part of the season. Often times when the team needed him for longer field goals, the kicks came out on a very low trajectory allowing them to be easily blocked. The team assures us that he’s got plenty of leg, it’s more a matter of needing to get the ball higher, earlier. In hopes that the message sinks in deeper and quicker, the Browns did bring Patrick Murray into camp to compete with the former Huskie.

    KR/PR – As discussed earlier, look for Raheem Mostert will likely return kicks with Justin Gilbert or possibly even Duke Johnson returning punts.
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