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Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Hellisan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009

    (even if others would say your team has no shot who cares about those haters!?)

  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009

    QB Carlos Green - 82 OVR Freshman (RS) - 62 SPD, 56 STR, 62 AGI, 62 ACC, 68 JMP, 69 AWR, 84 STA, 88 INJ, 90 THP, 88 THA
    QB Jason Kelly - 78 OVR Junior (RS)
    QB Luke Hodge - 77 OVR Freshman (RS)
    QB J.R. Smith - 73 OVR Freshman

    In Carlos Green we have a true Freshman that is a bright guy with a good arm. He doesn't have spectacular ratings (yet) but he is good enough to lead a team with weapons, and we think the weapons he has are head and shoulders above what Baker had last year. The rest of the guys are filler types although J.R. Smith has good physical talent.


    HB Kelly Haynes - 85 OVR Junior - 85 SPD, 83 STR, 86 AGI, 89 ACC, 74 JMP, 77 AWR, 83 STA, 87 INJ, 83 BTK, 87 TRK, 77 ELU, 65 SFA, 73 SPM, 85 JKM, 83 CAR, 85 BCV
    HB Robbie Armstrong - 81 OVR Sophomore - 84 SPD, 75 STR, 83 AGI, 84 ACC, 78 JMP, 64 AWR, 87 STA, 85 INJ, 84 BTK, 83 TRK, 83 ELU, 90 SFA, 84 SPM, 87 JKM, 80 CAR, 77 BCV
    HB Jason Lewis - 80 OVR Freshman - 85 SPD, 75 STR, 86 AGI, 84 ACC, 82 JMP, 64 AWR, 89 STA, 91 INJ, 80 BTK, 78 TRK, 79 ELU, 87 SFA, 77 SPM, 72 JKM, 80 CAR, 80 BCV

    All three of these players were recruited last season. Haynes appears to be the best on paper and played well in the first game, but the other two are capable. None of the three are going to single-handedly kill a team but they can move the chains just fine.


    FB Carl Butler - 82 OVR Junior - 91 SPD, 75 STR, 62 AGI, 82 ACC, 65 JMP, 57 AWR, 84 STA, 89 INJ, 78 BTK, 82 TRK, 62 ELU, 82 SFA, 48 SPM, 55 JKM, 79 CAR, 65 BCV, 71 RBK, 80 RBS, 83 RBF, 73 PBK, 69 PBS, 63 PBF, 83 IBL, 61 CTHFB
    Justin Hargrove - 86 OVR Junior - 72 SPD, 82 STR, 77 AGI, 94 ACC, 67 JMP, 70 AWR, 87 STA, 76 INJ, 80 BTK, 85 TRK, 79 ELU, 81 SFA, 41 SPM, 76 JKM, 90 CAR, 68 BCV, 78 RBK, 80 RBS, 82 RBF, 73 PBK, 71 PBS, 75 PBF, 83 IBL, 70 CTH

    We are blessed to have two of the best fullbacks around. Butler is the starter due to his great speed and he is also nearly as good as a blocker as Hargrove is.


    WR Junior Arnold - 86 OVR Senior - 91 SPD, 52 STR, 77 AGI, 95 ACC, 76 JMP, 73 AWR, 89 STA, 87 INJ, 75 BTK, 50 TRK, 77 ELU, 53 SFA, 56 SPM, 47 JKM, 83 CAR, 78 BCV, 80 CTH, 79 SPC, 85 CIT, 85 RTE, 96 RLS
    WR Justin Rouse - 81 OVR Freshman - 94 SPD, 56 STR, 80 AGI, 94 ACC, 80 JMP, 59 AWR, 90 STA, 85 INJ, 60 BTK, 36 TRK, 37 ELU, 47 SFA, 59 SPM, 69 JKM, 66 CAR, 77 BCV, 80 CTH, 71 SPC, 69 CIT, 80 RTE, 77 RLS
    WR George McAfee - 91 OVR Junior - 88 SPD, 71 STR, 82 AGI, 90 ACC, 86 JMP, 72 AWR, 93 STA, 88 INJ, 80 BTK, 64 TRK, 47 ELU, 51 SFA, 54 SPM, 66 JKM, 72 CAR, 85 BCV89 CTH, 96 SPC, 96 CIT, 88 RTE, 98 RLS
    WR Martin Foster - 87 OVR Junior - 89 SPD, 71 STR, 85 AGI, 90 ACC, 91 JMP, 63 AWR, 86 STA, 87 INJ, 82 BTK, 67 TRK, 91 ELU, 64 SFA, 85 SPM, 95 JKM, 66 CAR, 54 BCV84 CTH, 74 SPC, 83 CIT, 80 RTE, 88 RLS

    It is an interesting story how our wide receiver corps became one of the strengths of our team. Arnold was sort of a scrap-pile 4-star guy wh ohas developed the ability to catch the ball along the way and is now a big, strong athlete who can catch. Justin Rouse was our prize recruit from last year and has the wheels to go up against anybody. Also seems to get off the line great for a young guy, burning hte cpu twice for long gains in week 1 when they were trying to bump him. Foster (Converted QB) is that rare WR who has run after the catch ability. In the slot, George McAfee is a 5-star guy who came in rated low but improves like gangbusters every offseason and is now a very tough cover. We have depth here too, that is not shown.


    TE E.J. Webster - 90 OVR Senior - 87 SPD, 78 STR, 78 AGI, 92 ACC, 78 JMP, 99 AWR, 85 STA, 85 INJ, 68 BTK, 72 TRK, 63 ELU, 70 SFA, 63 SPM, 57 JKM, 70 CAR, 69 BCV, 76 RBK, 86 RBS, 67 RBF, 78 PBK, 86 PBS, 86 PBF, 59 IBL, 92 CTH, 90 SPC, 77 CIT, 82 RTE, 82 RLS
    TE Tim Wright - 74 OVR Sophomore (RS) - 81 SPD, 73 STR, 70 AGI, 72 ACC, 84 JMP, 64 AWR, 81 STA, 81 INJ, 84 BTK, 85 TRK, 72 ELU, 67 SFA, 60 SPM, 71 JKM, 73 CAR, 73 BCV, 77 RBK, 79 RBS, 61 RBF, 75 PBK, 82 PBS, 54 PBF, 82 IBL, 67 CTH, 64 SPC, 72 CIT, 73 RTE, 59 RLS

    EJ Webster is a force to be reckoned with as a pass receiver. Wright is just an average player. Senior Joe Thurman (not shown above) is redshirting this season due to an injury that was lingering in camp. He will be the starter next season.


    LT Mike Key - 86 OVR Junior - 62 SPD, 91 STR, 58 AGI, 92 ACC, 56 JMP, 75 AWR, 63 STA, 91 INJ, 80 RBK, 84 RBS, 86 RBF, 83 PBK, 83 PBS, 87 PBF, 73 IBL
    LG Kelvin Mitchell - 92 OVR Junior (RS) - 78 SPD, 91 STR, 70 AGI, 91 ACC, 51 JMP, 89 AWR, 68 STA, 83 INJ, 89 RBK, 94 RBS, 83 RBF, 88 PBK, 85 PBS, 79 PBF, 90 IBL
    C Dallas Henry - 87 OVR Sophomore - 76 SPD, 84 STR, 75 AGI, 99 ACC, 62 JMP, 68 AWR, 62 STA, 84 INJ, 78 RBK, 75 RBS, 76 RBF, 81 PBK, 91 PBS, 91 PBF, 80 IBL
    RG Ryan Johnson - 93 OVR Senior - 74 SPD, 89 STR, 71 AGI, 95 ACC, 76 JMP, 88 AWR, 70 STA, 81 INJ, 79 RBK, 89 RBS, 83 RBF, 86 PBK, 92 PBS, 88 PBF, 92 IBL
    RT Joe Purcell - 81 OVR Freshman - 73 SPD, 81 STR, 67 AGI, 93 ACC, 76 JMP, 76 AWR, 63 STA, 84 INJ, 40 BTK, 76 RBK, 80 RBS, 83 RBF, 77 PBK, 81 PBS, 82 PBF, 76 IBL

    We think the line is pretty solid. JUCO Key steps in at left tackle, true freshman Purcell steps in at RT and that is where our biggest concern lies. We love his ratings, but will he play up to them or just struggle because he's a freshman?


    RE Earl Jones - 84 OVR Junior - 89 SPD, 82 STR, 69 AGI, 88 ACC, 65 JMP, 50 AWR, 77 STA, 79 INJ, 77 TAK, 79 HPW, 94 PUR, 84 PRC, 80 PMV, 78 FMV, 81 BSH
    LE Jesse Holly - 99 OVR Junior (RS) - 82 SPD, 90 STR, 83 AGI, 90 ACC, 72 JMP, 63 AWR, 81 STA, 91 INJ, 86 TAK, 95 HPW, 91 PUR, 94 PRC, 93 PMV, 93 FMV, 90 BSH
    RE Sergio Vaughn - 88 OVR Junior - 86 SPD, 86 STR, 78 AGI, 87 ACC, 64 JMP, 53 AWR, 79 STA, 83 INJ, 85 TAK, 82 HPW, 82 PUR, 87 PRC, 86 PMV, 68 FMV, 87 BSH

    Vaughn is a JUCO that came in with fantastic ratings, but Jones proved himself last year with a nice season and Holly is the best player on our team. We have set up the subs so that Vaughn will see the field some.... He may play his way into the lineup as the season progresses.


    DT Derrick Perkins - 83 OVR Junior (RS) - 60 SPD, 88 STR, 54 AGI, 75 ACC, 47 JMP, 61 AWR, 65 STA, 84 INJ, 79 TAK, 82 HPW, 81 PUR, 82 PRC, 86 PMV, 84 FMV, 83 BSH
    DT Chris Williams - 76 OVR Freshman (RS) - 53 SPD, 87 STR, 51 AGI, 74 ACC, 40 JMP, 53 AWR, 63 STA, 80 INJ, 76 TAK, 72 HPW, 77 PUR, 73 PRC, 80 PMV, 78 FMV, 82 BSH
    DT Daniel Lake - 84 OVR Junior (RS) - 52 SPD, 82 STR, 49 AGI, 80 ACC, 57 JMP, 65 AWR, 84 STA, 88 INJ, 80 TAK, 87 HPW, 82 PUR, 85 PRC, 88 PMV, 81 FMV, 88 BSH

    Perkins and Williams are both well over 300 lbs. with good strength. If Williams doesn't seem to be making enough plays we have a capable backup in Lake. Perkins is really the only guaranteed starter, and performed well last year.


    LOLB John Brooks - 82 OVR Senior (RS) - 88 SPD, 83 STR, 70 AGI, 87 ACC, 81 JMP, 51 AWR, 89 STA, 85 INJ, 77 TAK, 89 HPW, 77 PUR, 81 PRC, 66 PMV, 69 FMV, 81 BSH, 77 MCV, 81 ZCV, 75 PRS
    ROLB Geoff Bryant - 86 OVR Junior - 88 SPD, 84 STR, 72 AGI, 90 ACC, 86 JMP, 54 AWR, 84 STA, 88 INJ, 91 TAK, 80 HPW, 77 PUR, 83 PRC, 62 PMV, 61 FMV, 82 BSH, 74 MCV, 80 ZCV, 75 PRS
    ROLB Jim Busch - 79 OVR Sophomore (RS) - 82 SPD, 82 STR, 63 AGI, 81 ACC, 77 JMP, 50 AWR, 74 STA, 87 INJ, 87 TAK, 85 HPW, 78 PUR, 82 PRC, 66 PMV, 64 FMV, 75 BSH, 71 MCV, 63 ZCV, 72 PRS

    Brooks was a 3-star "find" that came in at around 76 OVR and simply never improved much. Yet he will start this year. Geoff Bryant was a JUCO signing from last season and will step in right away and will probably be on the field on 3rd down quite a bit Busch is the backup should either go down or not perform.


    MLB Alan Chandler - 95 OVR Junior (RS) - 85 SPD, 88 STR, 76 AGI, 90 ACC, 82 JMP, 61 AWR, 91 STA, 93 INJ, 84 TAK, 96 HPW, 93 PUR, 87 PRC, 77 PMV, 75 FMV, 99 BSH, 86 MCV, 84 ZCV, 80 PRS
    MLB Ron Cooper - 80 OVR Sophomore (RS) - 86 SPD, 78 STR, 78 AGI, 89 ACC, 76 JMP, 54 AWR, 82 STA, 85 INJ, 73 TAK, 86 HPW, 79 PUR, 81 PRC, 82 PMV, 86 FMV, 82 BSH, 75 MCV, 78 ZCV, 72 PRS
    MLB Alex Dingle - 79 OVR Freshman - 85 SPD, 84 STR, 71 AGI, 80 ACC, 72 JMP, 45 AWR, 84 STA, 87 INJ, 76 TAK, 84 HPW, 85 PUR, 79 PRC, 76 PMV, 73 FMV, 79 BSH, 72 MCV, 72 ZCV, 66 PRS

    One of our better positions. Chandler is a big, strong, athletic presence in the middle of the field. We expect he will be on the field just about every down all season unless he's tired. He's getting his first chance to start on a long-term basis although he saw some playing time when Ron Flynn was the starter. We have two good guys behind him in cluding the true freshman Dingle, who we might move to OLB eventually.


    CB Lance McDougal - 87 OVR Sophomore - 99 SPD, 44 STR, 90 AGI, 97 ACC, 89 JMP, 72 AWR, 90 STA, 85 INJ, 63 TAK, 73 HPW, 80 PUR, 88 PRC, 54 PMV, 52 FMV, 45 BSH, 89 MCV, 94 ZCV, 85 PRS
    CB Adam Rice - 84 OVR Junior - 94 SPD, 48 STR, 84 AGI, 87 ACC, 93 JMP, 69 AWR, 89 STA, 88 INJ, 70 TAK, 70 HPW, 79 PUR, 82 PRC, 51 PMV, 52 FMV, 45 BSH, 92 MCV, 95 ZCV, 83 PRS
    CB Marcus Smith - 83 OVR Sophomore - 96 SPD, 48 STR, 81 AGI, 96 ACC, 90 JMP, 66 AWR, 86 STA, 85 INJ, 63 TAK, 69 HPW, 82 PUR, 86 PRC, 52 PMV, 53 FMV, 56 BSH, 85 MCV, 94 ZCV, 80 PRS
    CB Jay Campbell - 78 OVR Junior - 92 SPD, 51 STR, 75 AGI, 85 ACC, 87 JMP, 60 AWR, 91 STA, 92 INJ, 67 TAK, 76 HPW, 82 PUR, 83 PRC, 50 PMV, 49 FMV, 61 BSH, 87 MCV, 87 ZCV, 78 PRS

    McDougal had an incredible freshman season and is one of the core players on our squad. The supporting guys are very talented. We need an athletic guy in the slot and Marcus Smith is just that, but in regular 2-CB packages he may eventually supplant Rice. These are the only four guys we have at this position so if 1 or 2 of them get hurt we will be plugging in safeties here.


    FS Nick Smith - 88 OVR Junior - 97 SPD, 74 STR, 87 AGI, 93 ACC, 71 JMP, 70 AWR, 86 STA, 88 INJ, 82 TAK, 83 HPW, 83 PUR, 81 PRC, 54 PMV, 55 FMV, 74 BSH, 84 MCV, 93 ZCV, 88 PRS
    FS Cody Rutledge - 84 OVR Junior - 92 SPD, 79 STR, 90 AGI, 89 ACC, 75 JMP, 74 AWR, 85 STA, 86 INJ, 86 TAK, 85 HPW, 82 PUR, 87 PRC, 53 PMV, 62 FMV, 71 BSH, 89 MCV, 69 ZCV, 84 PRS

    We have a very good starter and a capable backup. We thought Smith would be a superstar and instead he has just been "solid" - I want to see him breakout eventually. Rutledge has been arguably the better player when he has been in there... But Smith has more talent.


    SS Geoff Pope - 89 OVR Junior (RS) - 90 SPD, 77 STR, 86 AGI, 93 ACC, 77 JMP, 87 AWR, 90 STA, 82 INJ, 94 TAK, 91 HPW, 89 PUR, 73 PRC, 51 PMV, 57 FMV, 79 BSH, 80 MCV, 86 ZCV, 86 PRS
    SS Dustin Wilson - 93 OVR Senior (RS) - 88 SPD, 78 STR, 80 AGI, 97 ACC, 76 JMP, 71 AWR, 88 STA, 92 INJ, 93 TAK, 93 HPW, 99 PUR, 79 PRC, 66 PMV, 69 FMV, 88 BSH, 93 MCV, 92 ZCV, 95 PRS

    We finally got tired of waiting for Wilson to make plays, and even though he has better size and OVR, Pope is going to be the starter. Pope was an athlete that we thought would be an offensive player but he was limited to the secondary by his size and defensive-only talents. We think he will shine.
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  3. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    This will Coach Max's first full season at Pitt. We'll see if he can match or improve upon the Big East Championship squad he inherited last year.

    Senior Spence Sanders ended up beating out talented Frosh Howard Sowell for the starting gig. It was a tight race though, and Sanders will either produce or be benched in favor of the more accurate Sowell. Sanders has decent mobility (83speed 85accel) and will be asked to run a sprinkling of option plays to keep defenses honest.

    With the unexpected return of All-American Blake Strickland and the arrival of highly-touted :5stars: RB Justin Dawson, the running back position is one of the strengths of the Panther offense. Last year Strickland rushed for 1722 yards and 12 TDs, and at 5'10 199lb with his blazing speed he has been compared to a bulkier Reggie Bush (98 speed
    92 accel). Blake will be spelled by Dawson, the true Freshman. Dawson is a bigger, tougher back (6'1 211lb 74str) that should be able to soften up defenses and allow Strickland to hit some home runs.

    Headed up by All-American (RS)Junior Matt Wood the Pitt wide receivers dont have the highest overall ratings, but they should be quite effective. The top 3 WRs in this bunch are good. Wood (6'3 97speed) can stretch the field and is a nice-sized target. The :5stars: Freshman Todd Castillo is just a solid receiver. He has good top-end speed (90) and a penchant for making incredible catches (95 Spectacular Catch). Rounding out the top 3 is Jason Fuqua. Fuqua is 6'5 and quick (92 accel). Sanders will have options out there.

    Another strength for the Panthers is TE. 6'7 237lb Junior Adrian Samuel is the starter, and its a shame Coach Max doesnt use his TEs in the pass game more often. That may have to change this season as Samuel may be too good to ignore. In twin TE sets Pitt fans will see JUCO all-star Matt Murphy. Murphy is another big body at 6'6 237lb and is more of a blocker first, but he has enough skill to warrant some targets throughout the season.

    There are some bright spots on the line, but its not in the best shape. Blake Anderson is the best of the bunch (89OVR) but he is at RT. He could end up switching to the blindside if (RS)Senior Kris Sutherland struggles. With Strickland carrying the ball, they only need to hold their blocks for a split second, but even that may be a challenge for this squad. The drop-off when the backups come in is horrible. Lets hope they stay healthy.

    Upperclassmen lead the way at End. (RS)Senior Rian Tate will take the left side, and (RS)Junior Ed Dickson will take the right. Theyre both quick and both backed up by true Freshman that everyone at Pitt is excited about. 6'7 240lb Aaron Lee is an animal that may give Dickson a run for his money as the starter, and the same goes for the 6'6 257lb Kevin Shaw on the other side.

    (RS)Senior Walter Martindale is the best player on either side of the ball for the Panthers(96OVR). He is what makes this team go and is a sure-fire NFL 1st-rounder. Next to him is (RS)Sophomore Mark Stanley. Pitts success on defense this year will depend largely on Martindale's play.

    Senior Tom Alvarez has this spot locked down. He is an impact player for this defense and our best LB. He is 6'3 240lb and is blazing fast (92speed 93accel). He should fly around the field and make a ton of plays this season.

    Coming off a redshirt, (RS)Freshman James Jameson beat out Senior Curtis Clark for the gig. MLB is a pet position for Coach Max and a majority of on-field success for Pitt will depend on the type of play he receives from this spot. Curtis Clark is more athletic, but smaller, weaker, and not as good of a tackler as Jameson. That said, we MUST get production from the MLB or there will changes made mid-game.

    The 6'5 200lb Tariq Jenkins gets the nod in the 4-3 looks, but incoming JUCO transfer Ricardo Berry will be on the field in Pitt's 3-4 formations. Jenkins is fast and very strong for his size and weight (or lack thereof). Berry is an animal at 6'6 242lb and will be a beast coming off the edge.

    Yikes. The #1 corner at Pitt is decent, and thankfully Coach Max had the foresight to bring in Robert battle from the JUCO ranks, but this situation at corner is depressing. As we all know, Max played Corner back in the day and loves to use lots of Nickel and Dime packages. The corners seem to be athletic enough, but overall they may not have enough talent to leave on the field as much as Coach Max would want to.

    (RS)Junior Matt Palmer is the starter and will be backed up by (RS)Freshman Robert Forte. Forte is sort of a project player. He has the size and speed, but the technique isnt there yet. Palmer is quick, but lacks top-end speed. Coach Max's defense is designed to get pressure though, so hopefully the secondary wont be tested too much.

    Nic Brown gets the start with Travis Duckett backing him up. Brown has good size at 6'3 215lb and is very physical. Watch out for him crashing the LoS on run plays or on called Safety blitzes.
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  4. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    2018 Wisconsin Badgers

    Summary - We have 6 IMPACT players starting this year (noted by a *). We feel we can have another successful season with this team but may run into match-up problems vs some teams. We are not 100% together as we have a few holes and some freshman and sophomores playing key roles. We will see how it plays out. 2 tough games in a row vs Rutgers and Purdue.....our most hated rivals!!!


    QB - (RS) SO Mark Taylor 84 - He is the starter so far. He has played a solid 2 games thus far but keeping him limited is important. Mark is not a 30+ attempt QB yet.

    *HB - JR Cam Kelly 97 - "Marked For Death" He is one of the best HBs in the league. He is the leader on offense and needs to stay healthy for the offense to work.

    HB - FR John Butler 77 - 5 star recruit that will see some action to keep Kelly healthy and fresh. He has been impressive in the 1st 2 games.

    WR - (RS) SR Jermey Robertson 94 - The best receiver ratings wise but he is small and only 5'11. I will have to get him involved more to pose some type of threat.

    WR - SO Kellen Cade 79 - Currently the #2 guy. We like him, his ratings are not so good but he has been open and breaks tackles. Some guys just play good on the field.

    *TE - (RS) SR Luke Walker 90 - An offensive weapon for Taylor, opposing defenses will need to account for him on every play.

    TE - SO Steve Hayden 84 - Don't forget about this guy. He can catch and rumble. While people may be focused on Kelly and Walker this guy will get receptions on key 3rd downs and red zone.

    The online is average to above average. We have 1 beast and a lot of young kids. They played well at home vs Bama.


    DE - (RS) SO - Antonio Rodgers 86 - Solid D-end with some size. He is currently hurt. :(

    DE - JR - Eric Davis 82 - Just signed him as a Juco. Not sure what he is made of but he is starting.

    *DT - (RS) SR - Dave Griffin 87 - He is HUGE at 6'6 341 lbs. He already has 4 sacks in 2 games. He is a perfect 3-4 scheme DT.

    OLB - SO - Joe Thomas 86 - Speedy OLB who plays well but struggles in coverage. He is spotty.

    OLB - SR - Clint Nixon 82 - Worst LB we have. I try and control him when need be.

    *MLB - JR - Matt Williams 91 - Beast MLB and leader on D. He had 15 tackles vs Bama. He could lead the nation in tackles if he stays healthy.

    *CB - (RS) SR - William Franklin 92 - Best CB we have. He is a pure cover corner and will get down and make tackles. We love him!

    CB - JR - Clay Thomas 89 - We should have RS him. He would be a beast next season. He might leave now. He is still learning but a play maker.

    *FS - (RS) SR - Nathan Brown 99 - Best player on our Defense. He is the perfect FS.

    SS - (RS) FR - Pat Timmons 84 - He is a little lite for a SS at 181 lbs but he has HUGE potential!

    Our Kicker and Punter both have 99 powered legs....I hope they stay 1 more year :)
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  5. HotRod

    HotRod You ain't bout dat life!

    Feb 11, 2009
    Featured Threads:


    JR Brandon Sanders 95 OVR - Key Ratings: 90 SPD, 90 THP, 88 THA, 96 ELU
    So much talent, but frustrates the hell out of me for not playing up to that level. He got benched last season after having shitty games over and over. Gave him the keys this season as his talent is too much to not put on the field.

    (RS) SO Rod Riley 86 OVR - Key Ratings: 90 THP, 88 THA
    As a starter last season, Riley was incredibly efficient. While Sanders is a dual threat QB, Riley is your classic pocket passer. Was tempted to keep him as the starter, but in the end Sanders beat him out. nice to have a trustworthy backup just in case.

    JR Ken Sampson 92 OVR - Key Ratings: 87 SPD, 71 STR, 96 BTK, 88 CAR, 80 TRK
    Not typically what I like as far as running backs in my offense, but Sampson is a productive back. Gets the tough yards and doesn't put the ball on the ground. While he gets about 50% of the carries he still puts up very good numbers.

    (RS) SR Jason Adams 88 OVR - Key Ratings: 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 89 BTK
    The lightning to Sampson's thunder, Adams had been the starter for the past couple of seasons. Injuries have prevented him from playing full seasons, but he is a good runner who has the ability to break the big run.

    Wide Receiver
    JR Eric Crooks 96 OVR - Key Ratings: 91 SPD, 99 CTH, 90 CIT, 83 BTK
    Crooks has been one of the most productive WRs in Purdue history. He is deceptively fast and makes the tough catches. I love having this guy on the team as he makes the passing attack go.

    SO Joshua Cohen 89 OVR - Key Ratings: 94 SPD, 89 CTH, 85 CIT, 83 BTK
    Easily the best pure athlete we've ever had at WR. He has the size (6'2", 214 LBS) and speed to cause problems for the secondary. After playing in the slot last season he emerged as the #2 guy after a great offseason.

    SO William Causey 86 OVR - Key Ratings: 92 SPD, 84 CTH, 99 ACC
    Was the #2 WR last season, but after being usurped by Cohen has settled in as the slot WR and fits in well. Has a quick first step allowing him to get past the nickel corner. Also has very solid hands. Had a great freshman campaign but will probably not put up the same numbers with Crooks and Cohen as the main targets.

    (RS) JR Drew Stevenson 82 OVR - Key Ratings: 95 SPD, 76 CTH, 83 CIT
    A solid #4 option, out there to put his speed to use basically, won't catch a lot of passes but you still have to keep an eye on him.

    Tight End
    FR Scott Bell 76 OVR - Key Ratings: 80 SPD, 77 STR, 74 CTH
    Sadly the best TE prospect we've ever had. He'll at least be a viable option out of the position.


    Defensive End
    SR Nick Hayes 94 OVR - Key Ratings: 87 SPD, 77 STR, 96 POW, 96 PUR, 97 FMV
    A great DE, has kind of dropped off in pass rush production but still puts a lot of pressure on the QB. Run defense might be his best asset.

    (RS) JR Derek Morris 84 OVR - Key Ratings: 77 SPD, 90 PUR, 88 PMV, 87 FMV
    Not spectaculur but he plays solid defense as the other DE

    Defensive Tackle
    JR Marcus Roberson 92 OVR - Key Ratings: 86 STR, 93 PUR, 95 PMV, 88 BSH
    Roberson gives interior linemen fits with his relentless pursuit. Is an excellent pash rusher despite his lack of speed. One of those guys who leads the defense.

    RS (SO) Jammal Henry 90 OVR - Key Ratings: 70 SPD, 86 STR, 89 PMV
    A great compliment to Roberson, Henry is more of the classic pass rushing DT. Provides a great 102 punch in the middle.

    (RS) FR Brian Raymond 82 OVR - Key Ratings: 83 SPD, 82 STR, 85 TAK
    Does his job, nothing much to say about him

    JR Jacob Mitchell 87 OVR - Key Ratings: 84 SPD, 87 STR, 81 TAK, 84 PUR, 94 BSH
    Excellent MLB that plays great run defense. Sheds blocks really well and doesn't miss many tackles.

    SR Leon Bolden 87 OVR - Key Ratings: 84 SPD, 75 STR, 90 PUR, 93 BSH
    Like Raymond, does his job, nothing special.

    SR Ben Parker 92 OVR - Key Ratings: 96 SPD, 96 ACC, 96 MCV, 96 ZCV, 91 PRS, 87 AWR
    He's a steady CB, doesn't really get beat at all. Always around his man, only downside so far is that he drops a lot of picks or else he'd be a Thorpe winner.

    JR Ken Hopkins 87 OVR - Key Ratings: 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 95 MCV, 95 ZCV, 97 PRS
    Another solid CB, like Parker, Hopkins stays with his man consistently. Very happy with his play.

    SR Justin Hollis 85 OVR - Key Ratings: 95 SPD, 92 ACC, 94 MCV, 88 ZCV, 70 CTH
    Does a good job as nickel corner and also plays FS in certain packages.

    SR Antonio Lee 84 OVR - Key Ratings: 94 SPD, 77 CTH, 93 MCV, 96 ZCV
    Didn't quite develop how we thought he would. Injuries ended his season early last year after he had an excellent start. He's the best playmaker out of all the CBs. If he gets his hands a ball most of the time it's a pick.

    SR Marcus Moses 90 OVR - Key Ratings: 98 SPD, 98 ACC, 99 PUR, 80 MCV, 87 ZCV
    Great athlete at FS, very tall (6'5") and has great range. A little suspect in coverage at times but excellent in run defense.

    JR Justin Poland 90 OVR - Key Ratings: 89 SPD, 91 MCV, 93 ZCV
    Great SS for us, plays solid defense, rarely gets beat and puts a good hit when he lines it up.
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  6. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Heck of a team you have this season HR. I had my preview half done hit the wrong button and it was gone... I may still try to get it done.
  7. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    I think my goal vs @HotRod and Purdue is to KILL Crooks....he will not make out of that game walking under his own power!!
  8. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009

    99 overall SR Tavares Cook: He has had a very strong start to his senior season his arm is now at 95 power and 99 acc with his 99 awr he is very tough to defend, he also has just enough wheels to make you pay with his feet if you ignore him.

    96 overall JR Josh Williams: He will get one season to start a prized recruit when we landed him he has played behind two NFL QBs in Banks and Cook. He will get one season to shine after this year. His arm is 98 - 98..


    94 overall JR Jamaal Langford: 91 sp 99 acc and decent running #s got him the start, his ability to catch the ball locked it up for him.

    93 overall JR Issac Merrick: Already broke his wrist this year and is out for 9 weeks, a total non factor his entire time at UCLA.

    90 overall SO Tim Young: A franchise back in the making his low acc is all that hurts and he continues to improve that, has had an 86 and 90 yard td run in his career.


    99 overall SR Drew Ferguson: A great all around FB who really doenst impact games much. He cant catch and is only a decent runner when he has the ball. One thing he does do well is block and thats what FBs are for..


    80 overall JR George Dixon: Only TE with noting, has decent speed and hands...has had a strong start to the season for the Juco transfer.


    99 overall SR LT Jesse Malone: Jesse is a beast can move and can pass block, he is a wall and a sure fire first round NFL draft pick.

    94 overall JR RT Issac Jefferson: A traditional RT a mauler on the ground and a just an ok pass blocker...He is a huge prospect on the right side.


    97 overall SR LG Renaldo Carpenter: A great all around G, can pull with his speed and has the power and finesse needed to run block or pass block effectively.

    95 overall JR RG Micheal Pope: Speed and str are Mike's game he is also a much better run blocker then pass blocker. He does everything well however.


    98 overall SR Jesse Moore: A very solid C but his small stature has caused him some issues over the years, he has given up 17 sacks in his 4 years playing C for us. He is however a very good C on paper.


    96 overall SR Mark Drew: A dissapointment so far in his two seasons at RDE for us. Not much pass rush provided by a kid with his ratings but what he is a great run defender.

    95 overall SR Jordan Pitts: Pitts is an all around terror for O's in the pac ten, he can rush the passer or play the run well. He had 11 sacks last season and is off to a good start with 4 in 4 games this year.


    84 overall FR Brad Barnes: Brad is what he is right now and thats decent. He has 3 sacks on the year. He is also our only DT right now worth mentioning.


    96 overall JR James Motley: James is a very good OLB, we forgot to formation sub him into our nickle and dime packages so his production this season has been down so far.

    He is our only OLB worth mention as well.


    98 overall SR Stephen Keller: Has really come on the last two seasons he had 12 picks as a jr and is attacking the ball well again this season.

    97 overall SR Marc Williams: Another UCLA ball hawk shut down CB, had 12 pick last season and is back for more now.


    99 overall SR Justin Beverely: A physical freak who has had a low end career at UCLA, he has never lived up to his billing and just doesnt make the number of plays you expect out of a player with his ath numbers.


    96 overall SR Nick Thompson: Injuries have derailed a promising career for Nick. If he can stay healthy he can be a great player for us this year.

    K N P are good enough.
  9. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    lulz at UCLA.....I concede you win! You have 2 players under 90 OVR. Like how is this even possible? Do we all suck that bad at recruiting that we let him sign that many impact players????
  10. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    This is a very senior laden team, the last best class for us...Last years team and this years team are the two best teams I have had in this dynasty.

    It wont be this way next year, just a good crop of recruits that all redshirted and maybe started a year or two as Jrs and Srs outside of the oline guys... We have a few starters who werent mentioned also..all around mid 70's.

    I recruited really good depth for a few years even if I had guys at spots I recruited almost sure fire (UCLA) players meaning we werent challenged by any users for them and then RS them and let them sit until its time to play. That strategy has paid off in players not results...I must lead the way in 1 loss seasons and top five finishes..

    Next season our Oline and Dline drop off huge, so will our Dbs...We have had about three seasons of great teams.
  11. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    Guy has had the best team since year 1 bra
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