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Ten Year Fight - Year Five

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    Ten Year Fight - Year Five

    New Season has started, Here’s the breakdown of the schedule

    Regular Season Deadlines

    Week 1 - Monday 5pm est March 15
    Week 2 - Wednesday 5pm est March 17
    Week 3 - Thursday 5pm est March 18
    Week 4 - Saturday 5pm est March 20
    Week 5 - Monday 5pm est March 22
    Week 6 - Wednesday 5pm est March 24
    Week 7 - Thursday 5pm est March 25
    Week 8 - Saturday 5pm est March 27
    Week 9 - Monday 5pm est March 29
    Week 10 - Wednesday 5pm est March 31
    Week 11 - Thursday 5pm est April 1
    Week 12 - Saturday 5pm est April 3
    Week 13 - Monday 5pm est April 5
    Week 14 - Wednesday 5pm est April 7
    Week 15 - Thursday 5pm est April 8
    Week 16 - Saturday 5pm est April 10
    Week 17 - Monday 5pm est April 12

    Post season will start April 12. During the post season you will get a full three days to get your game in, if everyone completes their game early we will advance.

    Please use the User vs User section to schedule games, also take advantage of the fact that we have concrete deadlines and you will be able to schedule games with other user weeks in advance.

    Once again as a reminder, I do not expect everyone to play every game and no one will get booted for inactivity.... ok reasonable inactivity. Play 6/16 games and you're good, disappear for the season without word and you could get replaced.

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