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Ten Year War - 2015 draft highlights

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    Ten Year War - 2015 draft highlights

    First off the big, super huge, holy shit what an f'n draft, goes to the Chiefs.

    The Chiefs draft D. Miles with the third pick in the draft, a 99 spd CB, M. Benson, 93 spd, 81 OVR, B potential in the third, and two very fast LBs, and slick as a moist freshly shaven kitty quick WR. Kansas City had an already solid core, now Coach Priest adds speed to the this team and just may have made them a contender in one year.

    Any reason why I didn't mention the Chiefs second round pick Micheal Vick... or in this game they call him Michael Bolt, ahhhh, when the fresh face in your dynasty picks Vick for his second pick in the draft, a commish is bound to be nervous. :p

    Houston has a damn solid draft, two notable draft picks, D. Nesbit, a monsterously fast, and mean DE, low potential, but with his stats, who care. The other is a 5th round pick C. Cummings at TE, that has decent overall stats and comes with an A potential.

    Carolina carries on the piss poor drafting tradition as they don't get an A potenial guy, and their first round draft pick winds up being a C potential. The only bright side in this years draft was that in round 2 a DT fell to the Panthers that probably shouldn't have fallen to the last pick in the second round. Despite the Panthers having Ellis and a 66 ovr Dt that plays like a high 80 ovr DT, they still picked Tarp hoping that he'd have better then the long list of C potential guys the litter Carolina's roster. Well he came in with B potential and every rating higher then the 66 ovr starter in place. Chalk up Coach Psycho 3rd draft pick victory in the 6 drafts that have been held.

    Washington and Indy have solid drafts, gain speed and shore up an already solid roster, but nothing to really spout off about.

    BTW - unless I get some good FA's looks like the Panthers 6 year reign of terror over the NFC south is over.
  2. priestmvp

    priestmvp FOOTBALL!!!!

    Mar 21, 2010
    HaHa..yeah I bet. Yeah I HAD to draft a QB. Hell only one on my roster before draft in Cassel and even he sucks dropping to an 81 overall. :mad: But of course having the 3rd overall pick and this draft sucked for QBs. Didn't see a one worthy of that 3rd overall pick so when my 2nd rounder came around decided I better grab one and when looking at them Bolt despite being a scrambler had better short, med and deep ball accuracy than the other guys so I figured why not. I am more of pocket passer guy though, never played with a scrambler guy before but for value at that point it looked like Bolt at least gave me more options and value than the other available QBs at the time.

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