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Ten Year War - Season 7 correction

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    Ten Year War - Season 7 correction

    Here's the deal, I was going to advance a handful of weeks and let you guys play a game if you wanted, then advance a couple of weeks and let you guys play.

    Originally it would have been allow you guys to play week 1 Sunday, week 7 Monday, and week 13 Tuesday... but I looked at the schedule and have had different ideas.

    Week 2 is the Panthers-Texans game
    Week 6 is the Texans-Colts game
    Week 12 is the Panthers-Redskins game

    so there are three user games around the games I was going to allow users to play. (btw Preist you have no regular season user games otherwise I would have tried to get you into the mix)

    What I'm thinking here is that if you guys can schedule something ahead of time I'll stop at the alternative week, if not we'll stop at the original week so nobody feels shafted (week 6 D has a bye)

    Sunday July 11th would be the Panthers-Texans game, Clutch my usual time of after 9pm est applies... of course the new babies schedule might cause us to delay the start of the game.

    Monday July 12th would be the Texans-Colts game, bILL-Clutch let me know if you can get this done that night or if I should just sim through to week 7.

    Tuesday July 13th would be the Panthers-Redskins game, D, 9pm est or later I can do this... I can only assume you want some revenge for the ass whupping I laid on you in the NFC Championship. (I believe that should be just enough trash talking to get you to find a way to play me)

    Guys post below and use Xlive to schedule this, if I don't see a post saying you can get the game in, I'll stick to the original plan for that week.

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