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Tennesse Titans - Season 2 BigOx

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Tennesse Titans - Season 2 BigOx


    He is definately a run first guy. He looks to run and run some more and then ONLY if that isn't working he will work in playaction passes, or passes to the flats. Even though his offense is built around the run, don't fool yourself. . .he still is a capable thrower, and if you leave a spot open consistently he will find it. But as a summary or his offense its powers, stretches, and tosses. . .the occasional inside run. . .and some passes to his TE Cook Jr. Look, this guy really is an offensive machine. He's got his system and its damn tough to stop, so good luck!

    While he definately preferrs the outside run with CJ, if he sees you spreading your dline and selling out for the outside run, he will run it up the gut. So be wary. . .but his first option is definately outside.

    I formation: I mainly saw inside runs and playaction passes to the TE on corner routes.

    Other 2 back formations: Mainly powers or playactions. Doesn't like to use these formations. . .mainly as a change of pace.

    Single back formations: This is where he loves to run outside and try to get the edge. Tosses, stretches, and counters galore. He will throw in the occasional dive here and there to keep you offbalance. Also I noticed he was using motion a lot. . .HOWEVER atleast against me he used it as a decoy, motioning an extra blocker to one side then running a counter to the other. Once in a while he'd run a PA waggle looking for his TE in the corner, so be wary of this.

    Goaline: He ALWAYS runs here it seems like. Now that I'm saying this he will probably use some PA but it was always either FB dives, or a toss to CJ on the strong side. So if I were you I'd sell out to the middle to stop the dive then if you see the pitch you are just going to have to make a 1 on 1 play against CJ by usering a safety. No other way to defend it really.

    For those of you who look at the stats and think "This guy can't pass" you are wrong. He is definately a capable thrower. So if you sell out to stop the run he has the ability to beat you through the air. Until he changes his gameplans however, there are some things you can key on:

    2 WR formations: This was nearly ALWAYS a pass to his TE Cook or to CJ in the flat. He loves to run a lot of PA out of 2 WR formations and he loves to throw to Cook so be wary. Otherwise, don't be overly concerned about his passing game from these formations. I dont know if i ever saw a throw of more than 10-15 yards downfield from these formations either. . .no vertical game at all.

    Bunch formation: He is almost always looking over the deep middle here, either on a post by the backside receiver or on a streak or skinny post to one of the bunch receivers. However, he will run a flat pattern once in a while that is very effective. If you see this formation on the goalline, and you see CJ in the bunch slot. . .ALARM he will look to the flat and try to hit CJ once he clears the corner or whoever is playing the play. You MUST guard this first.

    CJ as the X or Z: If you see CJ wide, you need to watch the screen pass, as he tries to run the occassional WR screen to him. Basically, if you see CJ out there play the screen first and everything else second.

    Other: He almost always is looking to the corners or the medium to deep middle. . .I never really saw any vertical game to speak of, so if he's in 3rd and long its the deep middle or a screen pass of some kind. Beware of the WR screens!



    Base set: 4-4
    User control: Mainly the FS

    From what I saw he nearly always plays a 4-4 set. I was going with 3 and 4 WR sets and he was staying in the 4-4. So, obviously he is going to be tougher against the run than the pass.

    His main sets are a Cover 3, and some kind of Cover 1 although it was hard for me to tell with him usering the FS. But it looked like it was almost always Cover 3 with the occassional Cover 1 man with a LB in zone over the middle.

    He loves to bring heat off the edges, especially with Bullock, i'd say he's about a 25% blitzer. Mostly a man blizter, with press coverage hoping he can get to you before your WRs break free. He is very good usering his FS to take away your main option when he blitzes, so if you think you are just going to be able to dump it off to a RB against the blitz, that won't work.

    To summarize you need to get creative against him. I found some pretty big holes in the vertical passing game against his 4-4 sets. I would imagine that he will adjust and this will make him that much tougher defensively.

    One other suggestion would be to not give up on your running game. Even I think I did that too early, and I should have went to it more. You need to keep him offbalance.


    Ox is a great player. . .really. Offensively he has a unique system that works well with his personnel. I would advise taking away his #1 option (CJ) and making him beat you with other guys. Defensively you just need to mix it up, find the holes and exploit them because they are there. If you start banging your head against the wall and aren't being observant and reactive to what he's doing, he will destroy you defensively.

    The new Ox is one of the top 3 opponents I've played in the OMFL so far. Don't let our final score fool you.


    QB PLAY: B-
    RB PLAY: A


    KICKING GAME: A+++++
  2. wajomatik

    wajomatik Magister De Puer De Vacca

    Oct 8, 2009
    Damn dunlap I'll bet you can tell what this guy had for dinner last night too...lol.
  3. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Yo Dunlap...where is this kind of crap when we scrim?????
  4. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Damn dunlap, Get out of my head! We did play twice and im sure you were noting things.
    I saw this from the main page a couple of times but didnt look at it. Very good and the best ive read. Your right, Cook is my first option every passing play but thats only because he is my second best WR, second fastest, and tallest.... LINING UP AT TE!!!!

    Yall can memorize this and apply it to our games but we wary.... If you sell out to either run or pass, global or formation specific, i WILL burn you on the audible, PA. or screen. I am very capable of taking whats being given to me. ;)
  5. coachgaddy

    coachgaddy Mega 49ers, OMFL Pats

    Sep 22, 2009
    Also capable of getting his secondary raped by Steve Smith. You sure did a good job taking that.
  6. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Ha, yeah i thought my CBs could at least contain Smith but dunlap was looking his way all game and just broke every coverage i could throw at him. I slowed him down enough to probably win the first game but shit happens...

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