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Tentative Rules & Regs

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HackGolfer, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Tentative Rules & Regs

    Take a look through this and comment as necessary. Ill post the official one in the forums for everyone to see once we agree on a good set of gameplay rules.. League specific rules will have to come later once we can test a practice league..


    1.0 PRE-GAME LINEUP CHANGES – You must announce your starting pitcher in the Game Scheduling Forum, so that the other user can prepare to set his lineup accordingly. You are not permitted to change your SP for the game after it has been posted on the forums.

    You are permitted to change your lineup in the game for the following circumstances:
    • A player is struggling
    • The game situation realistically calls for a pinch runner
    • The game situation realistically calls for a pinch hitter (ie. Pitcher slot due up, and you have a RP/SU/CP coming into the game the next inning)
    • You are making a pitching change
    • A starter has been injured/preventing an injury to a starter
    • You have a large lead

    2.0 POSITION CHANGES – Players should be utilized as they are intended.. (i.e. a 1st baseman should not be playing catcher, a pitcher should not be playing RF, etc..) Some of the players have both a listed Primary and Secondary position that they can play, while others only have a Primary position. You may not use a player for another position other than his Primary or Secondary (if available) other than what is listed below:

    Primary Position Can also play as
    2B 3B, SS
    SS 2B, 3B
    3B 2B, SS
    LF CF, RF
    CF LF, RF
    RF LF, CF

    You may designate one utility player at the beginning of the season that can be utilized at any position on the field. This player must be clearly posted in a roster thread, and is subject to change, pending commish board approval. You are not allowed to switch the utility player mid-season unless an injury to the current utility player has occured. The new utility player is also subject to change, pending commish board approval.

    3.0 POSITION MIN/MAX - You are required to keep a minimum and maximum amount of active players per position on your roster at all times. Those numbers are outlined in the table below:

    Position Min Max
    Infielder (per position) 1 NA
    Outfielder (per position) 1 NA
    Catcher 1 NA
    Starting Pitcher 4 6
    Relief Pitcher (RP, SU, CP) 6 NA
    Utility Player 0 1


    We encourage straight play here, however we do not want to limit players to the point where they cannot play aggressively to set up scoring opportunities. With that in mind, here are a few simple things to remind yourself while playing a game:

    4.0 BUNTING – You should only be bunting in realistic situations of a game, and not at every at bat you can. The typical situations in which a batter would elect to bunt are:
    • You have a runner on first or second that you wish to advance into better scoring position
    • You have a speedy batter at the plate
    • You have a pitcher at the plate
    • Suicide Squeeze

    5.0 HIT & RUN – Hit & Runs are a great way to advance a player quickly to the next 1 or 2 bases depending on how well they are executed. The typical situation in which a hit & run should be called are:
    • You have a runner on first or second that you wish to advance into better scoring position
    • You have a runner on first and a ground ball type hitter at the plate and wish to try and avoid the double play

    6.0 POWER HIT – The power hit button will be allowed, however it should not be your base swing for every pitch or for every player (i.e. you pitcher should never have a power swing). Please be conservative with the use of this feature, otherwise it may lead to being banned altogether.


    7.0 STEALING – Stealing should also only be considered in realistic game situations. Below is a list of typical situations in which you can expect a steal attempt:
    • You have a runner on first or second that you wish to advance into better scoring position
    • You have a speedy batter on a base
    • A hit & run attempt
    • Batter has full count with 2 outs in the inning

    8.0 ROUNDING FIRST – The CPU will automatically control the baserunner’s path to first base on a hit, however you as an user can elect to advance the runner to the next base. You also have the option of returning the runner back to the bag after rounding a base if you feel you will get thrown out by continuing . Note that rounding first should not be used every time you reach base safely to take advantage of a lag error that allows you to easily get to second if the throw timing gets delayed. If the ball is already in the defender’s glove by the time you reach first, run through the bag – If the ball is still rolling on the ground/in the air, use your discretion on whether to advance to the next base, round the bag and return or to run through First Base.

    9.0 LEADING OFF BASE – The CPU will automatically lead of the base runner a predetermined amount. You can elect to shorten or extend this lead to assist your game situation. Note that extending the lead too far will actually make the runner steal during the pitch, so make sure you do not go too far if you are not in a realistic steal situation.


    10.0 ROTATION – New to this year’s game is player fatigue, so your Ace Pitcher cannot start every game and be 100%. Before the start of the season, you must announce your 4-5 man pitching rotation for the season. If you wish to deviate from this, submit your rotation change to the commish board for approval. You do not need to seek commish approval if you are adjusting your rotation due to injury. You may nominate a "spot" starter at the beginning of the season to be utilized to give your pitchers an extra day rest, however he can only be inserted into the end of every 3rd rotation. Remember that your starting pitcher must still be announced in the current game scheduling thread.

    11.0 MAXIMUM INNINGS PITCHED – With fatigue new this year, this may not be as big of a factor. But be realistic with your pitch count/innings pitch by the type of pitcher you are using. Refer to the table below:

    Pitcher Min Innings Max Innings Max Pitch Count
    SP 0.1 10 ~100 (unless throwing shut out, no hitter, perfect game)
    RP 0.1 5 ~ 60
    SU 0.1 3 ~30
    CP 0.1 2 ~25

    12.0 MIXING UP PITCHES/BALL/STRIKES – The goal of this league is to be as sim as possible. This means pitching a fair game. If you throw nothing but curveballs into the dirt, you will be booted. You should be mixing up the variety and location of your pitches throughout the game. The guidelines below are what are expected from a fairly pitched game:

    • We will be implementing a rough 70/30 strikes-to-balls ratio for the League. This means that no more than roughly 30% of your pitches should be a ball during a game. Consistently throwing pitches way outside the zone is frowned upon, and is grounds for termination from the League with no prior warning.
    • Pitchers must realistically mix up their types of pitches throughout the game. It is unacceptable to throw a complete game with nothing but junk balls and off-speed pitches. The general rule of thumb to be applied is the 60/40 rule (Off-Speed/Fastball), where no more than 60% of your pitches in a game should be an off-speed pitch. Going beyond this limit is also heavily frowned upon, and is grounds for termination from the League with no prior warning.
    • No quick pitching will be allowed to catch the other user off-guard for an easy strike. Allow a few seconds between pitches, in both the wind-up or set positions, to adequately give the other user time to get set.

    13.0 PITCHOUTS, INTENTIONAL WALKS, PICKOFFS – These three items are great features of the game. But please do not over use them, otherwise the length of the game will drag on too long.
    • There is no need to Pitch Out unless the other user has a possible steal situation.
    • If the user does not extend his base lead, the CPU base running will automatically get him back in time to the bag during a pickoff attempt. If you don’t see the user extend his lead, don’t bother wasting the game time.


    14.0 DEFENSIVE ALIGNMENTS - Changing your defensive alignment to set up for the bunt, double play, power hitter, etc.. is a big part of the game that equally has its share of risk and reward. You are encouraged to use the defensive schemes in the game per the given game situations, but they are not required. This rules is subject to change pending any faulty glitches/AI found as we progress.
  2. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    The Power Hit- Is this the right analog up/down or the square button? I believe we might need to make a rule with this as the right analog has a tremendous affect on how the ball is hit.

    Also, the bunting should be allowed in situations, say you haven't been able to hit good against the opposing pitcher for a couple of innings.
  3. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
  4. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Looks good Hack, I like it.
  5. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Hey Hack me and CA ran across these rules we may want to think about for TBL.. I edited them a bit to what I think is acceptable, Let me know what u guys think.

    1. Using a 70 / 30 strikes to balls percentage to start with in the league. This means you may not throw more then 30% balls during a game. ALL pitches should be close to the zone and not thrown completely out of reach in the dirt constantly.

    2. Pitchers must throw pitches realistically. It is unacceptable to see fastball pitchers throw like junk ballers to throw a ridiculous amount of off-speed pitches. The ratio for fastballs to off-speed will be 40 / 60 meaning that if a starting pitcher throws 100 pitches 40 of them at least must be fastballs.

    3.No quick pitch! This means do not continually just wind up and throw after each pitch or when there is a man on base. Allow a few seconds between pitches.

    4.A max pitch count for a starter as well as inning duration. Ideal max pitch count to me for a starter is no more than 100 in a game. In real life it is around 120-140. A owner can throw a pitcher more than 100 pitches only when he has a perfect game, no hitter, or 1 hitter going.
  6. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    These sounds good.. Ill add them into our rules real quick so we can post them before the tournament kicks off

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