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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. T2

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    Jul 26, 2009


    Welcome to the home of the Texas A&M Aggies..

    Texas A&M is under new leadership after finishing last year 9-4 and ranked #20.

    New HC, T2Express, has taken the job at TAMU. After winning National Titles at Purdue and Auburn, Coach T2 has returned home to bring glory back to College Station.

    "Its about changing the thought process of a place. If all you expect to be middle of the road, thats all you will ever be... At College Station, We Wont Settle For Less."

    Team Outlook-

    TAMU appears poised to make noise in the Big12 Race.. Key games include a meeting with former HC of CMU Frisk, who is the new coach @ CU. along with meetings with Colorado State, San Diego State and (INSERT USER GAME). Along with several old rivals to bring the heat.. Wins over OU and TX are a must for the Ags. Overcomnig these to giants could valut T2 into the Evo Coaching Hall of Fame..

    One of the biggest questions facing Coach T2 is the offense..


    The offense has been clouded in mystery as T2 has not released any information on what the Ags will run next year.. T2 has run a West Coast offense with Purdue and last year ran a lot of Option.

    "You'll just have to wait until game day."

    Defensively, TAMU is a very solid team bringing back several experianced players from last years team. T2 has told us that we should look at seeing serveral packages from the Ags.

    Tx A&M's Recuriting Focus for next year

    Offensive Line. We dont have the depth right now to be a national contender, unless we get some guys that want to step up and do what everyone tells them they cant.

    QB- Got a lot of young talent.. and a poor pool of candidates provide little spark for A&M to searching here...

    TB- A medicore backfield might not sit well with a run first coach like T2... Look for A&M to make some noise here.

    FB- Got some solid talent dont see much going on here..

    TE- with 3 Very talented TEs coach T2 will probably look at adding some depth since these guys have been around..

    WR- A very diverse group this year for the Ags.. Lots of Youth.. Look for A&M to grab a couple talented guys. .


    DE- Need to add some depth to an aging edges.. Some Speed wouldnt hurt..

    DT- Several Talented guys, lots of youth.. maybe add one more?

    LB- Lots of Speed, Several guys were moved down from FS when Coach T2 got here. But T2 has been trying to start LB University so we may see some spashes here..

    S- loaded with youth and unpolished talent. Dont expect any signings here..

    K/P- you could see a punter or a kicker added. the kicking game is very important to coach T2 who lost to CMU while at auburn due to a poor kicker..



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