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    Texas A&M Aggies

    Gig' Em

    Texas A&M fields a highly talented team this season.

    the Offense is lead by SR QB Ryan Tannehill. Ryan is a very fast and accurate qb with a 87 spd and 88 THA rating. look for Tannehill to lead TXAMU to the Big 12 game this December

    Also In the backfield is TB Cyrus Gray. the 190# TB is quick and powerfull posting a 93 spd and 71 str. He had the uncanny ability to break several tackles witha 91BTK. Blocking for Gray is RS FR Adam Kennedy. the 242# back is a very powerful blocker posting a 78 Run Blocking rating.

    on the outside some of Tannehills targets will be SR WR Jeff Fuller (96ovr) the 6'1 210# WR will a big key to help support the A&M monster rushing attack. Opposite Fuller is JR WR Brandal Jackson the 6'2 182# will help to keep defenses in single coverage on both Jackson and Fuller.

    at the TE A&M boast 2 monsters, Ben Bass 6'5 244# SR and KJ Williams 6'4 242# JR both do a great job blocking and will be a very key part in the A&M passing attack.

    In the Trenches A&M will have a very talented O-Line wint Josh Ayers, Evan Eike, Cory Collier, Brain Thomas and Jeffery Hyde. The A&M Front five will call them selves the A&M Plowboys as they plan to open up huge gaps for the A&M backfield. they average 293# amongst themselves.

    The Wrecking Crew is back...

    In what might be the most talented Defense in many years people are staying the Wrecking Crew is looking stellar this year.

    @ LE is JR Chris Henderson very fast and very powerful guy
    @ RE is SR Michale Ebbit another very fast and powerful guy.
    @ DT is SR Tony Jerod Eddie this anchor to the Dline with a 96 Overall rating
    @ DT is SR Eddie Brown a large force that will help draw double teams away from star TJE

    @ LOLB is SR Garrick Williams He is fast and covers the ball like a hawk.
    @ MLB is SR Kyle Mangan He is a very solid MLB and does a great job filling gaps and breaking blocks.
    @ ROLB is SR Ricky Cavanaugh the star of the Wrecking crew and Defensive captian.

    @ CB is SR Justin McQueen and JR Steven Terrell both are fast and are lock down corners.

    over top is another outstanding player in FS Trent Hunter, he is a bone crusher and will light guys up all season across the middle.

    @ SS is JR Chris Calfisch another big hitter from across the field. Moves like a gazelle

    Randy Bullock returns to kick for A&M and Ryan Epperson will be punting.

    Prediction. 11-1. Coach T2Express says that this team is just as talented if not more talented than the Nebraska team he coached last season to the Big 12 CCG. A&M does play @ NU TTU OKLA and Mizzou. if they can win all of those games they will meet their goal and will play for a CC. they finish the season when UT rolls into town on Thanksgiving day for the Lonestar Shootout.

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