Texas Longhorns Recruiting Summary

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    May 3, 2009
    Texas Longhorns Recruiting Summary

    Right off the bat, I get my 5* recruit.
    He was the #2 MLB in the Nation, standing in at 6'3 235, his name is
    Brandond Givens.

    Texas also recruited the #8? Guard? in the nation (4*)

    This kid will hopefully have a chance at starting next year and will of course be on Special Teams.

    Man I want the 6'5 207 safety bad, if any of you take him, I will kill you!

    P.S. Texas only gets 1 5* this year right? Or do they get 2?

    EDIT: I know we are most likely not going to have a next season, just want to build up my recruiting skills.

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