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    Jul 21, 2010
    Texas Roster

    is a little messed up.


    main part being this:

    LOLB#9 Dravannti Johnson is really Emmanuel Acho statistically (the issue here is that Dravannti Johnson is a real player with accurate height, wt, class but is just at wrong position; really an RE and he has Emmanuel Achos stats) the best fix to keep his #9 is to move him the LOLB#9 to RE and copy his stats to RE#97 who transferred away and can now become E.Acho. You then downgrade the moved #9's stats as he is the 3rd string DE. Then you take the RE#97 and make him LOLB#18 Emmanuel Acho who is a JR 6'2" 235 starting LOLB

    I don't even know who Dravannti Johnson is and he's an impact player on Texas? can we use a set of roster that fixes this?



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