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Texas Tech Red Raiders Football

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by HoundsOfHowl, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012

    Texas Tech Red Raiders

    First Season - 1925
    Home Stadium - Jones AT&T Stadium - Lubbock, TX (60,454)
    Mascot - The Masked Raider
    Marching Band - Goin' Band from Raiderland
    All Time Record - 524-405-32
    Bowl Record - 12-21-1
    Conference Titles - 11
    National Championships - 0
    Heisman Winners - 0

    (Updated 2012 preseason)

    Team History

    Texas Tech (then known as Texas Technological College) fielded its first intercollegiate football team during the 1925 season. The team was known as the "Matadors" from 1925 to 1936, a name suggested by the wife of E. Y. Freeland, the first football coach, to reflect the influence of the Spanish Renaissance architecture on campus.

    In 1932, Texas Tech joined the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association, also known as the Border Conference. The school's short-lived Matadors moniker was replaced officially in 1937 with "Red Raiders", a nickname bestowed upon them by a sportswriter impressed by their bright Scarlet uniforms that remains to this day. That same year, the team won its first conference championship and was invited to the Sun Bowl. The game was played on January 1, 1938, and resulted in a 7–6 loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers. Texas Tech suffered four more bowl losses before their first postseason win in the 1952 Sun Bowl. Before withdrawing from the Border Conference in 1956, the Red Raiders won eight conference championships and one co-championship, the most held by a Border Conference member.

    In 1956, Texas Tech was admitted to the Southwest Conference (SWC) but was ineligible for any title during a four-year probationary period. It gained full SWC membership and began official conference play in 1960. The Red Raiders won conference co-championships in 1976 and 1994. The team remained in the SWC until the conference dissolved in 1996.

    The university was invited and became a charter member in the South Division of the Big 12 Conference. Texas Tech was the only member in the history of the Big 12 to boast a winning record every year since the conference's formation, suffering their first losing season in 2011. In 2008, the Red Raiders were one of three football teams involved in the first three way conference division tie.


    Texas Longhorns (Chancellors Spurs)
    Texas leads 46-15 (Trophy Record 12-4)
    Largest Victory : Texas (51 points) 58 - 7 in 1999
    Current Streak : Texas - 3 wins
    Longest Streak : Texas - 5 wins

    Texas A&M
    Texas A&M Leads 37-32
    Largest Victory : Texas A&M (41 points) 47 - 6 in 1927
    Current Streak : Texas A&M - 3 wins
    Longest Streak : Texas A&M and Texas Tech - 6 wins

    Texas Christian University "The West Texas Championship"
    Texas Tech Leads 28-23-3
    Largest Victory : Texas Tech (56 points ) 63 - 7 in 1985
    Current Streak : TCU - 1 win
    Longest Streak : Texas Tech - 6 wins
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  2. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Texas Tech Red Raiders Team Page 2012-2013
    2012-13 Schedule
    9/2 - NC State ( The Parrothead ) L 24 -27
    9/15 - Indiana W 14 - 9
    9/22 - #1 Alabama L 28 - 33
    9/22 - @ Rice W 37 - 20
    10/6 - @Lousiville L 14 - 26
    10/13 - Houston W 24 - 23
    10/20 - @ #17 TCU ( IrishBearcat )​
    10/27 - #13 Kansas State ( BakerWildcat7 )​
    11/3 - @ #22 Texas ( UNo x Broncos )​
    11/10 - @ Kansas​
    11/17 - @ #23 Oklahoma State ( LSUTRUTH )​
    11/24 - Baylor​
    Team Preview 2012-13
    Coaching Staff -
    After the firing of Tommy Tuberville, the Texas Tech Red Raiders looked to Washington Huskies head coach, iBleedOrange, to fill the spot in Lubbock, TX. Coach IBO brings a mixture of a tough ground game, and a heavy run defense to the table. In a recent press conference with the coach he stated that the Red Raiders would look to recruit some more speed in the quarterback and halfback position to set up a no-huddle spread offense in the next few seasons.​
    Coach IBO, will look to make up for a 7-6 season in Seattle from last year, but knows his work will be cut out for him. He will look to his coordinators to help form this attack and defense during his tenure with the Red Raiders.​
    Offensive Playbook : Arkansas State​
    Defensive Playbook : 4-3​
    Quarterbacks - B+
    The starting quarterback for the Red Raiders in 2012 will be, Seth Doege. After several weeks of practice and being the senior quarterback, Doege earned his spot for coach IBO this past week. Doege will be a great pocket passer with very high accuracy and power. Teams will look to plan against this kind of passer throughout the season. But with the Red Raiders poorly rated backup look for coach IBO to be keeping Doege healthy.​
    Halfbacks - B+
    Eric Stevens leads the Red Raiders in the backfield this season. He is fast, and has great agility and acceleration, look for this kid to average a high number of yards per game if the opportunity presents itself. But don't overlook his 2 backups, Williams and Foster are both young and very agile. This backfield could go deep in 2 years if these backs stay healthy.​
    Receivers - B-
    For the style of play Texas Tech will be bringing this year look for their deepest position to step up and try to take over, with over 10 receivers the Red Raiders to spread out the attack to different receivers all season long. Alex Torres and Dominique Wheeler lead the Red Raiders in the deepest position on the depth chart.​
    Tight Ends - C-
    The tight end position for the Red Raiders will be weak this season, the Red Raiders are going to look to build on this position but it may take a few years to do so.​
    Offensive Line - B
    The Texas Tech offensive line is lead by senior center, Deveric Gallington, a very tough center who will look to protect their passer. The experienced left side of the line will look to make sure that the younger right side will keep pace and protect, but don't overlook the experience as the freshman right tackle is very strong and will look to prove his starting position.​
    Defensive Line - C+
    One of the weakest defensive lines in the Big XII, the Red Raiders are going to have to make sure that they stay healthy here and stay strong. Look for this defense line to bring different attacks each week to make sure nothing gets past these 4 players.​
    Linebackers - C
    The Red Raiders linebacker corp is definitely going to look to keeping up this year, they are young and experienced both, but with a few lacking defensive features this could be another problem area for this team. Look for the coaching staff to rebuild this key area in the next few years.​
    Cornerbacks - B-
    A very experienced top 3 cornerbacks on this team, all seniors who will look to make sure their senior season is a success. Look for the Red Raiders to be hitting the recruiting boards hard to fill this spot next year, but look for the backbone of the defense for the 2012 season.​
    Safeties - B-
    A very well trained senior strong safety will look to backup his fellow secondary teammates this season as he heads in to his final season in Lubbock, Cody Davis an impact safety will lok to be gunning down wide receivers all season long, backed up by JJ Gaines a starting true freshman in the free safety position.​
    Special Teams - B
    A very well accurate punter will look to make sure when his name is called he does his job this season, along with a sophomore power kicker who will look to put up 3 and PAT's as needed this season for the Red Raiders.​

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  3. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Team Awards 2012-13
    Team Awards -
    Weekly Awards -
    Season Awards -
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  4. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Texas Tech Recruiting 2012-13

    Total Amount of Scholarships: 14

    Signed Recruits :

    Travis Brown - #87 C - 5'11", 296 lbs , :1stars:64 overall (+14)
    Matt O'Oconnor - #46 TE - 6'3" , 241 lbs , :3stars:61 overall
    Marvin Graham - #49 CB - 6'3" , 194 lbs , :3stars:69 overall (+2)
    Josh Montgomery - #33 G - 6'1" , 256 lbs ,:3stars:67 overall (-2)
    Scott Daniel - #34 DT - 6'0" , 300 lbs , :3stars:69 overall (+3)
    Leon Smith - #85 FS - 6'2" , 195 lbs , :2stars:64 overall (+7)
    Julius Smith - #2 FS - 6'1" 192 lbs , :4stars:74 overall (-3)
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