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    Dec 6, 2011
    Game Format
    • Go to Blitz Battles.
    • Select Play A Friend, Send Invite.
    • Each Team has a Home and Home vs each other. (14 Games for Season 2)
    • 2 games a week, a new week will open every Sunday at 8AM EST.
    • If all games get played early, i will open up the next week on the schedule.
    • Use the Scheduling Thread to get a hold of each opponent you have to play.
    • Passing Icons (turn on in offline menu) are ok to use.
    • Wide Camera code is ok to use. (NFL Logo - NFL Logo - Foam Finger)
    • No other cheats are allowed. (ex. Zombie/Clowns etc)
    • Anything goes Blitz style, 2pt conversions, and onside kicks whenever.
    Team Stats Recorded
    • The winning team will post the results of the game in the results thread.

    • Head To Head
    • Points Against
    • Points For
    • Top 6 Teams will make the Postseason.
    • The 1st and 2nd Seeds will get a bye.
    • Single Elimination.
    • Reseed after each round.
    Games Not Played
    • If you fail to get your weekly games in and you have not attempted to schedule your games in the correct thread, you can be removed at any time without warning.
    • The admins were nice enough to give us a home here, so if your not active, expect to be removed.
    • If you are going to be away for a week or so, please PM me or post in the forums the dates you will be gone. If you dont, you risk the above happening.

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