TF: NCAA Elite Tournament PREDICTIONS!

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    Feb 10, 2009
    TF: NCAA Elite Tournament PREDICTIONS!

    1st round Winners

    Hellisan Bracket

    Hellisan - easy win over Who? (TrineThunder)
    HotRod - will be a tough game for hotrod....but he will find a way
    JMS493 - landslide victory....

    MoGriffjr Bracket
    MoGriffjr - Stick Skills lesson be present.
    Colemanchu - DJRhude will be Rusty (not Bruce80)
    DaddyAmp - Kinger will put up a good fight but will throw a costly INT in the 4th.

    DatNDaz Bracket
    DatNDaz - how could you lose with that user name
    Cribbstyle - too much experience
    RynoAid - Ryno takes it to Drifterbub in Double OT (Battle of the Forum Admins)
    NYJuggs - have to go with my Big Ten Buddy!

    BBJ Bracket

    BBJ - I hate BBJ....but he will win...DAMN!
    Jfosh - tough to stick with my Commish!
    Flo308 - ShaunLMason = overrated
    Bruce80 - an oldie but he still runs like new!

    Getting Excited!!

    Play your games and dont stall!!

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