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TFC Fight Night 4 - Summary/Recap

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NYJuggalo45, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. NYJuggalo45

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    Feb 10, 2009
    TFC Fight Night 4 - Summary/Recap


    Venue: Red Rock Casino
    Referee: Herb Dean
    Deadline: Sunday 6/14/09

    Main Event
    Middleweight Match
    Rich Franklin (1-4-0, 1 KO / Shaun) vs. Michael Bisping (0-0-0 / Twrecks)

    These two Superstars would touch glove before the fight after heavy trash talking from Bispings camp manger, calling into question Rich Franklins heart. Franklin came to fight and showed his heart. In the first Round some nice exchanges on the eet both ighers landing shots. Franklin clicnhed and got the takedown. Just when Franklin was about to acheive mount Bispoing rolled him over and transitioned to mount. Rich took a few shots and reversed it and back on the feet we went. A few more exchanges and Franklin got the takedown again, seemingly able to take bisping down at will. Bisping got the rubber guard and rolled to mount. The Round ended with Bisping hammering Rich with shots in full mount.
    Round two started and some more back and forth on the feet. Rich made a cardinal sin and dropped his hand and Bisping landed a counter head kick athat looked like it killed Franklin. At 1:44 in Round 2 Bisping KOS Franklin via violent head kick and wins TFC MW Debut

    Headline #1
    Welterweight Rematch
    Matt Serra (1-2-0, 0 KO / JMS) vs. Karo Parisyan (1-3-0, 1 KO / Ryno)

    Parisyan got his revenge on "tha terra" tonight at Red Rocks as he submitted Serra in the 2nd round with an arm bar. Karo used his judo in the clinch and for some nice reversals tonight. He ground and pound Serra again in the 1st round opening a large cut.
    The 2nd round found Serra having some success with some front kicks and low kicks.. keeping the Parisyan reach nullified. The fight went back down to the mat and both tried some subs with Karo finishing it off with a wicked arm bar.
    "The Heat" is back on track and looking to move up in the rankings.

    Headline #2
    Lightweight Grudge Match
    Joe Lauzon (1-3-0, 1 KO / Bondzai) vs. Frank Edgar (0-1-0 / Eagles)

    Round 1- The fight started out with Edgar and Lauzon firing shots toward each other in the center of the cage. The fight turned when Edgar decided he had enough of trying to knock out Joe Lauzon and took him to the ground. Before Lauzon knew what was going on Edgar had secured the mount and was smashing his face. Herb Dean was getting ready to stop the fight when Lauzon was able to find his way out of the mount. At this point Edgar had the boots in and Lauzon had given Egar his back. Franky Edgar attempt to end the fight with a rear naked choke but Lauzon was able to to fight it off and bring the fight back to the feet. This did not last long as Edgar could smell blood. He scored an easy take down and from there secured the mount for the second time in the bout. Two hammer fists later Herb Dean stepped in and attempted to save Joe Lauzon from any permanent damage.
    Winner by TKO- Frank Edgar(4:54 Round 1)

    Remaining Card
    Dan Henderson (4-1-0, 3 KO / Eagles) vs. Robbie Lawler (1-1-0, 1 KO / NYJuggs)

    Go watch the 1st match, carbon copy. Great fight. Both guys had big rounds. Came down to the 3rd and I couldn't get Hendo off me when on the ground and again loss 29-28 decision on all 3 cards.
    Good fight Eagles...lousy friggin judges. After the match, Robbie Lawler said he needs a break for a few cards and has to re-evaluate his career in the TFC. "I'm just not happy with the way all my fights have gone so far. I don't have the power and striking to compete with the upper echelon here in the TFC." Expect Robbie to go back to Iowa and decide if he will come back to the TFC or call it a brief career.

    Anthony Johnson (2-0-0, 0 KO / Hot Rod) vs. Mitsuyo Maeda (0-0-0 / Bahnzo)

    Fight went 3 rounds but Johnson dominated the fight for the most part. Johnson was the quicker man allowing him to do what he wanted standing up. An uppercut in the clinch got Johnson the KO in round 3. Maeda has a strong chin and just wouldn't go away. Good fight Bahnzo despite the lag for the last 2 rounds.
    After the fight, Johnson said he's ready to challenge for the title and hopes to get a shot at the #1 contender spot soon.
    Winner by KO at 1:59 of Round 3 - Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

    Antonio Noguiera (1-2-0, 1 KO / Blaza) vs. Fabricio Werdum (0-0-0 / TexBoogie)

    Right out the gates, both Noguiera and Werdum put on a brilliant display of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But after some good transitions by both fighters, Werdum had a beautiful counter or two that just seemed to leave him in a very dominate postion. Once in position Werdum wasted no time raining down the leather. Noguiera was able to fight and claw his way out of the first round, but his right eye showed all the signs of the first rounds dominence.
    Taking the same approach as the first round Werdum could now smell blood and wasted no time going to work on the eye and stomach of Noguiera. Working everything from an Arm bar to a triangle, Noguiera was not going to tap out. But after a grueling 3-4 mins of trying fighting out of mount, Noguiera gently laid his head on the mat and took a nap. (Well maybe not gently, but he def took a short nap.) Great fight bro.
    4:24 2nd Round - KO

    Ben James (0-1-0 / BBJ) vs. Frankie Wanker (0-0-0 / Marcman)

    RD 1 - Big Nast KO's James with a MONSTER Kick to the face 3:17 into Round 1. James had no chance and may have only landed 1 or 2 kicks and thats it. James snuck out of a giant punch about a minute earlier, where Wanker couldn't capitalize. But had no chance with that big kick.
    After the Fight Frankie Wanker was quoted saying..."That Mo Fo made me wait too long. I was angry man, ANGRY! I took all my aggression out on his stupit white face!" ... Oh Snap! All's James could say was..."Man, i just couldn't get over that yellow banana hammock he was wearin. I mean can they be and shorter and tighter?"
    - Quite the UFC Debut! Big Nasty in da House!

    Anderson Silva (1-4-0, 1 KO / Coleman) vs. Nate Marquadt (1-0-0, 1 KO / Cribbs)

    This is easy...
    RD1 - Back and forth, couple takedowns
    RD2 - Back and forth, couple takedowns - Nate mounts Anderson and Anderson mounts Nate
    RD3 - Back and forth, couple takedowns
    LOL, yep decent match,
    Winner by Unanimous Decision - Anderson Silva
    This is a tough loss for Nate, for some reason he thought he had won RD1, and possibly the 3rd. But all judges scored 28 to 29 in all rounds in favor of Silva.
    Good fight Coleman.
    Oh yeah....Nate wants a rematch!

    Mirko Cro Cop (1-1-0, 1 KO / Big Hoff) vs. Kimbo Slice (0-1-0 / Bogey)

    Ladies and Gentlemen...
    Kimbo Slice has heart!
    Kimbo was down on all 3 judges cards when at 2:38 he sunk in a kimora and forced the much more sound fighter Cro Cop to tap out.

    Josh Koschek (1-2-0, 1 KO / Pryor) vs. Marcus Davis (0-0-0 / Twrecks)

    Marcus Davis made his debut agaisnt a tough opponenet in Koscheck. This was a GnP battle, as there was a little exchaning on the feet but most of this fight was on the ground. Koscheck got the first takedown and was up in full up down poster and Davis pushed free luckily as that could ahve been a dangerous spot. Davis grabbed the clinch and hit Kos with a belly to belly souflex and gained the mount. vicious GnP and Kos rolled to his back and Davis went for the choke to no avail and that Put them back on teh feet. A little more standup and with about a minute left in the round Davis got anotehr slame, mount and with 9 seconds left brutal Mount KO 4:51 in round 1. Good fight Pryor, best of luck to you.

    BJ Penn (1-2-0, 1 KO / Steel) vs. Tyson Griffin (0-1-0 / Bruce)

    Deron Laboon (1-0-0, 1 KO / Sweet) vs. Wanderlei Silva (3-1-0, 2 KO / Coleman)

    Wilson Gouveia (0-0-0 / TexBoogie) vs. Chuck Liddell (2-0-0, 2 KO / Cribbs)

    Wilson gets the win at the very beginning of the first round by submission. Not sure he ever landed a punch on Chuck. His subs are so high you are flat out fucked if he locks one on.
    And how do you counter a fucking trip into a choke, I have never seen that before!? Not the "im gonna put my self in a headlock and then slam you", Im talking about facing each other, in a clinch, like you just hit up on the right stick to defend his punch. Then you have wilson the left and chuck on the right, chuck is going to trip wilson onto his back. But somehow this ends up with Chuck in a guillotine choke? I didnt even see animation for it, just boom all of a sudden you are on the ground and being choked out.

    Submission by Guillotine choke 1:51 in the first round
    All Wilson had to say after this fight was, "I only let him hit me once, and that was enough to wake me up". This fight had a total of 8 punches. After a couple "bombs" aka super man punches. Wilson timed one and countered Chuck into the clinch. Chuck Immediatly went for the slam which was countered by Gouveia right into a Guillotine choke. Lights out or Tap out.

    Tim Sylvia (1-2-0, 1 KO / Marcman) vs. Cain Velasquez (0-2-0 / JMS)

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