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TFC FN 3 - Recap/Summary

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NYJuggalo45, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. NYJuggalo45

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    Feb 10, 2009
    TFC FN 3 - Recap/Summary


    Venue: Palms Casino
    Referee: Mario Yamasaki
    Deadline: Wednesday 6/10/09

    Main Event
    Heavyweight #1 Contender Match
    Brock Lesnar (2-1-0, 2 KO / Graves) vs. Tim Sylvia (1-1-0, 1 KO / Marcman)
    Lesner got lucky with a big hook with time winding down in the 1st round. Big hook knocked Sylvia down to the ground and in a daze and Lesnar jumped right in and pounded. Ref had to stop it. Shitty and boring fight.
    Lesnar wins by way of TKO 4:35 into Rd 1
    Lesnar was winning for the most part of the first round. He was able to take Sylvia down on a couple occasions and looked in control of the fight. Afterwards, he said "Atleast he showed up.... I'm a beast, I wouldn't want to fight me if I wasn't me. He's already talking about a rematch?? When and where? Wait... let me get my belt first, then I'll let him be the first to get a shot."
    Lesnar by TKO - Round 1 - 4:35

    Heavyweight Grudge Match
    Face Plow (1-0-0, 1 KO / Coleman) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (1-0-0, 1 KO / Twrecks)
    Whats that sound? that is the sound of totalwreckage falling flat on his face lol
    Colemanchu showed Gonzaga whats up and laid a beatdown. A 3rd round KO beating me at my own game which is the GnP.
    Tough to transition I shoulda tried to stand more and use the clinch but my isntincts are to laways fight on the ground and Colemanchu was just better tonight. Thanks a lot JMS I stick up for you and I get beat down
    Ill let Colemanchu do a better write up I jsut wnated to congratualte him ebfore I head ot bed.
    Also if any of you are sitting there thinking, thank god this will finally shut him up.........WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill probably be even moire confident and cocky now all the pressure of winning is off. I wont be floating at hte bottom of the barrel trust me on that. One day Plow will propbbay fiught for a tilte, win that title, and than lose it to me.

    Remaining Card
    Dan Henderson (3-1-0, 3 KO / Eagles) vs. Robbie Lawler (1-0-0, 1 KO / NYJuggs)
    Hendo wins a tight decision over Ruthless Robbie.
    The first round was controlled by Henderson who scored a knockdown and a number of takedowns, winning the round 10-9. The 2nd round, Lawler was able to keep the fight on his feet a bit more and he has the advantage over most middleweights there. Adding in a few takedowns of his own, Lawler probably swept the 2nd.
    The 3rd round was very tight. Lawler scored on his feet but Henderson was able to secure a guilotene (yes I can't spell) choke that seemed to be on forever. After after 30 secs of no oxygen to his brain...Lawler slipped out. He was able to get the fight standing again and scored some more points on his feet and with a very late takedown. But all 3 judges gave it to Hendo who won by uniamous decision 29-28 across all 3 cards.

    Rich Franklin (1-1-0, 1 KO / Shaun) vs. Michael Bisping (0-0-0 / Twrecks)

    Georges St. Pierre (3-1-0, 2 KO / NYJuggs) vs. Matt Hughes (1-1-0 / Sweetness)
    GSP survived a big early scare and came back to tap out Hughes late in the 2nd on his road back to a title match in the WW division
    1st round: Matt Hughes came out on fire. About 20 secs into the match he knocked GSP on his ass. I did everything I could to survive the early going and get out of the 1st round. Hughes still probably won the round 10-8, but was alot more gassed than the younger GSP
    2nd round: GSP got back on track a little but was still wary of Hughes takedowns and apparent ability to punch after the early going so was on the defensive. After landing a few shots standing, Pierre decided to take it to the ground himself. He was able to get Hughes down a few times, but every time Sweetness would fight me off to get back to standing. Finally with about a minute and half left, took him down and transitioned to mount. Hughes was visablity exhausted, so rather than mess around and risk getting swept, went for the armbar. Tapped
    Winner by armbar submission at 3:54 in the 2nd, Georges St Pierre

    Karo Parisyan (1-2-0, 1 KO / Ryno) vs. Matt Serra (0-2-0 / JMS)
    Matt Serra pulls out his first win as predicted!!!
    Karo was basically pounding Matt through out the fight. Ground and pound as Karo was bring him down most of the match.
    2nd round after hitting Serra with a leftright hook Serra went down and this look like the end but Serra pulled off the miracle submission as Karo taps out....
    Video can be seen here: http://www.traditionfootball.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2176

    Kenny Florian (2-2-0, 2 KO / Bogey) vs. Joe Stevenson (0-0-0 / BBJ)
    Ken-Flo, that who.
    Florian looks to fly up the rankings as he submits Joe Daddy Stevenson in 1:06 into round 1. K-Flo noticed that Stevenson was not feeling comfortable in the ring so instead of batting him around and getting knocked out by a lucky punch, took him down, and submitted him with about a 30 second Kimora. Florian is on fire, 2 fights, 2 first round tap-outs.

    Forrest Griffin (1-1-0, 1 KO / Bogey) vs. Tito Ortiz (0-2-0 / Bondzai)

    Joe Lauzon (1-2-0, 1 KO / Bondzai) vs. Nate Diza (0-2-0 / Big Hoff)
    1st: This light weight match up was full of action as both fighters quickly found their range, both men traded punches throughout the round. Lauzon seemed to favor getting in close while Diaz made every attempt to use his 6" reach advantage stepping in and out of range trading shots. Lauzon was able to get a take down in the latter stages of the first but was unable to keep Diaz down for very long.
    2nd: The second round was very much a copy of the first with both fighters dancing around trading shots.
    3rd: Both fighter were very tired at the start of final round, Diaz pressed the action early trying to finish off Lauzon. After trading shots the fight went to the ground, Lauzon made and attempt to submit but it was reversed by Diaz. Nick took advantage of this top position slipping in a Kimura getting the submission at 3:19 to finish the fight.
    Diaz wins by submission in the 3rd

    Andrei Arlovski (3-1-0, 2 KO / Sweetness) vs. Antonio Noguiera (0-2-0 / Blaza)

    Plain and simple, this is was a must win fight for Antonio Minatauro Nogueira. After 2 tough losses to Kongo and Face Plow, the aging Big Nog was reeling and victory to prove he still belonged in the TFC Heavyweight picture.
    Round 1: Both men came out cautious throwing feeler shots trying to gauge the distance. Arlovski landed some heavy elbows and crosses to Big Nog which worried the Noguiera camp. The last thing they needed was an early KO loss. Nog successfully went for the takedown and spent the remainder of the round in and out of halfguard and sidemount with the periodic punch and knee. Probably 10-9 Nog.
    Round 2: The pace picked up with Arlovski again popping Nog on the inside. He briefly clinched and landed several knees to the head. After the initial onslaught, Big Nog was able to get the fight to the ground again and take advantage of his Jiu-Jitsu. He swept Andrei and landed some Crushing blows from mount.
    Round 3: Again, Arlovski came out strong but was eventually swept and mounted. After the struggle that had ensued early in the fight, Arlovski was too exhausted to escape and was KO'd at 2:03 in Round 3
    Winner by KO 2:03. Antonio Noguiera

    Josh Koschek (1-1-0, 1 KO / Pryor) vs. Anthony Johnson (1-0-0 / Hot Rod)
    Round 1
    Fight starts out with both men looking to measure their strikes. Finally both men start to trade blows. Koscheck was looking to keep the fight on the ground scoring a few takedowns but Johnson was able to escape each time. In the stand up game both fighters got in what seemed to be an equal amount of shots in. Johnson had Koscheck in full mount but was not able to do much damage.
    Round 2
    Koscheck comes out throwing more punches and lands some early, he then scores another takedown but once again Johnson pushes him off. Back on the feet Johnson lands some punches and kicks but Kos catches a punch and goes for a double underhook slam. Unfortunately for Koscheck, Johnson is ready and just like their first fight against each other, Josh Koscheck gets caught in a guillotine choke and ends up tapping out.
    Winner by Guillotine Choke at 1:18 of Round 2 - Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

    Thiago Silva (2-2-0, 2 KO / Steel) vs. Rampage Jackson (0-1-0 / Bruce)
    This was a battle and it was a round a piece going to round 3. Right at the end of rd 2 Silva rocked Jackson with a right-left combo that left him dazed but on his feet going to round 3.
    Round 3 starts and Silve throws a flying knee missed it and Rampage had seen it a few times slid left and hammered Silva with a left uppercut that landed square on Thiago's Jaw.
    Jackson wins by KO at 25 seconds of Rd 3.

    Chuck Liddell (1-0-0, 1 KO / Cribbs) vs. Shogun Rua (0-1-0 / BBJ)
    Fight starts off with Shogun coming right out kicking. Hard kicks, but Chuck was ready for that and blocked them. Back and forth with punches and kicks, Chuck landed some hard solid punches and kicks. The get up close in the clinch and Chuck takes Shogun down. Chuck doesn't want to be on the ground with Shogun though, so he lays 1-2 punches and gets up. Shogun is not afraid, keeps on bringing, Chucks starts backing up and Shogun runs at him, then.....BAM! Superman Punch! Its really hurts Shogun and Chuck can smell the end coming so he starts throwing wild punches and Shogun goes down, Chucks runs over to Shogun and stands above him, just throwing punch after punch after punch. The ref has seen enough and ends it.
    Winner by TKO at 2:04 of Round 1 - Chuck Liddell!

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