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TFC Tournament Sign up / New Member Sign up

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Texboogie, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest

    TFC Tournament Sign up / New Member Sign up

    Tournaments are open to all fighters.
    All fighters HAVE to Post their entry into each tournament.
    You must Post that your IN or out of the Tourney's. I'm not going to make an assumption that your in any tournament.

    A Thread will be created before Every Tourney announcing that one is getting created soon, and that I need to know who is going to fight so I can seed each player as much as possible.

    All Tournaments will be seeded due to previous knowledge of fighter and recommendations of the person who recommended you to the site.
    I suggest signing up for the forum, Use your Xbox Live name as your Forum name. This will eliminate alot of confusion when trying to find fighters for battles.
  2. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest



    I have played quite a bit my Gamertag is Sixthdis108.
  3. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest


    I'd be interested in joining this. My gamertag is CheeeseHead20 (3 e's in cheeese). I'll be out of the country for a month starting Saturday actually, so I figured it couldn't hurt to throw my name on the waiting list before I head out until August 15th.

    My gamertag is CheeeseHead20

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