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TFL Commish Change

Discussion in 'TFL: Tradition Fútbol League' started by The Richuation, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    @AJ Hart MN
    @The Richuation
    @Michael Woodward
    @NQR Del
    @Bryan Colmenares

    Attention TFL Members:

    Our TFL Director, @Randiesel75 will be stepping down at the end of Season 2. He will be stepping down as Director and leaving the league as a player until FIFA12 release. I would like to thank him for his direction and commitment to forming structure for our FIFA home here at TSO. Before his leadership, we had no league structure as far as FIFA11 is concerned. We now have a great system in place to create a long term home for TSO FIFA leagues. As we move into a time of transition, I want everyone to know that we have a strong leadership team in place to provide direction and structure going forward. As L1 Commish, I will be staying on and running the PL from a structural standpoint, with @AJ Hart MN returning as a content manager, and @niuhuskie224 stepping up to run the L1 and CL.

    If anyone has feedback or ideas they would like to contribute to our league, please send these ideas in our direction. We are all excited about the future of the league and have many ideas being discussed to improve our experience here.

    So, please give a big thanks to Randi and stay tuned for updates on Season 3 coming soon.
  2. niuhuskie224

    niuhuskie224 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    A huge thanks to Randi. The one thing this site has done is given my games a longer shelf life and a Randi is a huge part of that. I appreciate all of his hard work and once FIFA 12 comes around it will be great to have him back in the fold.

    Just to build on what Rich said, we are in the works of setting up Season 3 and there will be no delay between the end of this season and the start of the next season so rest assured that you are in good hands.
  3. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    Seriously, thanks a lot Randi for everything!
  4. Randiesel75

    Randiesel75 Walk On

    Aug 11, 2010

    Thank you for getting this message out here. I keep meaning to get something out here about me walking away after this season, I just never found the time to do it.

    For those interested, need a reason or simply seeking closure, perhaps this helps. The 2 main drivers behind me walking away from the game are my career and the season. If you recall, I recently took a new position within BT which requires much more of my attention. I contemplated sticking with the league, as simply a player, then leave the admin duties to Rich. However, this leads into my second caveat. I'm a Jersey shore boy. Every year around this time I get amped up for weekends down the shore as I am there every Saturday and Sunday. So, if you compound items #1 and #2 there really wasn't much of a choice for me. Item #1 alone has forced me away from this site as much as I should be, especially as your fearless leader. I just think this thing has taken off enough that with the right direction (Rich, AJ and now NIU) it will continue to strive and grow the TSO name.

    In the end, none of this was possible without each and every one of you. I had never imaged this would grow as fast and steady as it has, it makes me proud.

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  5. hedache

    hedache Walk On

    Dec 13, 2010
    Since I have something to say about everything like you once asked me, this deserves interest as well. Thanks for all the work and effort Randy. Hope to see you back sooner than later. Without you none of this would have happened the way it happened. (Maybe it would have happened in another way :p )
  6. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Randi, we all appreciate the hard work. You've done a great job getting everything setup and have left it in great hands. Like Huskie said, you've given FIFA more playability then it normally gets from me, especially from an online standpoint. Thanks again for everything.
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