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TFL Cup: Rules & Regulations

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by RedAL925, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011

    The TFL Cup is a 24-team knockout tournament. Each tie is played as a single leg. If a match is drawn, there is a replay at the home of the team that was away for the first game. A drawn replay is settled with extra time and penalties (select this option in-game at the conclusion of a drawn replay). AWAY GOALS COUNT FOR NOTHING.

    The TFL Cup Final is a one-legged match. In the event of a tie after regular time in the TFL Cup Final, extra time and penalties will be played to determine the winner. THERE IS NO REPLAY FOR THE TFL CUP FINAL.

    Cup Draw
    The top 8 teams in Serie A from Season 1 will be given a bye in Round 1. The remaining 16 teams will be drawn randomly during Matchweek 3. The first team drawn will be the home team, followed by the away team. Once the 16 teams have been paired to make 8 pairs, those 8 pairs will then be drawn with one of the teams that received a Round 1 bye. Therefore, the first 2 rounds of the competition will be drawn at this time.

    After all Round 2 matches are complete, the remaining 8 teams will be re-drawn in pairs for the Quarterfinals. After the Quarterfinal matches are complete, the remaining 4 teams will be drawn in pairs for the Semifinal. At this time, the draw for the TFL Cup Final will also be drawn.

    The TFL Cup follows the same rules as the TFL SERIE. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations thread for these guidlines. All statistics, cards and suspensions earned in the TFL Cup will be kept separate from league matches and vice versa.

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