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TFL Cup - Season I, Week 2 Results Thread

Discussion in 'TCL: Tradition Cup Events' started by electrickeeper, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. electrickeeper

    electrickeeper Be Massive, My Friend

    Feb 26, 2013
    Please post your week 2 recaps in this thread. Use the form to submit the results and stats.

    RECAPS ARE MANDATORY! The winning team or the away team in the event of a draw will be responsible for posting.

  2. F l Wence2 l S

    F l Wence2 l S Walk On

    May 24, 2013
    Match 1:
    Villarreal CF [4] @ LOSC Lille [1]

    Things got started quickly for the yellow submarine in this one when Tomas Pina slid a beautiful through ball into Aquino and the mexican made no mistake, smashing a screamer in off the far post to put the away side in the lead. From there it was all yellow submarines. Enjoying the majority of possession Lille played most of the first half in their own half of the field and were able to hold the away side at bay for the rest of the half, but as the game wore on in the second half the yellow subs would not be denied, with bruno scoring the second goal. The celebration would be short lived however, when a mistake by the defense gave Lille a lifeline and a goal to make it 2-1 in the 76th minute. But before the Lille fans could make there presence known it was the mexican, aquino, again grabbing his second goal of the night to essentially put the game away. But the away side wasn't done there, when on a counter attack, pereira slid the ball across to the other mexican, gio dos santos, who tucked the ball away into the empty net for the fourth goal of the game and villarreal taking all three points on the road.

    Match 2:
    Villarreal CF [0] v LOSC Lille [0]

    This game was a good old fashioned grind it out kind of game, with four total shots on goal in the game. The game was mostly in the midfield with neither team affording the other any space whatsoever. Lille made some big time adjustments going into match 2 and they made life much more difficult for the yellow submarine. Still, Villarreal had some great chances, when some amazing build up play slid Cani through on goal but he could only put his shot wide of the target. And according to the spanish press, if the goal had gone in, goal of the year candidate for sure with the passing involved. After that the match came to a stand still with neither side really threatening and as the final score says, neither side breaking the deadlock. Villarreal taking control of group C with these results, putting them at 10 points out of a possible 12 through four games. Good games, ZCar352.
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  3. steven.foster

    steven.foster Walk On

    Mar 5, 2011

    Ajax (1) v Southhampton (0)

    7 Shots 4
    52% Possession 48%
    27 Tackles 11

    Goals: S de Jong (Ajax)
    Assists: Bojan (Ajax)
    Yellow: N Clyne (Southhampton)

    This match was a very competitive yet poor play of soccer. For the most part it was full of mistakes and lacked a fine display of finishing. Really was not a whole lot to say about this game were a few break aways from T Serero in the first half the shots set up off the edge by Bojan but could not put a shot on target. The first half ended with both teams with few chances and none on target. Second Half was more of the same but with a mistake from the back N Clyne Bojan was able to intercept the ball play a ball to de Jong with a crafty move on the right edge of the box he was able to bury one past the flying arms of the keeper. Southhampton was able to put some pressure on but could not generate anything in to opportunities. Game ended 1-0.

    Match 2:

    Southhampton (0) v Ajax (2)

    7 shots 13
    44 Possesion 56
    26 tackle 11

    Goals: S de Jong, Poulson (Ajax)
    Assists: S de Jong
    Yellows: None

    The 2nd match of the day was a much more spirited one. With Southhampton amounting the pressure from the very beginning whistle able to Osvaldo having a go very early in the ball game but unable to put it on target. Mins later Southhampton were given a special delivery by myCB Moisander and put a nice shot on target but could not capitalize. Ajax soon would counter with a few opportunities from Poulsen, Sana, Serero but were unable to strike the net. After dealing wi a 20 min assault from Southhampton. Ajax was able to settle in and find their stride. Poulson was able to put the away side up 1-0 with a strike just inside the box for a 1-0 lead in the 41st min. Ajax would go into the half with a 1-0 lead. 11 mins into the second half Poulson intercept a bad pass from the southhampton side and counter with a nice lobbed through pass to a running S de Jong just outside the box he fired a laser from the right side across into the left 90' in the 56th min making the score 2-0 Ajax. Both team would have some nice chances but could not finish them off. Ajax would advance with a 3-0 aggregate line. GG Lucky!
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