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The 2014 Draft Update

Discussion in 'The Longest Yard' started by charter04, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Here is a look at how the players drafted in the top ten of our first draft have done so far in their careers.

    #1 overall RB Lache Seastrunk New York Giants
    88 overall 3031 yards rushing and 39 td's
    -It was a shock when he was taken #1 overall. He had a great rookie year but, injuries have hurt him some. He was having a good year this year until he got
    injured again.

    #2 overall DE/LB Jedevion Clowney Green Bay Packers
    82 overall(not sure what he would be as a DE) 38 TFL 19 sacks 1 FF
    -He was moved to LB this year. 6'6 4-3 LB. LOL You don't see that too much. He has also has some injuries.

    #3 overall WR Marqise Lee Chiefs
    85 overall 2522 rec yards and 24 TD's
    -He has been very productive. Seems to have been worth the trade the Chiefs made to move up and take him.

    #4 overall LT Taylor Lewan Falcons
    84 overall 19 Pcakes 18 sacks allowed
    -I think this was a CPU pick. He has not lived up to how high he was picked either way.

    #5 overall MLB CJ Mosley Titans
    82 overall 19 TFL 2 sacks 5 ints
    -Mosley has been a solid player for the Titans. Not sure if he was worth #5 though.

    #6 overall RB De'Anthony Thomas Cardinals
    89 overall 3226 rushing yards and 27 tds
    -When healthy Thomas has been a very good all purpose back. Seems to be a good pick at 6.

    #7 overall WR Sammy Watkins Buccaneers
    79 overall 1963 rec yards and 7 tds
    -The jury is still out on Watkins. He has been solid but, not spectacular. He might be more productive with team that threw more to WR and less to TE's.

    #8 overall SS Craig Loston Bills
    90 overall 14 TFL 3 ints 11 defl 6 ff
    -Loston has really developed into a solid player. He was drafted to fit as two man under defense. He still fits good in the new Bills coaches scheme.

    #9 overall LG Cyril Richardson Colts
    94 overall 17 Pcakes and 6 sacks allowed
    -Richardson was a good pick here. Even though guards aren't usually top ten picks he has become one of the NFL's best.

    #10 overall FS Terrance Brooks Ravens
    84 overall 5 TFL 5 int's 1 defl
    -Brooks might have been a reach here. He hasn't been as productive as some of the other safeties picked in the first round. Maybe he can get better.

    There you have it. What does everyone think. Seems we did pretty good with our top ten picks.
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  2. ptsbx1

    ptsbx1 Walk On

    Jan 2, 2014
    sammy watkins sucks. If he could actually get open id pass to him more. haha
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  3. JSimms

    JSimms TLY Season 1 Champs!

    Oct 25, 2009
    Vikings picked MLB Dan Fox at #30 in the 2014 Draft. His statistics don't really show it, but he's progressed into a very good starting MLB for the #1 D in the league. 84 OVR, 90 TAK, 82 SPD, 84 ACC, 92 AWR, 89 BSH, 90 PUR, 90 PRC. He doesn't play as many snaps due to his lack of coverage skills, but is a great run stopper.
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  4. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Was #1. Looks like the Pats are #1 again. :)
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