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**The 2016 Official NFL Mock Draft**

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by gian, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. gian

    gian Walk On

    Sep 23, 2014
    So there has been much wide spread speculation and hype coming into this year's draft. The Chicago bears who have been a pretty good team for slightly half decade will have their first number one overall pick since 1947, which is also the highest pick they've had since taking Cedric Benson in 2005 @4. Also another shocking surprise this season was that a lot of teams that have been predominantly successful over the years took turns for the worse, such as the Steelers, Saints and surprisingly the Broncos who made the superbowl just a few seasons ago. This year's draft has multiple star players that cab change the direction of a franchise and you can bet every team is hoping they can get at least one of them this year. I would like to say good luck to ask the teams drafting and also to all the players looking forward to furthering their careers in the sport they love. Now for the moment you've been waiting for the 2016 Mock Draft...

    CHICAGO BEARS select first overall and they have a ton of needs. I initially thought they would go qb here for sure but then realized they resigned cutler to a five year extension, so I immediately turned my eyes to the glaring wholes on defense. They can go two different ways here by either selecting olb or cb as those are their biggest needs, and I came down to them taking a cb because with an aging cb and another still unproven why not select someone who is going to be a superstar right away bc its in his blood.

    Chicago #1- G.Harvin/CB/Ohio State[​IMG]

    The number two overall pick belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they obviously needed to go defense as well. their biggest need is at OLB so picking D.Ball here is a no brainer bc he fits their system

    Tampa Bay #2 D.Ball/OLB/Wisconsin

    With Pittsburg at pick the and another team with a glaring whole at lb this pick was another no brainer.

    Pittsburgh #3 D.Carroll/OLB/UCLA

    Now the fourth pick is allot tricky because the bills still have Manuel on the roster but have expressed no interest in keeping him. So would they draft other positions here or well they go qb? I think they go qb. With there being a lot of speculation on who the best qb is, I think buffalo will surprise many here by taking another fsu product. I'm talking about A.Jose who returned after winning the championship last year with stunning throws and clutch performance to try for a repeat but that was cut short by injury. Now all healed and ready to play I think he can turn this buffalo team into a playoff caliber team.

    Buffalo #4 A.Jose/QB/FSU[​IMG]

    Cincinnati picks at five, and they have huge shoes in their offensive line and they desperately need someone to protect Andy Dalton. So I see them going LT here.

    Cincinnati #5 J.McNeal/LT/Pittsburgh

    Now with the sixth pick this would bee a dream come true for Tennessee native D.Gore to be selected here. With there being a huge question at qb still for the titans I think they go with a solid and familiar qb in Gore.

    Tennessee #6 D.Gore/QB/Tennessee[​IMG]

    With pick number Seven, The Oakland Raiders have to make a splash... and with there two biggest needs at QB& CB they have to pick one if those here... wait what's that? they have the 9th pick too? then that means they will definitely get the two players they want. With Houston following then and with then most likely going qb the raiders are forced to take qb here to ensure Houston doesn't steal " their guy" and FSU product A.Brewster. Brewster wasnt a house hold name until he brought his Seminoles to the championship game after standout qb A.Jose was injured in a game vs a Gore lead Tennessee team. Brewster ended up paying poorly and lost to a very stingy Penn State team who controlled the game what seemed like all day.

    Oakland #7 A.Brewster/QB/FSU


    Houston at 8 seems like it just needs to turn this franchise around and why not start at qb? And with the qb that win the championship game still available why not take him?

    Houston #8 K.Hatcher/QB/Penn State

    With Oakland back on the clock it's a no brainer to fill the biggest whole on the other side of the field at cb

    Oakland #9 A.Carpenter/CB/Pittsburg[​IMG]

    Now with Saint Louis on the clock and with many needs to fill I think they will go and solidify this defense by selecting a dt

    Saint Louis #10 L.McCoy/DT/USC[​IMG]

    San Francisco #11 M.Martinez/DT/Alabama

    Miami #12 H.Weaver/LT->RT/Wisconsin

    New Orleans #13 M.Nelson/RB/Auburn

    New York Jets #14 C.Gabbert/DT/Tulsa

    Carolina #15 D.Love/WR/LSU

    Kansas City #16 A.Boenzi/MLB/Ohio State

    Denver #17 V.Douglas/QB/Georgia

    Arizona #18 C.Benjamin/WR/Nebraska

    Philadelphia #19 D.Riddick/OLB/Texas A&M

    Minnesota #20 K.Bynes/WR/Ohio

    Atlanta #21 W.Dawkins/TE/FSU

    Buffalo #22 N.Webb/TE/Texas

    San Diego #23 S.Bishop/SS/Alabama

    New England #24 T.Gates/DE/Michigan State

    Dallas #25 A.Gutierrez/CB/Oklahoma

    Indianapolis #26 D.Sherman/SS/Miami

    Green Bay #27 G.Gibson/LG/Notre dame

    Jacksonville #28 S.Florence/C/Notre Dame

    Seattle #29 T.Harper/OLB/Oklahoma

    Baltimore #30 S.Trammell/DT/Oklahoma

    Cleveland #31 O.Harper/RB/UCLA

    Detroit #32 T.Asante/FS/Auburn
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  2. bringbackjimmy

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    Feb 10, 2009
  3. CalebMackie

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Nicely done man!
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  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Running back eh? Interesting.
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  5. GovernedSpy

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Great read :)
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  6. zeffster

    zeffster Walk On

    Nov 13, 2014
    You're spot on with that Redskins pick, man.
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