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The California Golden Bears and the unprecedented change!

Discussion in 'The Final Countdown' started by RWiacyknye, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. RWiacyknye

    RWiacyknye Walk On

    Jun 26, 2014
    With the shake up of the athletic department (Sandry Barbour) stepping down. More then a few rumblings (rumors) had been circulating that this was just the first domino in a major overhaul of the sports program. Well, those rumors have become more then just rumors. As after just one game, the Cal football team has been given a complete makeover. Out as head coach (Sonny Dykes) and the whole coaching staff! That's right, after one spring and a loss to Northwestern (26-14) at home and all members of the staff was given the pink slip.

    The new AD decided to venture into the SEC to get its next coach. The program that they had targeted was Mississippi State. The target was not Dan Mullen but one of his coaches on the offensive side. The man in charge of leading these young men through this unprecedented situation is John Hevesy. He was the Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Game/Offensive Line (since 2009).

    Due to his nonstop (24/7) prepping for the this weeks contest and digging into the recruiting process. We have not got to sit down with the new coach. That being said here is a quick breakdown of his coaching history. Before his time at Mississippi State, he was part of the Urban Myer staff (offensive line and tight ends) for Florida (National Championships), Utah (BCS win) and Bowling Green.

    I know what you are thinking, is he (Hevesy) going to stick with air raid? Here is his response, "We are going to be physical and it's going to start up front. The running game is going to be the base and its going to open up the passing oppurtunities."

    In time, I will delve deeper into the state of the program, philosophy, recruiting, the roster (the effect of the new scheme) and the plan for getting this program to the top of the PAC-12!
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