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The Cardinal Rule ( OMFL Arizona Cardinals Season 2)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachWest, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Cardinals Season 5 Preview

    Today we start with the season preview for the OMFL Arizona Cardinals. Obviously last years disaster of a season will be easy to build on. However just like the phoenix, the death of last year has brought rebirth of a new potentially more exciting season for the Cardinal Coaches, Players, and Fans. The Cardinals through The Draft, Free Agency, and the Improvement of their young players introduce a brand new team that should be considered a force atleast, even possibly contender in the NFC. Over the next few posts we will be doing a roster Analysis, starting with the Offense and Moving on to the Defense with Key Aqusitions, Losses, and Ovr Improvement Rating. It is said that if the game was won and loss on paper, there would be no reason to play the game. However, we all know that on Any Given Sunday that the team with the most Focus, Heart, and Will to win will always be able to control their futures... Cheers to a new season of the OMFL and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

  2. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Cardinals Offensive Preview

    Quarterback: B (Improved)

    With one of the lone bright spots of the season being the performance of Rookie John Skelton, the Cardinals still decided to bring in some veteran leadership in Jason Campbell too secure the position for the entire season. In addition, late in the third round they drafted big arm quarterback Bronson Patterson from Grand Valley. Overall this position had great potential before the offseason, but now can be considered a strength to be contended with.

    Key Acquisitions: Jason Campbell, Bronson Patterson
    Key Losses: Matt Lienert

    Running Back: B+ (Improved)

    Last years big back Beanie Wells returns as the Cardinals feature back with much improved skill and power. However, he is not alone, joining him is Lightinging Fast Darren Sproles to widen up the field and handle 3rd down duties. In addition, the Cardinals added via Draft converted TE Colt Stone to handle the Lead Blocker duties. Stone is a Big Athletic Fullback that will open up the holes and provide a cushion for the QB positon for the year.

    Key Acquisitions: Darren Sproles, Colt Stone
    Key Losses: Tim Hightower

    Wide Receiver and Tight End: C+ (Improved)

    Like most of the positions the wide receivers saw most of their improvement through the progression of the young players already on the roster. Hakeem Nicks and Steve Breaston remain the 1 and 2 receivers, while Andre Roberts is challenging Quinten Lawerence for the Slot Spot. Special Return man Michael Garvin is in the 4th spot while Devin Aromashodu fills out the position. At TE Travis Beckum improved greatly and new Rookie Joshua Ayers hopes to help open up some holes down field.

    Key Acquisitions: None
    Key Losses: Early Doucet

    Offensive Line: B- (Improved)

    Most games like most battles are won in the trenches. The Cardinals manage to bring back all their improved starters and in addition manage to solidify to spots of need. Back is veteran leader Alan Faneca along with up and comer Levi Brown. In addition the Cardinals picked up the big Tackle from Virginia Zach Jackson to play the right side and acquire Jacob Bell via Free Agency to play center.

    Key Acqusitions: Zach Jackson, Jacob Bell
    Key Losses: None

    This year the Arizona Cardinals were able to improve at every position through acqusition and improvement, and look forward to fielding a Faster, Smarter, and Tougher offense. If the future this core they are developing will build a new era or Cardinal Football, and bring the respect.. and possibly Championships that the Cardinal fans deserve.
  3. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010

    Cardinals Defensive Preview

    Defensive Line: B (Neutral)

    This year the Cardinals are trying to fully transition to a 4 down lineman system. Gone is tweener big man Darnell Dockett and in is 2 rookie lineman DE D. Buie and DT Warren Darter. Buie is a converted DT with a lot of top speed to keep things inside, and Darter is the new Big Man in the middle to clog up the run. The Cardinals were able to retain Justin Tuck and Dan Williams to continue to keep pressure on the QB and stop some of the best running teams in the OMFL, which also happen to be in their own division.

    Key Acquisitions: D. Buie, Warren Darter, Dwan Edwards
    Key Losses: Darnell Dockett

    Linebackers: C (Worse)

    Linebacker is one of the only positions this year where the Cardinals have noticeably less overall talent. Gone are 3-4 linebackers Joey Porter and Gerald Hayes. Though the unit has taken a hit in the top end talent, they have made several scheme improvements with young, talented, high potential additions. MLB's Hawk and Butler solidify the middle on the pack, while D. Washington a converted MLB moves over to the LOLB. Rookie Romel Shaafat though not heavily endorsed coming out of the draft, has been around the ball constantly throughout the pre-season and gets the opportunity to show what he is made of with his first start in week one.

    Key Acquisitions: A.J. Hawk, Donald Butler, Romel Shaafat
    Key Losses: Joey Porter, Gerald Hayes

    Defensive Backs: B+ (Improved)

    On defense easily the most improved unit has to be the Defensive Backfield. As the last season progressed, the Cardinals were exposed in the secondary with 3 losses coming in the final 2 mins of the game. With the improvements of D.R. Cromartie and Toler, and the additions of nickelback Michael Huff and Rookie FS Martwon Baldwin the Cardinals look to learn form their past mishaps and be more aggresive on the outside.

    Key Acquisitions: Martwon Baldwin,Michael Huff
    Key Losses: Kerry Rhodes

    The Cardinals expect to start 4 rookies this year and have one of the youngest most talented defenses in the OMFL to boot. With the average age of the starting 11 at 26, it looks like they have an oppourtunity to build of something for a long time to come.​
  4. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    The Arizona Raiders ?

    During the press conference following the Cardinals most recent win, the Head Coach and GM of the Arizona talked about his days as an assistant to Al Davis in Oakland. Just like Al, he went over the History of the Raiders and how they started off as a defeated team until the culture change grew form within, to form what now is one of the most sucessful sports teams in history. As Coachwest discussed him team, he compared some of his up and coming stars and the legends of old that they reminded him of. As a testament to these past heros and future stars, he made the following number changing announcements.

    QB Jason Campbell is now #16 - Raider Flashback Jim Plunkett

    Like Jim, Jason had high expectations coming into the league as a 1st round pick. While on struggling teams they grew trigger shy and were all but castaway for never fulfilling their potential. Coach West expects Jason to take ahold of this team, and make the most out of this rebirth opportunity. Last week Jason helped rally the struggling offense and ultimately put Cardinals in position to win the game.

    OT Zach Jackson is now #75 - Raider Flashback John Vella

    Zach Jackson is the first piece of what Coach West hopes to be one of of the most physical offensive lines in the league. Zach is a big strong OT that should open up holes for the Cardinal Running Backs, and give that extra second for the QB's to get the ball down the field. Coupled with 2 strong OG's the O Line looks to have found its mix in veteran leadership and developing this part of the team as a strength for the future.

    DT Warren Darter is now #60 - Raider Flashback Otis Sistrunk

    Otis was never regarded as a huge force in the league, but he like Warren he anchored the middle of the defensive line, and helped set the tone for the game from the first play. Tough and physical, he has already demonstrated his nose for the ball, and the power he posses in that powder keg he has. Though he may receive only minimal recognition for his efforts, the other players on defense know what type of asset it is to have this big man, flushing the rats out of the pocket.

    DE D'Ambro Buie is now #93 - Raider Flashback Greg Townsend

    Drafted by the Raiders in 83 Greg Townsend opposite side of Raider Great Howie Long, formed one of the most dominate front four units in history. Buie is expected to carry on that legacy of tormenting QB's into making huge mistakes. After already getting his first sack in his first game, he is a long way towards fulfilling that expectation for years to come.

    FS Martwon Baldwin is now #32 - Raider Flashback Jack Tatum

    Few positons on the field have more influence than FS. Jack Tatum was the first man to repsresent that truth with his hard hitting agressive play style. In his first game Martwon Baldwin continued this legacy by leading the Cardinals in tackles in their first game with 7. A tough physical FS who gets to the ball carrier quick, and can drop him even quicker, Martwon has a high bar to reach. However, if he keeps playing the way he did on Sunday, someone else may be honored to be mentioned with his name....

    High Bars have been set for all of these young players, but not so high that they can't be reached... many times before players have been associated one way or another with potential greatness. This season... we will see if that potential becomes reality

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