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The Career of Michael Woodward | FM 13

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Michael Woodward, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Thought I would do my own inspired by the other guys. I decided to start with Real Sociedad since their expectations are not high (Predicted 14th) but have some good young players and defenders who can pass from the back. I started with $0 in transfer money and 450K for wages with the expectation of a comfortable mid table finish. I loaned in Jorge Martinez from Juventus and signed Dudu from Dynamo Kyiv on a free.

    Near the end of October, here is how things look:

    LIGA BBVA_ Overview Stages.png
    Real Sociedad SAD_ Matches Schedule.png
    LIGA BBVA_ Stats Player.png
    Real Sociedad SAD_ Tactics Overview.png

    In the two losses, Sociedad took an early 2-0 lead vs Barcelona at Camp Nou in the first game of the season and appeared like they would cruise to victory over the great Catalan team but somehow, 5'7" Messi won a header over 6'0" Jose Angel which was saved by Bravo but only back to Messi who then finished from nearly the byline past the goalie. The second goal was David Villa winning a header.....The 3rd goal was 5'7" Messi again winning a header over 5'10" Estrada (in the 88th minute)....So that loss was a bit heart breaking since Barcelona should not be winning many games from Messi headers. The other loss vs Betis, Betis just tore Sociedad a new one in the first half. Socidad controlled the second half but couldn't get the ball into the net. It looked like they may come back late but they couldn't get one to go. The highlight so far was Gonzalo Castro's four goal debut vs Celta Vigo in a 5-1 win in the second game of the season. Things are looking good so far. Hopefully Sociedad can continue to perform.
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  2. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Mid December and my team is hanging in there. We have had some great comebacks and some disappointing moments as well. We were up 3-1 over Betis after our first leg in Spanish Cup but didn't show up in the second leg and went down 3-0. However, a stern team talk and some alterations and the team scored 1 to put us in position for what looked like extra time until Carlos Vela struck in the 90th+2 for the win. We had a disappointing moment when we played Valencia and absolutely dominated but could only draw 2-2. We had 60% possession, 18 shots and 4 clear cut chances compared to Valencia's 6 shots and 2 clear cuts. The positive is we did that at the Mestalla which is an impressive feat. We also had a disappointing draw with Atletico as their only goal was a penalty in which our young midfielder showed his youth by sliding through the back of the Atletico player. We had 56% possession and 9 shots to their 8 in that one and did pretty well to shut Falcao out.
    LIGA BBVA_ Overview Stages-2.png

    As you can see, the young Frenchman Griezmann is getting a lot of assists which is a bit surprising as he seems to shoot at first sight of goal. Oh well.
    LIGA BBVA_ Stats Player-2.png

    Some interesting firings. Jurgen Klopp is out at Borussia Dortmund. Brendon Rodgers it out at Liverpool. Sam Allardyce out at West Ham.

    The English Premier League is in shambles.
    English Premier Division_ Overview Profile.png
    Liverpool barely outside relegation, Arsenal in 10th, Man U in 9th, QPR, Aston Villa, and Reading in Euro spots? Come on.

    Got this little present in my mailbox about a month ago.
    Michael Woodward_ News Inbox.png

    7.25M isn't a whole lot but when I started with $0, I feel like it's a ton. I have used it to sign a young, 16 year old Belgian striker, as youth seems to be the Real Sociedad way, who I could approach to sign for $1 mil in compensation. I have my youth facilities being upgraded to top notch currently so I need top notch youngsters and for $1 million, I felt this guy was worth it.

    Siebe Schrijvers_ Overview Profile.png

    He needs some stamina, a little strength, some agility and some off the ball but at only 16, he has time to get all those things.

    I used $5.5M more to sign a solid, physical, good passing center back in case of injuries as I have some important injuries already which are racking up.

    Cheikhou Kouyaté_ Overview Profile.png

    Both players will join January 2nd and will be welcomed, especially Kouyate since my midfield is going down like flies and Kouyate can play in midfield. I have a few players not playing and a few who want to leave so I'm trying to earn enough to sign transfer listed Sidney Sam. I feel like he could be moved to striker and could really tear it up.

    Sidney Sam_ Overview Profile.png

    His club want $3.9 million for him which I think is a bargain. We'll see if I can find it since I only have about $800K after adjusting budgets.
  3. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    LIGA BBVA_ Overview Stages-3.png

    Wahoooooo ended up fighting to 4th, slightly thanks to a lot of slip ups by Atletico but 72 points is still pretty solid. Unfortunately, I have been drawn against Inter Milan to qualify for the Champions League :( Standard and Metalist play each other...I couldn't get either of them? I have to get Inter Milan? The next team in line was Manchester United though so I guess I got sorta lucky. I ended up being able to loan in Sidney Sam (I had wanted to sign him) and he scored some goals to help us on our way.

    Real Sociedad SAD_ Matches Schedule-3.png
    Here's the last fixtures. As you can see, in December, we had a really rough patch, concluding with an ass kicking by Real Madrid but a team talk straightened the ship and we started playing good defense, having numerous shut outs and 1-0 wins and actually beat Real Madrid at the end (although they played mostly back ups).

    Michael Woodward_ News Inbox-2.png
    I was pleasantly surprised with this although I would have still preferred to have automatically qualified for the Champion's League rather than win personal awards.

    Michael Woodward_ News Inbox-3.png

    Michael Woodward_ News Inbox-5.png
    Michael Woodward_ News Inbox-6.png

    Not terrific but not bad....I would have gotten a lot more if I had automatically qualified for the Champions League. I was surprised to see that finishing 4th in La Liga only awards you with $5 million and some odd change. The Premiership is quite a bit more than that.

    R. Sociedad_ Boardroom Confidence.png
    Spain_ Overview Season Summary.png
    Spain_ Overview Season Summary-2.png

    So that's the season summary. In the next post, I will highlight my signings for season 2. I have made quite a few and am a little worried I may have completely demolished our team chemistry by making too many signings but we shall see soon I suppose.

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