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The Carousel and Job Security - Official Report #2

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by vatechhokie01, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    Job Security and The Carousel - Contract Years

    Warm Up the Interview Suit... You Suck!

    Bonner, Rice, HC, 45% (4-7)
    Rice doesn't like him. And he has already thrown in the towel, saying goodbye. Bad relationship with not enough results. This is the end of the line for Coach Bonner.

    Should Get Renewal at Bad Program, but this is EA Sports... Good luck!


    Total Horseshit if Fired!...But Ya Just Never Know, Do ya?

    Plague, North Texas, HC, 56% (5-4)
    Coach Plague wishes he had Bulldog's administration. With eerily similar seasons, conferences, and success at a horrid program, it would be a travesty to not re-sign Scott. We think he takes a jump at end of year and gets another chance with NT... but we wouldn't bet our lives (or even $2) on it.

    You want to re-sign right now Coach?

    Mullen, Bowling Green, HC, 52% (9-2)
    Listen. The MAC sucks and Coach Mullen isn't exactly a beacon of integrity with how he runs the BG program. But even we have to believe that the approval rating takes a huge jump at the end of the season. That or there really is some behind-the-scenes tom-foolery going on that the scares the administration away.

    Mormon, Wyoming, HC, 61% (7-3)
    He will be resigned. I don't like Mormons. And I don't like the fact that this is the worst user-user coach in the country. But he will be resigned. 7-3 is the perfect trajectory for the 2nd yr coach. No-brainer.

    Tanner, Tulane, HC, 68% (7-3)
    On is way up finally. Questions continue with his ability to ever get out of Coach Weaver's shadow, but fans love him: both for turning around the school and for promoting men prancing around in tight hot pants, smiling uncontrollably, and yelling stupid poems out

    Bulldog, ULL, HC, 76% (4-5)
    Record declines while rating goes up? While it seems true that this is a tad mysterious, what is not mysterious is Coach Bulldog is exceeding expectations at a horrible program. Decent recruiting and conference success are helping cause. He'll be back!

    Non-Contract Year Coaching Notes:

    Gramps, WKy, HC, 44% (3-7)
    Has one more year left on contract but will they keep him? Some say things haven't really improved... including recruiting. Yikes. Will be close.

    Goose, Akron, HC, 51% (4-6)
    We think this low approval is a travesty. Coach Goose has done nothing but exceed expectations (both on the field and on the recruiting trail) with arguable the most horrid team in the league. We say with a win over Boise and signing 4-star recruits gets Goose his last year... a year of turnaround.

    Heath Hale, WashSt, O-Coord, 65% (3-8)
    Hasn't impressed at all but is on a horrid team (def still 118th in nation) and with little to work, is still vastly exceeding contract demands. Won't be fired, but will some boner offer him a job? Rumors have circulated that he might be in line for the head job (Paul Wulff sits at 32%) but a most curious 71% approval rating for horrid DefCoord Coach Ball suggest they might look there first. One thing is certain: he absolutely hates Pullman.

    The Ravishing One, SJSU, HC, 80% (5-6)
    He's still working his magic in San Jose. Some say the high approval is stupid. We say you clearly haven't met The Ravishing One.

    Weave, UTEP, HC, 78% (10-1)
    Curious why we don't find a perfect 100% approval at such a turnaround. Is this the universities way of holding a few cards in knowing Coach Weaver isn't a UTEP loyalist? Unsure, but despite Coach Weaver's own comments to the contrary, we here gotta believe Coach Weaver jumps to a better job in the offseason. He surely deserves it.

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  2. Goose

    Goose Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Word around Northeast Ohio is that Akron is real close on signing a Monster recruit. Stay tuned.
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  3. mmullen8

    mmullen8 Walk On

    Jul 12, 2010
    Goose you are making a recruiting juggernaut over there. well done sir.

    nice feature commish, even if your jokes are as stale as popcorn farts

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