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Information The Cathedral: A NCAA & Madden Experience (Home)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by vatechhokie01, May 6, 2011.

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  1. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    The Faith Creed
    We believe in the great game of football
    We believe it to be the greatest sport on the face of the earth.
    We believe that by playing this ridiculous video game we might actually increase that belief,mature our
    faith, and further bring honor to this glorious game.
    We believe we best demonstrate this faith by playing the game as realistically, honorably, and
    legitimately as is humanly possible. To that end...
    We believe in caring for one another and the league more than we care for ourselves.
    in treating others with respect, selflessness, and humility
    in not cheating, cheesing or stat-grabbing
    in expecting to, and not caring when, we lose
    in not crying like a little girl, playing like a d-bag or continually being negative Nancy
    in building friendships, engaging in witty banter, and spending way too much time creating
    elaborate fictitious stories about how Mormon was fired from his head coaching job for cheating on his 8 wives with a non-Mormon non-polygamous woman
    But as much as we believe in this great game of football, we believe in some things even greater still:
    Things like taking care of our wife (or obviously wives in Mormon's case), spending time with our kids,
    and making sure our friends are honestly doing alright in this struggle we call life.
    Welcome to the Cathedral. Do you believe?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    General Description
    The Cathedral is a hybrid NCAA & Madden league based on friendship, commitment, and depth. For the college game, we participate in the excitement of the Coaching Carousel by each choosing to be one of the worst teams in college football. In Madden, we pick who we wish. In addition, we move quickly and require constant involvement/forum-activity.
    But regardless of setup, we come to give instead of take, to laugh instead of cry, and most importantly... to make fun of mullen for being a wee little man with a gay lisp.
    Team Conference Tradition ID Name(s)[/SIZE][/FONT]
    FIU/Patriots CUSA/AFC East Goose Goose[/SIZE][/FONT]
    San Jose St/Bears MAC/NFC North krbonn76 Bonner[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Kent St/Browns MAC/AFC North Pro Pro[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Mid Tenn St/Texans Sun Belt/AFC South Brettmonty Brett[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Buffalo/Bengals MAC/AFC North Luke Luke[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Western KY/Raiders Sun Belt/AFC West G Morg Glenwood[/SIZE][/FONT]

    General Tradition and Gameplay
    First, for all things involved on Tradition Sports, in this dynasty, and on our forums... you MUST have an understanding of and agree with absolutely everything in this...

    If you have not read or are not willing to read this, or if you are not willing to understand, conform to, and play by every one of these rules and policies, you absolutely should not join.

    League Culture Statement:
    Playing video game football with friends is amazing. We are nerds. And it is amazing. This said, often one of the biggest challenges in this endeavor is to not become overly competitive a-holes who cry over every loss and put ourselves over our opponent, friendships, and the league. To this end, this league is committed to losing well. Everyone will lose. And every time you lose, it will not be because your opponent was unsim.

    We have (and continue to stay committed to) assembled a group that knows and cares for one another. Make sure this comes into your gameplay. Assume the best. Know the guy you are playing is a good guy. Lose well. And move on to the next game. It's video game football.

    Best rule of thumb for losing well: When you lose, take 24hrs before you comment on the game in the forums. It works almost every time!

    Formal Procedure for Issuing Complaint over Gameplay
    Here is the required order of procedure when you believe a user has played unfairly:
    1. Do not post in the forums! Specifically (we are all probably guilty of this), do NOT post some passive aggressive side-jab ("hey, good game... especially the throwing to your tight tend part :)"). This is cowardly (and will be immediately deleted by me). If you have a real problem, deal with it. If you don't, let it go.
    2. If you do see a legitimate problem, deal with the individual directly through the game or PMs first. If you aren't willing to do this, your complaint isn't serious enough. Again... care enough about the league and the others to do this. And don't let one game ruin a league for you or others.
    3. If you cannot find closure or agreement with the user, PM the commissioners PRIVATELY!. Make sure to have statistics, videos, etc. Don't just give hearsay (yea, he threw to his slot the whole game).
    In summary: never post accusations on the forums and always assume the best in moving on well and respecting the other guy.

    Advance Schedule
    We will advance either:
    • Every 48hrs (hard advance, no excuses) OR
    • When all members are ready
    Note: People will get simmed. And people must be ok to get simmed. We begin and invite only diehards. If you can’t play every 48hrs... you can’t play.

    Activity & Forum Presence
    Simply put, you must remain regularly active in forums, discussions, write-ups, content, etc. or you will be removed from the league. The reason we are here is to be football nerds and to be involved with one another and the league.

    Position Changes
    Position changes should be kept to a minimum and be the exception rather than part of a cheesy and constant strategy. We do not change fast but small/short LBs to DEs, tall but light WRs to TEs, and fast and agile RBs to FBs, etc. (Your FB better not have 90-something speed!)

    Examples of some acceptable changes are: o-linemen to different o-linemen positions, athletes to their best suited position, FS to SS, etc. To eliminate controversy, All position changes must be requested for review by the commissioners.

    Note: Rule Change - Punters must be punters and Kickers must be kickers. No swapping unless you can submit real-life evidence that your specific current kicker does both. No exceptions otherwise. Better recruit both!

    You may only redshirt incoming freshmen or those coming out of a season-ending injury year. Don’t be gay. If you want to redshirt a Junior cuz your recruiting sucks, you probably need to withdraw from Tradition Football.

    As this is a Coaching Carousel league and you are the coach, you will be picking/creating a playbook that you will carry with you throughout your career. Choose wisely, but understand well the following rules addressing Custom Playbooks:
    1. Do not be gay or un-sim or we will remove this feature immediately (if anyone adds the Emory Henry I am going to boot you)
    2. We never use custom defensive play books
    3. If you get fired or transfer schools, you must retain your offensive playbook with the option to choose either the new school's existing defensive playbook or your previous school's defensive playbook
    4. Under NO circumstances can you change a playbook wholesale mid-season. What you report and start with at the beginning is what you are stuck with. Minor changes and updates are allowed but refer to rule 1 for each to these and all changes should be reported to commissioner in forums. Sim is the goal.
    5. There are times between seasons/jobs when you would scrap an entire playbook and style of offense for a new one. If you are interested in doing this, you MUST a) message me the reason and b) it better be good (i.e. your offense was horrendous) and include c) stats and research. If you are approved for a change, you will then be REQUIRED to submit a full-length article on the forums, creating a story for the reason the coach has switched playbooks. This proposal, approval, and article are required for switching defensive playbooks as well. But regardless, switching entire playbooks should happen very rarely and be with good causeto play.
    Players leaving
    We want to keep some level of realism with the ability for guys to enter the draft or transfer schools. To do this, the following rules will be heavily enforced:

    You may NOT talk a player out of the NFL draft if:
    • the player won the heisman
    • the player won a end of season award
    • the player’s OVR > 93
    You MAY talk a player out of transferring if:
    • he is coming out of a redshirt year
    • he is coming out of an serious injury (season-ending)
    • he was a legitimate starter (not 2 deep!) the past year or will be the coming year
    • Entering season 2, you must have the maximum 70 men on your roster (not below, meaning you can't cut a bunch of terrible guys to free up scholarships).
    • However, because we are new coaches at terrible schools, I will allow you to cut 6 players in our 1st off-season ONLY! This proves realistic as a new coach certainly rids himself of a few non-desireables that he never would have recruited and with Heisman recruiting at our terrible schools... much needed to clean up some garbage.
    • Transfers IN do not count towards your next year's numbers as they must sit out a year but do not forget them... cuz they will count towards the next year's class.
    Note: As terrible schools on heisman recruiting, I understand that you might not even come close to filling up your roster and might indeed be well under 70 due to lack of ability to sign. This is ok and walk-ons will be added. But we are not allowed to cut anymore than the 6 allowed. The rule is to stop everyone (mostly in later years) from cutting guys to free up schollies. Summary: you are NEVER allowed to cut any player at all except for in the first off-season you are allowed six if desired. But realize... this will drop you to possibly dangerously low numbers, which could in fact screw your depth in the future. So beware.

    Thus, the number of scholarships you are allowed to offer in year 1 (with my team as an example):

    + Current under Max 70 (2)
    + Allowed Cuts in 1st Year ONLY (6)
    + Seniors (10)
    + Transfers-Out (0)
    + Draft-Jumpers (0)

    Scholarships to Offer (2+6+10) = 18

    Important Notes: Transfers out and Draft-jumpers happen before off-season recruiting. It is up to you to decide whether to roll the dice and sign an extra guy during regular season in anticipation of this. But if you over sign in the regular season and then no one transfers or leaves... your program will be penalized.

    Running Out the Clock
    It is permissible when leading to run the play clock down and the game clock out when under 2:30 left to go in the game and not before. Before this time (and especially vs. users), all members should consistently do their best to call plays in a most timely fashion.

    "Gameplay Adjustments"
    We DO NOT USE in-game adjustments (aggressive strip, conservative carry, go-for-INT, etc) and leave all on their default settings. The ONLY exception to this is when playing a game vs. the CPU, you may turn clock to conservative when up big in the 4th quarter. This is the ONLY exception. Leave all else alone.

    QB Mobility
    Two things will NOT be tolerated with regard to QB Mobility:
    1. Crying if a guy runs his QB against you. This is college football. QBs run all the time. Get over it. Running with QBs isn't even remotely as easy or automatic as it used to be. And you surely aren't going to sit back in coverage zone the whole game and then cry when QBs run on you. Especially if the dude has an athletic QB. This said...
    2. Unsim QB running will clearly not be tolerated. If a QB runs, aside from designed rollouts or honest and obvious heat from one side that pushes you out of the pocket, it should almost always be a run through the tackles. But to add to this, if you are running your QB regularly, he better be athletic and part of your system...
    But again, if a guy simply rolls the pocket on you and runs around for a TD once a game... get over it. It happens all the time.

    Good Rules of Thumb:
    -if you are hiking the ball on a called pass play and then immediately taking off with no pressure (especially around the tackle/TE)... this is not sim-play and will not be tolerated
    -try to run through the tackles on 90% of all QB runs
    -if your qb is a slow fat white guy... you should RARELY run (certainly not be rolling the pocket or running around the end)
    -if you are playing a mobile QB (do your research!), know that he is going to run and then stop him. Don't cry.

    Throwing to Slots, TEs, and RBs
    As with QB Mobility, passing to slot receivers, TEs, and RBs is a realistic part of football. With this, 2 things will not be tolerated:
    1. Crying because a guy throws to his slots, TEs, and RBs. Get over it. This said...
    2. We will not tolerate unsim utilization of slots, TEs, and RBs. What this means is the need for mature discernment and discretion (a.k.a be sim!).
    • In other words, if the guy you are playing's best player is his Tight End (do your research!), he is going to throw to him... a lot. Stop him. However, if your TE is terrible, he should not be used more than once or twice per game.
    • With Slot Receivers, they are clearly NOT your best receivers (and we do not put our best WRs in the slot on the depth chart) and as such this requires restraint. Slots are used all the time. But slots should not regularly (and not in user games!) have the most catches or dominate your games. I know... Wes Welker exists. But so does the reality that slots in video games are hard to replicate. Use your slots. When your competition uses theirs... don't cry. But be reasonable. Your WR1 and WR2 should lead your team in receptions. However, and again... Don't cry when the slot on the team your playing catches a TD. It happens! Stop making excuses and step up and win!
    • The same discretion should be utilized with Running Backs. If you (or your opponent) has a small shifty pass-catching RB, watch out. But if your offense is a pro-style big back power run game, this should be reflected in the pass-catching RB department.
    Summary: If you're opponent throws a TD to his tight end and/or running back, get the ball and go score and beat him. Don't cry. And as a player, if every time you play a user the only people to catch TD passes on your team are slots, tight ends, and RBs... you're a loser. Stop.

    Other Extreme Points of Emphasis Drawn From Tradition Boards
    Note: Understand this or you will not be around long!
    • We do not do ANY autosim-play. You control all play-calling and all player movement until the final whistle. This means you are not to utilize the Ask Corso or auto-play-calling features ever.
    • We mix up play-calling and do not use repetitive “money” plays.”
    • Only appropriately and conservatively do we audible and put guys in-motion ourselves (meaning when it is not part of the auto-play). When we do audible, we give the defense a second to audible themselves. If you are manipulating the game by motioning and audiblng every play... you should quit now.
    • We allow both user catches and user defensive back play in this league.
    • We do not hot-route into “gimme” routes. We hot-route based on coverages.
    • Faking kicks: We punt and kick field goals unless it is clearly a possibility that one might go-for-it in real life. There is 2 comments here: (1) If it is even CLOSE to a questionable call, you pause the game and ask the opponent if it is ok. If he says it is not, you kick. And (2) We are not completely against fake punts or fake FGs but this better be absolutely rare and seldom used. If you use it in a totally unrealistic place or more than twice in a season, you are an idiot and will be booted. If you fake a kick, please notify me after the game so I can keep track of this.
    • We do not score 80 and 90 points in games. If you go over 70 EVER... it better be once and it better be against a cupcake and by the 3rd quarter.
    • If you are up by 28 at the half or 21 in the 4th, you better be using your entire 2nd-team roster. We do not keep our 1st string in when we are whipping someone. This is crap and if you are wanting to do this, you do not belong on Tradition and you will be booted.
    • We do not stat-grab. This does not mean that you can’t go for the Heisman. It does mean that if your RB or WR (or both!) have unrealistic stats, you do not belong on Tradition and will be booted.
    • Proper option etiquette: On offense, if you do not pitch the ball until you have been wrapped up by a defender, you must immediately run out of bounds at the line of scrimmage or behind. This is gay.
    • Don’t blitz all the time. This is stupid. Mix it up and be realistic.
    • Players play their positions and pre-snap movement on defense must be held to line and formation shifts. (i.e. if you like to move your DE to the other side or your FS up to the line every play...than you do not belong on Tradition and will be booted)
    • If your game freezes or you get booted or restarts... you must immediately write a detailed write-up in the forums on what the score was, what happened, and what you think should be done. If this happens regularly, you will be simmed without question. If you quit a game because you are a losing, you do not belong on Tradition and you will be booted.
    Final Note: ALL of this (EVERY BIT) is addressed in Tradition’s General Rules and Expectations. Know these and agree or you will be booted.
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    Feb 9, 2009
    Thanks for the memories.... not sure what you are looking for, but you won't find another site like this anywhere on the web. If you can't get it done here, I doubt things will be different elsewhere.

    Good luck though... cheers.
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