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The CoC Official Recruiting Help Guide.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bamaboiking, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Bamaboiking

    Bamaboiking Walk On

    Jul 6, 2009
    The CoC Official Recruiting Help Guide.

    Ok I see alot of people are struggling to even pull in top 50 classes even for the 5-6* teams in the dynasty except for The Bama's of the world. Here are a few guides ive found that has rescued my recruiting the last two season after the 8 recruit class of season 1. Read the guides and hopefully form and adjust a strategy to fit you as i have.

    Guide 1

    *Always keep your recruiting board full. Even if you don't call them, just having them on the board gets you points.

    *Focus on your top 10. I allocate all of my time to my top 10 (1 hour each). Only if I have a big lead will I reduce the time for a player in my top 10. When you get some early commits, then you can move on to the next recruit on your board.

    *Use your promises judiciously. There are four ways to avoid a bad topic. 1) Skip topic 2) Offer scholarship 3) schedule visit 4) make a promise. How you use these will be a big factor in how successful you are recruiting. Skip topics are the only ones that get replenished each week. So almost always use these first. On the otherhand, you don't want to wait too many weeks before you offer a scholarship and schedule a visit. I usually shoot for a around week 7 for my visits, and will have offered a scholarship by the time of the visit. Week 7 is good because its early enough that it is unlikely that the recruit will have comitted anywhere else by then (unless it was an impulsive decision), but late enough that you'll know which things to pitch during the visit. Save your promises for when you are stuck (have no more skip topics). The exception being if you're near the home stretch and the recruit is close to a decision; then throw everything that you've got at him.

    *Early on, don't hard sell topics unless you've already unlocked the recruits interest in the topic. Early on, the knowledge is worth more than the extra points you get blindly hard selling. Late in the process, however, a blind hard sell might be the right move.

    *If you really want to go all out for a recruit, you can just completely abandon the "find interest". Instead, just write down how many points you get when you blindly hard sell and then you have a good idea what his interest is in the topic. But this is a pain in the ***, and in total would only gain you a couple hundred extra points.

    *Never use a promise during a call with a recruit that has the x2 next to his picture. Pitching a bad topic will probably still get you close to the same amount of points as making a promise. Avoid scholarship offers and scheduling visits too.

    *If you are in a two horse race with a recruit, make sure to use the comparison pitch whenever possible. Even if the recruit has "very low" interest in a topic, you can still rack up a lot of points if there is a big gap between your grade and the other school's grade. Plus 40 for you and minus 40 for them is the same as plus 80 for you. One week I destroyed Texas Tech so bad that I earned an achievement.

    *Late in the season, when you have recruiting time to spare, negative recruit against your rivals even if you have no intention of offering the player a scholarship. The "Recruiting Reports" is a free timesaver (and also one that doesn't really feel like cheating). You can see which recruits every school is targeting and how much time they are allocating to them. Find some recruits that your rivals are in tight battles for, and ruin their chances. In the end, maybe this doesn't really do much for your team, but it is very gratifying.

    *If you are USC, or any team from the SEC, make sure that you utilize the special "Cadillac Escalade" promise.

    Guide 2
    Most of this is common sense, but I figured I would include it anyway. I'm by no means "great" at recruiting yet, however I've had success by doing the following. I know it's long, any feedback would be great!

    Unlike previous years, it didn't hurt to add all 35 players to your recruiting board, now it is and will negatively impact your chance at recruiting those stud players.

    First off, you have to understand the recruiting process.

    At any time a player may commit to a team depending on their interest level with that team. Players are more likely to commit and have higher interest with teams in their general area, (FL players will favor schools like FU, FS, and so on...).

    When you begin your pre-season you will be prompted to recruit and do some other things like red shirt and depth chart, but by far the most important thing is recruiting.

    Recruiting (Pre-Season)

    1. Identify your teams needs
    You can find this out by viewing the recruiting menu, usually teams don't need a lot of positions, but it's always good to remember to fill the holes when the time comes.

    2. Identify YOUR needs
    This step is mainly a personal one of the user. I would mainly base this off of your type of play style and your team's lack of, on your roster.

    For example: I like to run the ball often, so I would first identify my offensive line's skills as well as my fullback and running back. If my RG and RT are in the mid-70 overall area, I would look to improve that area. Heading into recruiting I would look at linemen who fit the criteria of an obtainable...

    3. Obtaining 4 and 5 star caliber players
    Always know your school's prestige caliber. Top-tier schools have 5 and 6, but some teams who are good, still have low prestige (Cal). If you have 1-3 star prestige, you might be able to snag 1-2, 4 star players in your first year, but work on building it up.

    I never fill my recruiting board. With a maximum of 10 hours given per week, it's very difficult to express interest in all 35 recruits. In fact, you are wasting your time. Given the time it takes to actually persuade a player, I would highly recommend a 10-14 player recruiting board. This makes it much easier to go after high value players.

    Knowing what players to add to your board can sometimes be difficult. The first thing you want to look at is their interest level. If they have interest in you and your in the Top 3, you have a good chance a getting them, unless the #1 team on their list is very ahead of you by a large margin. However this is rare and I would take the chance if he was in your top 3, even if you were trailing.

    Once you've chosen your recruits and advance to week 1, it's time to start calling away. First thing I normally do, is start with the QB. Going in order seems to be a lot simpler and easier to keep track of where you are at.

    Let me give you an example of how I approached a 5-star caliber Quarterback.

    I am currently #1 on his interest level (Miami), but Florida State isn't far behind with only a -40 difference. With the levels being very close, it is important that I made this guy my number 1 recruit. I first drop 60 minutes into him, 50 minutes a spend unlock pitches. Unlocking pitches early on is very crucial, you don’t want to be pissing in the wind come week 5 when it’s crunch time. I don’t wait long to offer him a scholarship, so in this instance I do it in the first week, you can do it in week two, but I haven’t seen any noticeable differences in waiting. Having the recruiting difficulty of Heisman usually means that they (CPU or USER) will offer him a scholarship in the 1st or 2nd week, so it is essential to do so now. Gaining around 500 points isn’t bad to start out with in the first week, as I did so here.

    Week by Week process of the recruiting phase. I’m going to spend 60 minutes throughout the whole season on this recruit since he is #1 on my list.

    Pre-season: See the aforementioned notes.

    Week1: 50 minutes spent unlocking topics. 10 minutes scholarship offer.

    Week2: 60 minutes unlocking topics.

    Week3: Spend time unlocking pitches and/or make pitches on topics that are already unlocked and are high, very high, or most important to the player.

    Week4: Similar to week 3, however if I have the opportunity to schedule him, I will do so now. Schedule him for later on in the season (only if he isn’t anywhere near signing yet, top 8 or above). If there are any rivalries, try to book them.

    Week5: Keep hammering away at pitches, at this time you should have a good idea on where you stand with him and his other schools.

    Week6: If other schools are close to you or ahead, make a promise to the player, this should significantly boost his interest. Note: make the promise on a low topic of interest, don’t waste it on a high one. If a player has a high interest in “Pro Potentialâ€, it would be a good idea to make a promise that relates to that. You are limited to the types of promises you can give, but in later years of your dynasty more will start to unlock.

    Week 7-15: The prospect by now should be at Top 3, this is usually how it turns out, if you are keeping up with him you shouldn’t have him drop from his initial interest level.

    Guide 3
    Going to Keep this one to myself for now unless people still stink.
  2. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    Nice job, maybe this will help
  3. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    this guide sucks!!!

    just joking. great job bama
  4. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    i been using Guide 2 since the first season to get players that fit my system. That's why my record has improved every year. Still a ways off but i'm making progress in the ACC
  5. Bamaboiking

    Bamaboiking Walk On

    Jul 6, 2009
    basically use the guide to get the bulk of your top recruits 4-5 stars then around week 7-8 you focus on role players back ups depth, 4-3 stars for some. not like years past where you can get super loaded classes. more realistic if you look at real life classes, they are built that way.

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