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The Cradle's "Buzz" Coaching Change System

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ociu, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. ociu

    ociu Hoosier for Life.

    Mar 4, 2010
    The Cradle's "Buzz" Coaching Change System

    “The Buzz†Coaching Change System

    As the Cradle of Coaches, the MAC, is known for creating some of the biggest name coaches in NCAA history, we hope that in your time in The Cradle, you can go from a lowly Grad Assistant to being mentioned with the Bo’s and the Woody’s of the world. As such, we have built an innovative Coaching Change system that allows for coaching changes to be made in a structured and objective way. The system rewards the best coaches in the league (both in involvement and actual ability) and allows for changes that keep the offseason fresh and exciting.
    • Each Cradle member is responsible for keeping his or her own Buzz Point (BP) totals for each week.
    • As he is just as busy as everyone else, the Commish is not responsible for keeping your BP totals. Each member must submit a BP report to the Commish every 6 game weeks in order for the points to be counted towards BP totals. A BP template will be made available to each Cradle member to make submission as easy as possible.
    • BP will be totaled at the end of each season.
    • BP are reset after individual takes a new job.
    (System subject to change)
    In Game Points:
    As we’re here to play the game, the brunt of points earned will be earned on the field. Users receive points for wins (weighted for how important,
    We recognize that all wins are not created equal and that a win over Eastern Kentucky shouldn’t be treated the same way that a road win over your rival should. As such, you can receive Bonus points for Big Wins. In the NCAA, a coach can liven up the fanbase and create some huge media buzz with even just one big win, and we think that our system reflects that with its bonus system.
    Point values:
    5 points for a win

    Big Win Bonuses
    o +2 for Road win
    o Rank Bonuses (Receive only one per win)
    • +1 for win over top 25 opponent
    • +2 for top 10 win
    • +3 for top 5 win
    o +1 for win over Rival (Trophy Win)
    o +1 for “Game of the Week†win
    o +1 for user win

    Let’s look at a couple examples so you can know how to assign point values.

    • User 1, playing as East Carolina, has a game coming up against #3 Florida at the Swamp. If he wins, he receives 5 points for the win, 2 for it being on the road, and 3 for a top 5 win for a total of 10 points.
    • User 2 beats User 3 on the road. User 3’s team was ranked in the top 25, and the game was named The Cradle “Game of the Week†by the league itself. As such, user 2 receives 5 points for the win, 1 point for it being over a user, 2 for it being on the road, 1 for it being over a top 25 opponent, and 1 for it being the Cradle GOTW for a total of 9 points. If U2’s and U3’s schools were rivals, U2 would receive 1 extra BP for it being a Trophy Win.
    Weekly Awards:
    Point Values:
    • +1 for Conference Player of the Week
    • +3 for National Player of the Week

    Note: You receive one or the other for one player. If a player receives both the National Player of the Week and the Conference Player of the Week award, his coach receives the 3 points for the NPOW award.

    Season (Cumulative) Points:
    • +10 for Conference Championship win
    • +5 for Conference Championship Appearance (Loss)
    • Bowl Game
      [*]+5 for Non-BCS Bowl Game Appearance (Loss)
      [*]+10 for Non-BCS Bowl Game Win
      [*]+10 for BCS appearance (Loss)
      [*]+15 for BCS Win
      [*]+5 for National Championship win​
    Individual Player/ Coach Awards
    • +5 for Heisman
    • +3 for Position Awards
    • +1 for All-Cradle Team member
    • +5 for Cradle Coach of the Year
    • +5 for the yearly Cradle Sportsmanship Award
    Involvement Points
    At the Cradle, we want you to stay as involved as possible. We do recognize that each of you have individual lives away from your Xbox 360, and you won’t be penalized for not being unreasonably active. However, we do want to recognize and reward our most active members, so active forum members and good sports will receive bonus BP to motivate them to stay involved.
    • For each 3 end of game recaps an individual posts, he will receive a point. These should be incredibly easy to post with EA’s new Dynasty features, so you really have no excuse to not get all these points at the end of the year. If a member at the end of the year posts 12 recaps, he receives 4 extra BP.
    • If each member of the league votes in a weekly poll (Cradle Game of the Week, End-of-year polls, etc), each member of the Cradle will receive a point.
    • For simply posting on the forums reasonably often, you’ll get 5 points at the end of the year.

    What Points Get You
    Coaching Changes
    Now to the exciting stuff! These points can be cashed in at the end of the year to move your coaching career forward. If you want to coach at the highest level, and if you’ve got the BP, you can!

    BP Cash-in Values

    Note: A coach must spend at least 3 years at a school to be eligible for a coaching change.

    To keep competitive balance, the two coaches with the highest BP total in each Conference will be moved a year following year 3, provided that coach applies for the coaching change. If the Coach wants to stay at his respective school, he or she doesn’t have to move, and the ability to move up will be given to the Coach with the next-highest point total in conference (provided they fit the total BP and years at program criteria).

    • A member with 200 points can move to a school with the same star value.
    • A member with 250 points can move to a +1 star school.
    • A member with 300 points can move to a +2 star school.
    • A member with 350 points can move to a +3 star school.
    • A member with 400 points can move to a +4 star school.

    Where You Can Move To

    As we want to keep this as realistic as possible, we want to keep a two-conference setup to create exciting races for the Conference Championship. Coaching Changes, obviously, complicate this. As such, pending league overrule, we’re going to keep coaching changes relegated to the Big 10 and the ACC. In the Big 10, following the entirety of coaching changes, ideally, you’ll see 6 coaches across the conference competing for the right to go to the Rose Bowl. In the ACC, following the entirety of coaching changes over the course of a few seasons, ideally, you’ll see 6 teams in the ACC (3 in the Atlantic Division and 3 in the Coastal Division).

    This system isn’t going to be perfect in its first implementation. As a result, this system entirely is subject to change.
    Other points of note:
    • You have to send the Commish a copy of your BP report. He cannot and will not keep track of your points for you.
    • The Commish may make mistakes regarding the calculation of BP values. He will post mid-year and end-of year point totals, and if your calculations don’t fit his, we’ll recheck them.
    • If we find that after year 3, no one is eligible for coaching changes, we’ll change the Cash-in Values to something more reasonable. As this system is brand new, it’s going to be an organic process to find something that will work in the long term.

    Good luck!
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