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The Dawg House

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Ben, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Ben

    Ben Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012

    Georgia Bulldogs

    The Bulldogs enter the 2015 season with high hopes. Fans in Athens are cautiously optimistic. For the first time in 5 years the Bulldogs enter a season with zero expectations. You probably think I’m crazy, but this team has a lot of underclassmen. They have an opportunity to create something special. Something the school has accomplished since 1980. Lets break down both sides of the ball and get a closer look at this years Dawgs!


    QB –
    Brice Ramsey will get the nod at QB to start the season. He has a lot
    to prove. A redshirt sophomore who played minimal minutes in 6 games last year. Fans are anxious and hoping for success because if he falters, they don’t have any other liable options.

    A strong point for the Dog point! This team has 3 running backs that could start for any team in the country. Nick Chubb will start, but look to see plenty of Keith Marshall and Sony Michel. The rushing title goes through Athens this season!

    Almost a bigger question mark than QB for the Bulldogs. Outside of senior Malcolm Mitchell, there are no other real threats. Height is a huge issue for this receiving core. They are averaging 5 ft. 8 in. in height, which is absolutely atrocious. Their tallest receiver is 6’1. A group of speedsters, but no height and sloppy hands.

    Plenty of potential here. Jay Rome and Jeb Blazevich will share snaps. The young freshman Jackson Harris will learn the offense and get some decent playing time as well. Solid group.

    Average. That’s the best way to describe this line.


    I’ll keep it simple on defense. Newly hired, head coach Mike Ditka, looks to bring his expertize to a young, struggling defense. This team has two of the best outside linebackers in all of college football. Leonard Floyd will be a top 10 pick for the upcoming NFL draft and Jordan Jenkins will definitely go first round. That’s about it though. Those are the two bright spots on the entire defense and they play the same position. The Dawgs will keep it simple and use an exotic style to try to confuse their opponent. Hopefully whatever they are planning over there at Sanford Stadium works or we are in for a long season.
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  2. Ben

    Ben Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    Georgia players and fans welcome new head coach, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, to Athens

    Mike Ditka is 75 years old and hasnt coached in 16 years, but that didnt stop him from jumping all over the chance to become the head coach down here in Athens. We got an opportunity to talk to Mike and it was interesting to say the least. Our reporter Don Morterson held the interview last tuesday night at Ditka's home. So Mike why decide to come back to coaching now and why Georgia? "Well Don, I just always loved the dogs. I love the word, I love saying the word. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. I'm sure you saw my skit on Sunday NFL Countdown, Ditka's Doghouse. I love putting things in doghouses, Don. Like Gators. When I saw the Georgia opening I had to take it. Do you understand now Don?" How do you plan on fixing the defense this year coach? "There's me. my wife, and a dog and we feed him, you know, uhm you know. He grows and then eats things like uhh Gators." Don recalls that at this moment the room was filled with smoke because Ditka was puffing on a famous Cuban Cigar. "Our team is like a Cuban. We are apart of something, but not recognized. Soon we will be. Does that make sense?" No Ditka it doesn't, but for the love of God I hope the team grasps the concept. Don ended his interview by asking Ditka what his favorite coaching memory was. "Well, uuhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I recall buying our bulldog, Bear, after we won the super bowl in '85. That was my proudest moment." Well coach. Here's to hoping that you can create better memories than that here in Georgia. Good luck Ditka!
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