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The Dawg Pound

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    An off season review:

    The Browns came out of the gate swinging, acquiring Abdulai Adenjii in a Legacy Player acquisition that left ineligible franchises frustrated and salty. Adenjii, the fastest cornerback in HaW, immediately came in with 1 purpose: To become the #1 corner for the Cleveland Browns. Recognizing the potential in up and coming K'Waun Williams and the several years of veteran leadership in new acquisition Tramon Williams, the Browns were left with an embarrassment of riches in the CB position.

    Speaking of embarrassing CBs, 1st round draft pick Justin Gilbert was shipped after just 1 (horrible year) and a less than stellar pre season to the CB needy Cowboys. The Cowboys, having just acquired Christine Michael agreed to send the HB to Cleveland for Gilbert after securing a shocking trade for Lesean McCoy. Now with Michael and Turbin in the backfield, the Browns have a 2 Headed Monster with the ex Seattle running backs, and all Seattle got was FredEx. Ouch.

    In a surprising move, the Browns traded fellow cornerback Joe Haden in what was considered a blockbuster move. With their recent drafting of Mariota, the Titans shipped promising deep ball artist Zack Mettenberger to the Browns, along with a 2016 first round pick and a 2017 second round pick. Already being called "a legitimate franchise quarterback", the Browns organization is still hurting from the Haden deal - but when a chance to free up $10mil in cap space for a promising QB, along with a couple high value picks comes into play... You have to weigh your options.

    A week 1 review (NY Jets):

    The Factory of Sadness
    is alive folks, and it's mascot are the Cleveland Browns WRs. After dropping nearly 10 passes in the loss to the NY Jets, the Cleveland fan bases forgive Mettenbergers awful stat line. Only Gordon seemed to be able to hold on to a football thrown his way, and by the end of the 3rd Mettenberger and the coaching staff seemed to lose all faith in their passing attack, resorting to a chew clock style, no nonsense ground and pound to end the game with a sense of dignity.

    Mettenberger touched on some beautiful passes though, and a 29 yard scamper by Michael validated the organizations decision to trade for them in the offseason. With a little confidence in their WR core, however, the Browns immediately acquired Brian Quick from the Rams for a 4th round selection. This may not fix their troubles, but he's better than anything after Gordon.

    A week 2 review (TN Titans):

    Joe Haden came back to Cleveland, prepared to intercept the the QB he was dealt for in a revenge match advertised on prime time. Unfortunately for him, it was Titans safety Barron who took in the interception. Mettenberger didn't hit a lot of completions (less than 50%) but managed to find the end zone 3 times. When you score 28 and lose, the issue isn't your offense. New acquisition Coby Fleener reeled in 3 catchers, more than any other WR not named Josh Gordon did in week 1. Look for him to be featured more as the season progresses.

    The Factory of Sadness Most Depressing Group/Player of the Week Award: The entire Browns Defense. Unable to stop the run or the pass, has almost as many running yards (223) as they did passing (233). This is a defense that needs to get nasty.

    A week 3 review (Da Raaaaidahs):

    Confidence was down, but let me tell you right here and now: This Browns team can compete with anyone when their coach is clicking. After an absolute beat down in week 1 and 2, the Browns came back and put up a show against the Raiders. Coby Fleener and Josh Gordon made Raiders defenders look like amatuers, Josh hauling in 7 catches for 124 yards and a pair of TDs and Coby Fleener hauling in 8 for 208 yards. The Browns were in a position to tie the game when Coby Fleener got absolutely rocked by Charles Woodson inside the 10, injuring his shoulder and fumbling the ball for a Raiders recovery. The injury proved to be minor, and Coby Fleener was rewarded with a 4yr, $20mil extension. Matching Josh Gordon's recent 4yr extension, this pair will be setting up defenders with mismatches for years to come.

    The Factory of Sadness Most Depressing Group/Player of the Week Award: Browns defensive line. Poor line play allowed 205 yards on the ground, setting up back to back weeks of being absolutely dominated by the run. LBs and Safeties were called in to try and help their D line out, but to no avail. This allowed the OAK offense get the ball into Amari Cooper's hands enough to win the game along with their fierce rush. Look for CLE to address this issue moving forward.

    A week 4 review (SD Chargers):

    Coming off of a strong finish to week 3, the Browns looked to continue their success against another AFC West team. That didn't happen though. Nothing seemed to go well for the Browns, who saw Mettenberger's accuracy improve to a season best (58%) but also saw the most interceptions (6). However, the Browns addressed the D Line issues with a trade for former Philly LE Cerdic Thornton and he made his name known with the lone sack for the defense. However, the Browns did manage to hold the Chargers under 30 points, which shouldn't feel like an accomplishment unless you consider the offense turned the ball over 6 times.

    The Factory of Sadness Most Depressing Group/Player of the Week Award: Mettenberger. 6 Interceptions is simply unacceptable. On the plus side, Brett Favre threw 6 against the Rams back in 2002. Let's just hope Mettenberger's career goes more like Favre's and only goes up from here.

    A week 5 review (RIVALRY - Ravens):

    The Browns came into this game on a mission that the stats can't properly relay to the audience. Unfortunately due to lag, a few mistimed plays and an amazing run defense from Baltimore, the Browns simply couldn't overcome key errors and missed 3rd downs. Coby Fleener and Josh Gordon continue to work as a dynamic duo that Baltimore simply had no answer for. Both coaches agreed that had even a few plays gone differently, this would have gone down to the wire. Cleveland's secondary held Flacco to his lowest yardage game of the season.

    The Factory of Sadness Most Depressing Group/Player of the Week Award: The Defensive line and LAG. They could not stop the run, no matter what they tried. LAG killed a few promising drives as well.
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