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The Deuce 2011 Recruiting Database

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Drifterbub, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
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    The Deuce 2011 Recruiting Database

  2. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Kansas State Wildcats 2010 Recruiting Class

    Position Name Caliber Overall Ht Wt 40 State Comments
    WR Jason Hayes :3stars: 67 6'0" 195 4.42 Missouri Should be able to step in right away in the slot WR position... Has good route running.
    T Tony Spence :3stars: 63 6'0" 282 5.12 California A little small to play tackle for the Wildcats, but could slide over to guard and flourish in a year.
    C Anthony Daughtery :3stars: 64 6'3 268 5.12 California Im hoping he comes in rated somewhat high but i have my doubts, either way he could end up starting at center.
    OLB Jerome Montgomery :3stars: 61 6'3 239 4.56 California He has the size and speed to play immediately; it will come down to his on the field play....
    TE Darren Crowder :3stars: 62 6'6" 262 4.72 California He is the starter for us from Day one. He has great size decent speed and he can catch.
    G Jacob Davis :3stars: 61 6'0" 307 5.12 Nebraska He will sit a year, but then he could start for 3 years in our system.
    C Dylan Shelton :3stars: 61 6'6 321 5.02 Texas The starter position at center is up for grabs between Shelton and Daughtery.
    WR Clint Adams :3stars: 65 6’0 193 4.38 Texas Adams has the speed to come in right away and make an impact whether that is via special teams or as a starter is yet to be seen.
    OLB David Gray :3stars: 60 6’3 240 4.48 California Gray’s size, block shedding and acceleration could see him shift inside and become the future at MLB for the Wildcats in a year. Or be the Day 1 starter at LOLB.
    ATH Lonnie Johnson :3stars: 40 6'3 240 4.60 California Johnson and Crowder should be my tight end for the next 4 years, with his size speed and catching ability he should be a problem for defense from day one.
    G Lawrence Van :3stars: 61 6'4 302 5.02 Arkansas Van might sit a year or two but could become a solid player for the Wildcats in the future.
    DE Justin Silva :3stars: 62 6'1 279 4.78 Texas Silva might come in and start at DE his block shedding ability is decent with the speed and size he could develop into something special.
    MLB Raymond Carter :2stars: 61 6'0 238 4.52 Washington DC Carter will more than likely be one of our starters at MLB after a redshirt year in Manhattan.

  3. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Kansas State Wildcats 2011 Recruiting Class

    Position Name Caliber Ht Wt State Comments
    G Matt Holden :3stars: 6'1'' 318 Colorado Solid Guard prospect who could move to center.
    WR Troy Christensen :3stars: 6'2 172 Texas He will be a starter from day one, his speed and size with catching ability make him better as a highschooler than some of my upper classmen.
    QB Lee Tucker :3stars: 6'6 213 Illnois He is an athlete who happens to play QB, he is gonna redshirt a year, and backup Cosh his senior season, then the throne is his for 3 years.
    OLB Andrew Armstrong :3stars: 6'1 218 Texas He will more than likely redshirt a year, but he could possibly start in a year or two.
    DE Corey Sanders :3stars: 6'3 260 Oklahoma Sanders should step in and start next year, unless Silva gets a huge boost via progression.
    WR Jamey McDaniel :4stars: 6'0 194 California McDaniel lookin like the starter next to Christensen...with his size and speed he could be legit for a long time.
    CB Dominque Pennington :3stars: 6'3 Kansas Pennington has the size and speed to eventually start.
    TE Anthony Tidwell :3stars: 6'2" 245 Colorado Tidwell should be the #2 to Crowder for the next 3 years. He has the size and speed to be solid receiving option.
    ATH Tom Norman :2stars: 6'5 324 Missouri He has the size and strength to eventually take over at DT in a few years....
    FS Sean O'Donnell :3stars: 6'0 188 California A potential backup plan for the stud FS i am currently chasing
    ATH Maurice Mitchell :4stars: 6'7 336 California Could step in and start immediately along our offensive line.
    WR Jamaal Glover :3stars: 6'0 190 Arizona Glover will be redshirted and could possibly be switched to HB because his catch rating is ridiculously bad.
    DE Quinton Williams :3stars: 6'3 280 Texas Williams has the size and the block shedding to start right away....
    MLB Ray Adams :3stars: 6'2 225 California Adams should be a starter if his ratings come in as they appear either way he should be a big part of our linebacking core for years to come.
    T Brandon Johnson :3stars: 6'4 310 Tennessee Johnson has size and decent blocking ratings he could start in a season or two.
    K Thomas Mills :2stars: 5'11 171 Ohio Mills will start all 4 years for the Wildcats
    CB Scott Barnes :3stars: 6'0 184 Alabama Barnes should walk in as the nickel corner and start next year.....
    WR Andrew Larsen :3stars: 6'4 185 Texas Larsen could be a serious redzone threat next season with his height...
  4. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Position Name Caliber Ht Wt 40 State Overall Notes
    ATH Shelton Coleman :5stars: 6'0 186 4.40 OK 79 ESPNU150Not exactly sure where i am gonna put him, more than likely CB with his skill set.
    FS Travis Garner :4stars: 6'3 215 4.32 TX 78 ESPNU150Garner is the star of our class, he might have to play SS to start his career but his size and speed at this position is critical to our defense he clearly will start right away.
    TE Ben Palmer :4stars: 6'2" 252 4.58 CA 81 ESPNU150Crowder's future sidekick.
    MLB Chris Hamilton :3stars: 6'1 225 4.42 OK 64 He could start but will more than likely get redshirted his first year unless he comes in rated way higher than he projects.
    CB Brent Young :3stars: 5'11 187 4.36 TX 70 He has the size and speed to start right away, but might play the nickel spot his freshman year depending on Coleman.
    WR Dominque Gray :3stars: 6'4 210 4.36 CA 64 He has the size and speed to start right away, his catching might prevent that.. we will have to see him on the practice field.
    MLB Joseph Olson :2stars: 5'11 205 4.38 KS 62 He is extremely small for a MLB in our scheme. He could end up outside or possibly at SS depending on his coverage skills after a redshirt season.
    DT Lee Smith :3stars: 6'1 324 5.24 WA 69 He is gonna walk-in and be the starter...
    T Beau McFadden :2stars: 6'6 287 5.12 WY 57 He is just quality depth at this point, he could play his junior or senior season.
    ATH Mike Adams :3stars: 6'1 201 4.40 TX 59 Hoping he can come in and help in the secondary somewhere be it corner or safety.
    OLB Ed Long :3stars: 6'1 220 4.50 CN 66 Long provides quality depth at the OLB position could start once Ferguson graduates.
    T Brian Gaines :3stars: 6'4 300 5.12 GA 64 Gaines could step in and play guard depending on his ratings
    QB Tristan Mills :3stars: 6'3 188 4.52 CA 68 Mills has some talent but he will sit for a few years.... could pop up his junior or senior year if he sticks around
    ATH Nate Grigsby :2stars: 6'6 311 5.24 TX 63 Grigsby has good strength and pursuit ratings, will more than likely end up on the Defensive line, should add quality depth in the future....
    DE Jason Walker :3stars: 6'6 282 4.72 NC 63 Walker will probably sit a year then he will start once Davis leaves.. he makes our defensive line really strong for the next couple of years...
    G Charles Hall :3stars: 6'3 287 5.12 LA 63 Hall could potentially start at guard with the transfer of Shelton to the damn Aggies.....

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