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The Dugout - Accumulated Cash Tracker

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by NeuroticTruth, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
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    Accumulated Cash Tracker

    The Dugout
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  2. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
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    Stadium Renovation, Upgrade, and Rebuilding

    General Information:
    • At the end of every season, each teams final balance will be recorded into a spreadsheet (to be posted / maintained in the Dugout forums).
    • Final balance’s will be tallied and will accumulate from year to year.
    • There will be no ceiling on how much cash you can earn / accumulate, however there will be a floor value of -$125M (meaning while you can still lose money, you wont go more negative in cumulative balance than $125M).
    • Teams will be able to use these cumulative funds to renovate, upgrade, and possibly even rebuild their stadiums.
    • Renovations and upgrades may only be made during the offseason (Sims #1 - #4 in the offseason).
    • New stadiums may be purchased at any time, but take a full offseason and season to complete.

    Renovation and Upgrade Information:
    • There are a few options available when renovating / upgrading your stadium. You may purchase seats to expand capacity or you may purchase upgrades to increase your fan interest.
    • Seating upgrades:
      • You may add up to 5,000 extra seats to an existing stadium during its lifetime.
      • Seats may be purchased in lots of 500 at the cost of $3.5M per 500.
      • Capacity of any stadium may not exceed 57,500.
    • Renovations:
      • +1 Fan Interest - $15M - Concession Upgrade.
      • +2 Fan Interest - $28M - Fan Interaction Center.
      • +4 Fan Interest - $54M - In Seat Monitors with MLB Gameplan.
      • +6 Fan Interest - $79M - New Massive HD Video Board.
      • All “renovations” are one time purchases, but more upgrades will be made available in the future

    Rebuilding Information:
    • As a base, stadiums cost starts at $500M and include 35,000 seats.
    • New seats may be purchased at the cost of $5M per 500 seats.
    • Stadium seating may not exceed 57,500.
    • Each teams city may contribute to the cost of the stadium based on their market size. The following is a list of those contributions:
      • Market Size: Minimal - $200M
      • Market Size: Tiny - $180M
      • Market Size: Small - $160M
      • Market Size: Below Avg - $140M
      • Market Size: Avg - $120M
      • Market Size: Above Avg - $100M
      • Market Size: Rather Big - $80M
      • Market Size: Big - $60M
      • Market Size: Very Big - $40M
      • Market Size: Huge - $20M
      • Market Size: Astronomical - $0
    • Each city will also contribute $4M per year towards the purchase of a new stadium with a cap of $100M.
    • Upon purchasing your stadium you will declare what type of park you want, your park factors will then be randomized with the following chances:
      • Hitters Park:
        • LH / RH Avg chances of .950 - 1.150.
        • LH / RH HR chances of .950 - 1.300.
      • Pitchers Park:
        • LH / RH Avg chances of .850 - 1.050.
        • LH / RH HR chances of .700 - 1.050
      • Balanced Park:
        • LH / RH Avg chances of .900 - 1.100.
        • LH / RH HR chances of .900 - 1.100.
      • Doubles and Triples will always be random:
        • Doubles chances of .800 - 1.300.
        • Triples chances of .600 - 1.650.
    • Once you build a stadium you must wait another 15 seasons before you can build another one.
    • Once a stadium is built you may modify the random park factors.
    • Park factors may only be modified during the offseason (Sims #1 - #4).
    • Park factor changes are capped at .050 change per factor.
    • Each change of .010 will cost $20M.
    • Building a new stadium will also result in the following changes once it is complete:
      • +1 to Market Size for 2 years.
      • +1 to Fan Loyalty.
      • +10 to Fan Interest.
    • Stadium Type and Surface Type are up to GM purchasing the stadium and are no additional cost regardless of choice.
    • You will also be required to give park dimensions and wall heights when applying for a new stadium.
    • While you control the dimensions / wall heights of the stadium, they must be approved before the park can be built (please keep them realistic).
    • You will also be required to submit a new name for the stadium. These are also subject to approval (please keep them as realistic as possible).

    Renovation / Upgrade Requests
    For renovation / upgrade requests, please create a new thread with your team name and the type of change your wanting to make (IE: renovation, seating upgrade, rebuild). Please make a new thread for each upgrade you're doing, this will help us track / process the changes easier.
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