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The E. Season 4 Power 5

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by UofCWildcat, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    New twist so i can expand more on teams. I'll pic out the top 5 of every week.


    1) Coach jello1717 & SMU: The Reigning National Champions easily lock up the number one spot. Some may say this team has lost some of it's key parts but they are a feisty bunch under Coach Jello. They will be in every game this season and look to repeat with stud QB Brad Simmons. A senior filled O line also will help this Mustang team to a fast start. This defense will need to it's impressive D line to get immense pressure though. But look out for SMU to possibly repeat.

    2) Coach dakota7 & Virginia: This team on paper is one of the top teams. They were also down their HC who had to leave the NCG for unknown reason midway through the 3rd quarter. I almost had the surprise National Champion pick right. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers will not be sneaking up on anyone this year. But they look like they won't have to. David Watford is back and will help this offense with his dual threat ability. A new HB in the mix which is Coach Dakota's bread and butter. This defense also looks fierce. Look for UVA to compete for the ACC again.

    3) Coach Big Suge Knight & Florida St: If anyone will stop the Wahoos, it'll be the Seminoles. This team is talent at it's pinnacle. They beat UVA the first time around but flopped in the CCG in the rematch. With QB Jameis Winston back and a solid O line will make this offense scary. But if you wanna see a good Horror Movie, just turn on a Florida St game while they're playing defense. This defense give me the shivers down my spine. If they D line isn't destroying you, those Ball Hawks in the secondary will be trying to take your possession.

    4) Coach UofCWildcat & BYU: BYU is a feisty bunch. The entire ending to the 2014 could of been a completely story if they hadn't fumbled away the Week 14 Match up with the Mustangs. Unfortunately, they did and this was the story of the BYU 2014 season. They were unable to close out any game. Aside from the Okie St game, they were 1 play away from winning every game (long random TD vs Maryland, fumble vs SMU first time, and the whole 4 downs in the CCG). This team is one year older, and one more year better. Tanner Mangum and Mangum Mathews decided to return to lead this offense, and the defense is fierce. DT and CB are the only suspect positions.

    5) Coach aarondramp & Georgia Tech: GT is scrappy. I had 0 faith in them in 2014, but they look to be very good. They had a very soft schedule mostly due to the lack of competition in the ACC. But they can ride that far. Broderick Snoddy looks to be very good and he can run behind a solid O line. This defense isn't in the class of the Top 4 but they are pretty good. D line looks suspect but the DBs of the Yellow Jackets look to be the strength. Their Special Teams are iffy with a Freshman taking on the kicking duties but Snoddy looks to be a good returner.

    Rest of the Pack:
    6) Maryland LSUTRUTH
    7) Baylor blLL flo
    8) Houston niuhuskie224
    9) TCU Darkwing
    10) Kansas St Masler
    11) NC St mcyork
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  2. niuhuskie224

    niuhuskie224 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    I played my first game with Houston, and this team will be a young, feisty bunch. WR is a postion of strength on offense and we are deep at HB. I am pleased with where we are going.

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