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The Evolution Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    The Law of The Evolution.


    A. I have taken a lot of time to designate rules that I believe are best suited for all players. We will take our rules very seriously and there will be no lax attitudes when it comes to obeying the rules by the coaches, or when I administer judgments. These rules are very basic and are generally agreed upon in various online leagues. They are not designed to limit fun but rather to guide game play within reason. Creativity and fun are emphasized in this dynasty, but the reason we have the rules is to limit any cheating and/or questionable game play tactics so that everyone enjoys the online dynasty. Do not be fooled, I am a very nice guy, but if you do not respect the dynasty, its coaches or the rules you will be removed. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Please take five (5) minutes to read and learn the rules.

    B. Additionally, If you feel that these rules need to be amended at anytime please do not hesitate to contact me. If you believe that you have found something that is not covered by the rules but feel it is probably being taken advantage of an AI flaw the best course of action is to notify me and to not use the tactic in a dynasty game.


    A. Above all else, fair game play and respect is vital to this dynasty. This is the number one rule in our dynasty. We will not tolerate any disrespectful play or attempts by any owners to circumvent the rules. If you do not agree with our rules and cannot adjust your game play style to fit within the rules, simply find another dynasty. Fair game play and respect are essential. I will be very strict in this aspect because it defines our essence as a dynasty.

    B. DISRESPECTFUL TALK IS NOT PERMITTED. I understand that in the heat of battle things can be said and words can be exchanged. However, DO NOT make this a recurring theme. If you are constantly being disrespectful to others then you will be removed from the dynasty, no questions asked. A coach of this personality type really has no place in our dynasty.

    C. ARGUMENTS AND DISPUTES will be handled in a PRIVATE manner between the two coaches and, if necessary, myself. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT publicly disrespect your opponent on the message boards. If you do, YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

    D. PLAY WITHIN THE SPIRIT of the game. Running the same play 15 times again and again, while stoppable for most good coaches, IS NOT what we are looking for. You MUST open up your playbook. Use different plays. This will make the game, in the long run, more enjoyable for you and ESPECIALLY for your opponent. Going for it on 4th and 37 in the first quarter is not realistic football. Five onside kicks a game is not realistic football. I think you get the point. If you are going to be a coach in this dynasty it is important to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Be imaginative. No one is saying you can't do your "money play"...just mix it up with the other 200 plays in your book. Do not abuse "money plays" that take advantage of an AI flaw in the game.


    A. The Basics

    1. Difficulty

    a. TBA

    b. Sliders TBD (will only adjust at the beginning of a new season)

    2. Length of Game

    a. 6 Minute Quarters

    3. Fair play

    a. Off

    4. Playbooks

    a. You may use any playbook in the game

    5. Recruiting Rules

    a. Only Freshmen may red-shirt

    b. May only Cut TRUE Freshman

    B. Substitutions

    1. QB: QB

    2. HB: HB or FB

    3. FB: FB

    a. RBs will not be allowed to play FB regardless of their blocking numbers.

    b. Packaging allows for two tailbacks to be on the field at the same time.

    4. WR: WR or TE

    a. The #1 and #2 overall WRs must be used in the #1 and/or #2 positions.

    b. Placing a quality receiver down on your depth chart to take advantage of match-ups is unacceptable.

    5. TE: TE

    6. OL: OL

    7. DL: DL

    8. LB: LB or DL

    9. CB: CB or S

    10. S: S or CB or LB

    11. No Defensive Players on Offense and no Offensive Players on Defense

    C. Packages

    1. ALL packages are available to use and are "fair game" with these 2 exceptions.

    a. #1 WR CANNOT be moved into the SLOT.

    i. There are about a dozen offensive formations that allow your #1 WR to be moved to the slot.

    ii. The ONLY defensive formation that allows you to move your #1 CB into the slot is nickel. This is not equitable and therefore not allowed.

    b. CB 5 Wide

    i. In staying consistent with "no defensive players on offense" this package cannot be used.

    D. Scheduling


    a. I am requiring this because it makes the policing of owners who are not keeping up and standing other owners up easier.

    b. I know some of you may think it's a pain but IT IS REQUIRED.


    a. This will give other owners an idea of when they can expect the next week to open up for play/recruiting

    b. It will also let me know of when to expect to open up the next week of play. I would like to be as on top of things as possible and this is the best way I know how to do it.


    a. These two things are not difficult to have but are essential to our dynasty.

    b. Also, each owner MUST have their AIM and email address available to the other coaches on the message boards. This will make it easier for everyone to schedule their Hum v. Hum games.
    *Note* You may communicate via Text. Someone Needs to post it and the other coach confirms it.

    A. No "gimmick" play that takes advantage of the AI is EVER acceptable, this includes such tricks as "Nano-Blitzing", "Delay Bumping" If you want to play like this, you don't belong here.

    B. Kickoffs
    1. Onside kickoffs are allowed in applicable situations. They are NOT to be abused. An owner is allowed to attempt to catch his opponent off guard once in a while, but again is NOT to be abused. If you wish to kick an onside kick you MUST use an onside kick formation. ONSIDE KICKS from standard kickoff formations ARE NOT ALLOWED. The ball must travel at least 30 yards for the kicking team to recover a kick out of a standard formation.

    C. Offense
    1. It is best for all parties to just remember that we are looking for realistic game play in our dynasty. Because "realism" is debatable there is a bit of room for dispute, but if your opponent is doing something questionable it is best to pause the game and discuss the situation with your opponent IN A CIVIL MANNER. We are all adults here, and we expect you to act like one.

    2. Because EA just can't seem to figure these plays out, the HB Direct and the QB Fake Spike are banned. The rarity of the plays occurrences in "real" life does not justify their use as the AI is apparently not going to be fixed.

    3. MOTION -- You MAY motion all offensive players: TE, WR, HB, and FB. HOWEVER, ONCE across and ONCE back is sufficient to determine the coverage and to put the motioned player in the position you want. DO NOT ABUSE MOTION. ANY RECEIVER in motion MUST CLEAR THE TACKLES AND BE *SET* BEFORE THE SNAP. Auto motion plays are fine but please do not abuse them.

    4. QB PLAY -- QBs are only allowed to drop back 7-10 yards during pass plays (except when under extreme duress by the defense). This rule is in place to prevent the popular tactic of dropping your QB 10-20 yards deep to allow your WRs time to break free from defensive coverage. QB Roll-outs are deemed legal. However, be careful that you are not dropping the QB too far back from the line of scrimmage. The 7-10 yard rule still applies to Roll Out plays. Please do not abuse the Roll Out. Mobile QBs are a part of the game, but do not call pass plays with the sole intention of taking advantage of defensive AI flaws, this is acceptable once or twice a game, but there are designed QB run plays for a reason. Excessive use of this as a type of offense is strictly prohibited.

    5. NO HUDDLE -- You MUST huddle on any play where the result is the clock stopping (i.e. Incomplete Pass, Out of Bounds etc.) No-huddle offenses are not to be used as a main form of offense. You can use a no-huddle play to catch your opponent off guard once or twice a game or inside 2 minutes at the end of the half or game. No-huddle can also be used by a team trailing late in the 4th quarter. If you are trailing by 28 or more at any time you can run no-huddle (except on dead balls). We could set specific guidelines, but PLEASE just use good judgment. *NOTE* THIS WILL BE EVALUATED AFTER RELEASE

    6. 4TH DOWN -- Because the game favors offense to defense it is much easier to achieve success on 4th down in the game as opposed to in real life. For this reason we restrict 4th down to realistic situations:

    a. Anywhere from your opponent's 30-39 yard line is acceptable

    b. 4th and one or less from your OWN 40 to your opponent's goal line is acceptable.

    c. 4th down from the 5 and inside is acceptable.

    d. A 4th down hail marry at the end of the half is also acceptable

    e. If you are leading by more than 14 points you must kick or punt the ball.

    f. Fake kicks are allowed within reason. Use good judgment. 4th and 13 from your own 35 in the 1st half is NOT acceptable to go for it or to fake.

    7. SUBSTITUTIONS/PAUSES -- EA allows 3 pauses, BE AWARE OF YOUR PAUSE SITUATION. The game gives you plenty of warning. Do not supersede the amount of allowed pauses. If you need to pause the game for an extenuating circumstance (i.e. someone ran into your car, or nature calls) pause the game and explain your situation. But do make sure you are courteous to your opponent.

    8. AUDIBLES -- Do not abuse audibles. Do not violate one of the substitution rules by audibles to get your WR at TE or RB etc. 1 audible per play is sufficient. Excessive audibles are not allowed. Also you must wait until your opponent's team is set before snapping the ball. Hot-Routes are acceptable.

    9. GOAL LINE -- Goal Line Formation is for Goal Line (inside YOUR OWN or YOUR OPPONENT's 10 yard line) and for SHORT YARDAGE (3rd/4th down and 3 or less) ONLY.

    10. CLOCK MANAGEMENT -- It is acceptable to wind the play clock down to: 01 inside of 2 minutes left in the game or half. Otherwise please be courteous to your opponent and choose your plays in a relatively "timely" manner.

    11. TAUNTING -- Will Not Be Tolerated.

    12. Pump Fake --You will only be allowed to PUMP FAKE once per every set of downs. And you can only Pump Fake ONE TIME no multiple pump fakes. Once you get a first down you can pump fake again. Don't make this your only form of passing, no team pump fakes every pass play and neither will anyone in this dynasty.

    13. Fake Snap count: You are allowed to use a fake snap count to help combat the "Great Jump". Use this wisely, you are not allowed to sit at the line and constantly hit the fake snap count button to draw your opponent off-sides. This is a flaw in the AI of the game and is a glitch.

    14. Hail Mary's, Airing it Out, Bombing -- Airing it out should not be your main form of offense, no team runs fly patterns all the time and neither will we. Running the ball 3 times, then doing a play fake and finding your receiver down the field is perfectly fine. But, going into shotgun 4 straight downs and trying to throw 45 yards down the field on 4 straight plays if BS and cheese in my book. If you are losing late in the game or down by a lot of points in the 2nd half, this is realistic game play. I can see you trying to do this under those circumstances, however, doing this all the time or even 70% of the time is not realistic. Get creative run some slants...screens...if you are primarily a passer then throw some different passes. This is not 10yrd fight from the Nintendo days.

    D. Defense

    1. It is best for all parties to just remember that we're looking for realistic game play in our dynasty. Because "realism" is debatable there is a bit of room for dispute, but if your opponent is doing something questionable it is best to pause the game and discuss the situation with your opponent IN A CIVIL MANNER. We are all adults here, and we expect you to act like one.

    2. MOVEMENT -- You may ONLY MANUALLY move ONE PLAYER; THAT ONE MUST BE PLAYER YOU ARE CONTROLLING (LB or DB) before the snap. All shifts are allowed but the man you control in the back 7 is the only one who can be manually moved. DO NOT MOVE YOUR PLAYER OUT OF THE REASONABLE REALM OF THEIR SPACE. Absolutely DO NOT move players to take advantage of AI flaws.

    3. Defensive Line: the defensive line is to ONLY be moved within the AUTOMATIC SHIFTS provided in the game NO MANUAL MOVEMENT of D-line. You are not allowed to move any DL-man, either laterally or vertically, manually before the snap. After the snap feel free to move him back into coverage.

    4. Shifts and Line Crashes --. Shifts and line crashes may not be used in conjunction with one another. For example, you may not shift your line to the right and then do a line crash to the right. You may, however, do one or the other.

    5. Shotgun Formations and Line Crashes -- You may NOT line crash left or line crash right if your opponent is in the shotgun formation. This is a glitch in the game and will not be allowed. You may, however, line crash up the middle or to the outside once per series of downs while your opponent is in a shotgun formation.

    6. Linebackers: A linebacker can be shifted within reason manually. They CANNOT be moved toward the line of scrimmage or stacked on top of a DE to take advantage of AI flaws. They cannot be moved inside a DLmen's outermost point. REMEMBER: You can only manually shift 1 player on defense.

    7. Linebacker Spy Blitz Glitch - This glitch allows a linebacker to be unblocked as he blitzes. The key to identifying this glitch is that the player will control the LB and will hot route the LB into Spy mode. So, if you see your opponent's LB coming in and none of your players are trying to block him, you are probably getting glitched with this glitch in the game. Anyone caught using this glitch will be removed and banned from the dynasty.

    8. Defensive Backs: A safety can be shifted within reason manually. They CANNOT be moved inside of the normal linebacker positioning to the line of scrimmage. REMEMBER: You can only manually shift 1 player on defense.

    9. AUDIBLING -- Audibling "down" from a Dime to a 44 (for instance) to take advantage of matchup changes is not acceptable as a form of defense. This can happen once or twice "accidentally" or getting "caught with your pants down" in a game, but basing your defense on this strategy is unacceptable.

    10. GOAL LINE -- Goal Line Formation is for Goal Line (inside YOUR OWN or YOUR OPPONENT's 10 yard line) and for SHORT YARDAGE (3rd/4th down and 3 or less) ONLY.

    11. BUMP AND RUN/END RUSH -- This type of defense, if you are a decent player and have fairly even teams, is easily battled against. It is allowed BUT DO NOT use these two methods as your ONLY form of defense or your main game plan. They can be used occasionally, not A LOT or even the majority of the time. AGAIN, I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to vary your game type. If you feel your opponent is ABUSING this, pause the game and discuss the situation LIKE ADULTS, and attempt to work out a solution. Even if I know how to beat this type of game play does not mean I want to run the same type of plays all game to battle you, because you are unimaginative. If you are found to be over the course of a few games abusing this type of play then you will most likely be removed.

    12. BLITZING -- Keep Blitzing realistic. No team blitzes every single down and blitzes the same players on every single down. This dynasty is about realism and since the offenses have to vary their playbooks so do the defenses. We will not put a limit on how many times you can blitz (we will if we have to) but please mix it up folks, throw some zones in there, some man to man coverage and mix your blitzes. If you are going to blitz, vary the player or position that blitzes. Blitz linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties. There are many blitzes in the playbooks, so just use VARIETY!!!
  2. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    E. Punting/Punt Blocking

    1. When punting you may motion a gunner but he must come set before the ball is snapped.
    When blocking a punt you MUST BE IN PUNT BLOCK FORMATION. You may not manually move any player except the punt returner before the snap. You CANNOT drop a player back into punt coverage BEFORE the snap. You also CANNOT manually shift ANY player (other than the punt returner) before the snap. Automatic shifts provided in the game are allowed.

    2. No Rapid Fake Snap on Punting -- There is a flaw in the AI of the game that makes the line jump 90% of the time when you rapid fake snap. Don't do it. You say HUT once they don't jump, you kick. Again very simple

    3. Sky Punting / Catcher's Interference -- If your opponent Sky Punts, You as the receiving player have 2 options. Fair Catch the ball or RUN away from the ball. You should run backwards towards the opposite side of where the ball is coming. You can run forward but if there is a Catcher's Interference penalty. You MUST DECLINE IT!! Because running into a coverage player from the other team on purpose to draw a penalty is BS in my book so don't do it.

    4. Special Teams Defenses -- You can only use Special Teams defenses when your opponent lines up for a special teams play. You may not use FG BLOCK on goal-line situations or PUNT SAFETY as a pass defense.

    F. Mercy Rule and Sportsmanship

    1. If at any point you get a 35 point lead, REMOVE your starters and play a conservative style of offense. With the difference in talent of teams and coaches, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why you would need to roll up a win over your opponent. The coaches in this dynasty who control "lesser" teams are the BACKBONE of the dynasty and should not be made to suffer horrible defeats so guys can prove whatever it is they prove with a 50 point win. THIS IS THE EPITOMY OF BAD SPORTSMANSHIP and will be dealt with quickly and severely. What's the difference between a 35 point win and a 50 point win? Bad sportsmanship.

    2. Maximum margin of victory against a HUMAN is 35 points. This is not negotiable. This rule will prevent padding of stats for awards.

    3. Maximum margin of victory against a COMPUTER is 50 points. This is not negotiable. This rule will prevent padding of stats for awards. Again once you are up by 35 points, you MUST remove your starters and play the 2nd string.

    4. If you are shown to be rolling up STATS for individual awards think again. We WILL NOT reward bad-sportsmanship with ANY type of award, other than the G.T.F.O. Award (dynasty removal).

    5. As the game is supposed to be "fun" please be respectful of your opponent and choose your plays in a timely manner. Inside 2 minutes you can run the clock down to finish out.

    G. Miscellaneous

    1. There is sure to be other various situations that arise. Remember these KEY things: it is only a video game, it is not life and death. If you feel that you need to bend the rules, or maximize any crack, nook or corner of the rules to get ahead to win, this dynasty is NOT FOR YOU. This dynasty is intended for guys who love this video game, like we do, to get together, HAVE FUN and just enjoy it. Be a good sportsman. Play within the spirit of the dynasty and its rules.

    2. Any coach who has four games/weeks in a row simulated without giving me prior notice of their absence will be excused from the dynasty. Please take note, as no warning, you will just be removed/replaced.

    H. Disconnects

    1. If a disconnect occurs (F'N EA) ... then the two coaches will have to work something out. The owners can start the entire game over, or if the game was near completion. We can simulate the game to ensure the proper team wins. You can play the remainder and see who wins by point score.


    A. The ABSOLUTE WORST part about running an online dynasty will be this facet. If this were a perfect world everyone would play "straight" and there wouldn't be any problems. This isn't a perfect world. And although I'd love to think this will be the perfect dynasty, there will be problems. If you have any problems please contact me ASAP. We will discuss your situation and I will determine whether the infraction warrants a warning, a replay or in certain situations removal of a coach. I will act quickly and attempt to get both sides of the story. ONE THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: I cannot be there to watch your games. I will have to take the information given to me and make a decision off of that. Some people do not feel this is fair, but it is the ONLY way to monitor you. Don't make me have to be a babysitter. We are ALL adults.

    B. If you feel your opponent is "cheating" the first step you should take is PAUSE THE GAME AND TELL YOUR OPPONENT WHAT HE IS DOING WRONG. You will then discuss the decision LIKE MEN. If I find out that you guys are talking *** over AIM and EMAIL you will be removed. Discuss it like men and come to a resolution.

    C. One thing to remember: DO NOT QUIT THE GAME. Even if your opponent is the biggest cheater in the book you MUST FINISH THE GAME.

    D. DO NOT COUNTER A CHEATER WITH CHEATING. You cannot make a case for yourself after the game if you decide to battle cheating with cheating. Finish the game. File a complaint. And let us take care of the situation. That's what we're here for.

    E. Remember: DO NOT trash another coach in a public forum. If you do, you will be disciplined also. We want to handle things professionally and as adults.

    F. As always... if you have a problem, question, concern or any issue with a rule, hit me up on AIM or in a PM and I will gladly discuss the situation with you.


    A. Rules are not perfect and I realize this, so, from time to time, I will revise the rules to conform to whatever quirk EA has included in its latest edition.

    B. Please let me know what you think and if we need to make changes we'll put them to vote and let the coaches decide it is our dynasty.


    A. If/when the need for new coaches arises we will take new coaches by referral ONLY. Hopefully, this will encourage owners to invite only those who are worthy of being involved with the online dynasty.


    A. We will try to get in twelve (12) seasons in our online dynasty. This should be very enjoyable as three (3) entire different groups of classes will go through your programs and that should give each coach enough time to go through the ups and downs that are experienced in real life.

    B. I will never "move up" a deadline. However, if all of the coaches can stay ahead of schedule we will go as "fast" as everyone is willing to go.

    C. I have broken each season into seventeen (17) "weeks" or segments
    1. Week 1/Pre-Season/Recruiting (2 Days)
    2. Week 2/Recruiting (2 Days)
    3. Week 3/Recruiting (2 Days)
    4. Week 4/Recruiting (2 Days)
    5. Week 5/Recruiting (2 Days)
    6. Week 6/Recruiting (2 Days)
    7. Week 7/Recruiting (2 Days)
    8. Week 8/Recruiting (2 Days)
    9. Week 9/Recruiting (2 Days)
    10. Week 10/Recruiting (2 Days)
    11. Week 11/Recruiting (2 Days)
    12. Week 12/Recruiting (2 Days)
    13. Week 13/Recruiting (2 Days)
    14. Week 14/Recruiting (2 Days)
    15. Week 15/Conference Championships (2 Days)
    16. Week 16/Bowl Games (2 Days)
    17. Week 17/Off-Season/Recruiting (2 Days)
    18. Complete Season in 34 days

    D. Of course, not everyone will have games in every week but it may be difficult if not impossible to schedule our bye weeks at the same time to speed up the process. Also, I have tried to think of ways to allow for extra time to hum v. hum weeks. If we are going to allow extra time to get those weeks in, we will need to limit those weeks to EARLY on each season. If we advance each week in a 2 day/48 hour time spans, we should be able to get in at least 11 seasons which is our goal. Another issue is going to be the five weeks of off-season recruiting. The best way I can think of to get through this portion of the season is to make it a requirement to sit down in one sitting together and knock it out. I will always try to make the time convenient for everyone (i.e. a night or weekend). I will always post our deadlines in the dynasty forums.

    E. If you know ahead of time you are not going to be able to meet a deadline (for whatever reason) please let me know ASAP. This way, we can simply simulate your game/recruiting and keep the dynasty moving along nicely.
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