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The Experience, end of NCAA 13

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Masler, May 3, 2013.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Don't get freaked by the title, the league will still go on....

    Anyway. I've had some time to do some thinking and while we don't know much about NCAA 14 other than some gameplay and presentation aspects there are some things I do know as this league moves forward. So here they are.

    1) Earning a spot for The Experience '14

    The way I see it we have two full seasons left, MAYBE three. So for the duration these must be followed. If you are doing them, you have nothing to worry about. If you are worried, then I would get on it. Without further ado...
    • Game summaries have always been mandatory with The E. They are still that way. Yes I have slacked majorly this season but I had job transitions and final exams to worry about.
    • Recruiting updates have never been mandatory but I still like to see them. The more I see, the more it benefits you.
    • Extra content is nice but at this point in the dynasty I do not expect it. Let's start throwing around some ideas for NCAA '14 though, let's see some discussion, some hype..etc etc.
    • Scheduling. Please inform your opponent a good time you can play (give multiple options if possible!) and likewise when responding. Check the thread often because tags do not always work as they should!
    • Don't piss me off
    • Play sim. Some of these stats (be it per game or season long) are flat out bullshit. Sorry to use you as an example jay2149 but,
      • You should not have a TE with 1500 yards receiving (leads all user controlled teams, next highest TE has 738), don't know how you managed to get a TE with that kind of speed either, 231 lbs is on the light end of the spectrum as well. You have WRs for a reason, use them. I don't mind TE as receivers but never should they be your primary.
      • I have the suspicion my no designed QB Runs/Scrambles on 3rd or 4th down is not being followed 100% (this is to all of you).
    2) Changes in rules
    • I'm sure we will have to change some rules with the new Physics Engine coming in. Power running is going to be tough to stop, we'll tackle that when things come around as well as all other gameplay rules.
    • I am taking a leaf out of The Dugout's book.
      • If you miss 3 advances in a row without informing me, you will be removed.
      • If you miss 5 advances in one single season without informing me, you will be removed
      • I will be harassing you like no other to get your summaries in. Takes less than 10 minutes to type one up, not that hard. Start doing them now to get into a good habit. Best to do it right after the game if you are the WINNER.
      • There will be NO "I'm not playing the CPU because I don't like them." It's an exception this year because we are beginning to get burnt out, '14 is fresh and new issues will pop up, deal with them.
      • We WILL establish position requirements.
    Like always the rush to get into a NCAA Premier League will be big, secure your spot by showing me you want to be here. I will be keeping tabs. This will all start in Season 11, remember, if you can't make a game please inform me so it isn't marked against you. Any concerns, PM me.
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