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    Nov 11, 2009
    A lot of us have sports heroes we look up to, or family. But today I met someone whose words will stay with me forever.

    His name is Col. Glenn D. Frazier. Survivor of the Bataan Death March.

    I have always been a huge history buff and huge war game player. I began reading historical books on WW2 and had read a lot about the Bataan Death March, but never as in depth as

    I was working today, and saw an elderly gentleman sitting in the lobby of the hotel I manage. He was waiting on family. I noticed he had numerous military patches and insignias on his jacket. So I approached him, being the history nerd I am. And he introduced himself and talked with me for about 30 minutes. Just the two of us. It was incredibly facsinating and uplifting. He then gave me a copy of the book which was signed and reads:

    "Jesse, this book will give you a first hand account of "bataan" also how to overcome any challenges. Many blessings to you and your"

    - Col. Glenn D Frazier, 6/27/2011

    I must have shaken the guys hand 10 times, thanked him and shed a couple tears as I talked to him. After doing more research come to find out he opened Ken Burns' "The War" as the first to talk about the miniseries.

    Utterly Amazing...
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