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Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by Raidernation, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Raidernation

    Raidernation I can show you better than I can tell you

    Dec 11, 2010
    Freshman of 2013
    [​IMG] Demetrious Dean TE ~ As the top receiving option at TE Dean looks to have a solid year as the Hogs #2 tight end.

    Brian Briggs ROLB ~ Briggs is a problem at LB, a coverage expert, he looks to show the SEC a freshman can dominate at the linebacker position. Look for him to lead behind Bennett this year, corralling running backs and QB alike.

    Nick Yates LE ~ yates came in in the spring to get a jump on things he would have had the starting job but fell short due to injury.

    [​IMG] The tigers will be fielding a defensive back field loaded with some of the most talented freshman in the ACC. Darious McNamara (FS) has great hands and is a sound tackler. Travis Blanks (SS)is a thumper flat out and Ronald Geohaghan (FS) is the balanced one out of the trio. These guys have their work cut out for them this season, with focus and displine the sky’s the limit.

    [​IMG] FB Caleb Mcgee’s future is looking brighter and brighter these days, he was convicted of armed robbery as a freshman in high school then as a junior he beat four counts of drug trafficking, assault, gun possession, and possession of stolen property. One good lawyer and two years later he’s in the sunshine state as the starting fullback for the Seminoles. While incarnated McGee honed his blocking techniques, we’ll see what else he’s learned soon enough.

    [​IMG] Reggie Morris WR ~ Morris aka “White Chocolate” will bring his highlight reel to Athens this season - get your popcorn ready.

    Jordan Jenkins LOLB ~ He’s a top flight LB on a roster thick with talent at the position, he has what it takes to succeed in this program he’s just waiting for his opportunity.

    [​IMG] Ricky Jones WR ~ Jones just maybe the best wide out to come to Indiana in years, word is they may just try him at QB, Randle El anyone?

    Casey Cooper RE ~ The Hoosers will need some pass rushers this season in order to get their top notch CB’s to shine and Cooper brings the polish.

    [​IMG] Chris Clark QB ~ Clarke’s famous cousin Usain Bolt predicts this speedster will set all kinds of records at Tha U. He’s fast but nowadays that not enough.

    Jim Robinson CB ~ Great coverage guy, Robinson joins a stable of cover corners in Miami, no pun intended.

    [​IMG] Pete Gray FS ~ Pete is the top rated free safety on the Gophers squad lets see if he’ll get the nod, he looks to help out a defense that will have it’s hands full all year.

    Blake Caldwell WR ~ Blake is a clone of Eric Decker maybe a little better, he and Harbison will drastically improve this offence this season.

    [​IMG] Nebraska has an outstanding group of freshman coming in this year to play on the defensive front Dan Williams, Donald Kenney, AJ Roberson, and MJ Thomas plan to kill at least one quarterback while playing in Lincoln, then they enter the draft as a unit.

    [​IMG] Reggie Sherman LOLB ~ He’s a class act coming into the university of linebackers; through the scandal they are Penn State.

    Tyrone Moore WR ~ Moore is a good fit for the Nittany Lions. In the mold of bobby Ingram as far as talent goes look for Moore in the slot soon enough.

    [​IMG] Brandon Godfrey WR ~ His 6-5 frame will give him an advantage for years to come. He’ll have to get around his stone hands first.

    Marques Jackson CB ~ A good signing this off season for the Vols Jackson will get playing time on this well balance defense, but will he capitalize on his opportunity.

    [​IMG] Joel Smiley FS ~ Joel actually holds every high school rushing record in Texas history, but the Aggies didn’t need a running back so Smiley converted to a pretty decent free safety.

    Thomas Johnson WR ~ As of now Thomas is the Aggies #3 wide out, if he produces anywhere clos to the level he did as a senior in HS he’ll be moving the chains and moving upperclassmen aside gaining the top spot on this team.

    [​IMG] Jacob Williams WR ~ He’ll try to bolster this failing receiving core. The Hokies are a good squad overall but receiver is it Achilles heel. Williams should get time at the slot this year, GO GET EM

    Trey Williams MLB ~ Trey Edmunds is an extremely good coverage LB, he will need to make some great plays for the Hokies, this year and the next …. And the next.
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