the good and the bad teams and other teams so far during madden 15 hk season 1

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    chiefs , rams , jags , saints , hawks , cardinals , bengals as I see as bad teams
    the good teams so far as I see it pats , 49ers , bucs , eagles , browns , broncos , cowboys , chargers
    Also rest of the league too
    ok going write about each team
    lets start with bad news and here we go

    Chiefs - why their bad this season in hk so far look at Alex Smith 12 ints and now 13 ints and having hard time getting into red zone

    Rams - Sam Bradford is having bad year for rams offense with 14 ints and their defense is suffering because of it

    Jags- Gerhart is having tough season for Jacksonvillie but I expect Owner/Coach Hit to have them ready rest of this season

    Saints - the Saints cant stop anyone and when Drew Brees scores a td the saints def just gives up another one
    Seahawks- here are team shouldn't be in this spot not my fault their in bad spot cat here but loose the games for some reason
    Arizona - Was Pyror ever the answer just wondering not saying his fault
    Bengals - given up most pts on def
    Pats - Gtg don't know how he got until this point but hes here anyways
    Niners - Mr hyde here
    Eagles- Guy doing good job
    Browns -Schon house here
    Broncos- Peyton manning that's all
    Cowboys- Bob is making a move to the top of world of hk
    Chargers- Rivers
    Giants - they don't need see eli anymore lol
    Falcons- Dc is trying with them Falcons
    Bills - if they make it without no more qb's hurt
    Packers - is Aaron Rodgers the qb still?
    Colts - they doing some things there
    Raiders- well its the raiders and their ok
    Dolphins - hows south beach going?
    Lions - this team is at .500
    Vikings - I wonder how Ca feels about his team?
    Panther- Blaza looking good with Carolina
    Titans - air mcnair
    Bears- get forte going and they be fine
    Texans- looks like Pitt playing some over .500ball here nice
    Steelers - Will Big Ben surive the season?
    Redskins- Nice Going
    Jets- Mo playing good
    Ravens - I enjoy this teams commmerty during games
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