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The gray area..

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MurkYa21, May 3, 2009.

  1. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    The gray area..

    While were on the topic about what's borderline and what's not..

    I want to bring up two things.. not really mad just want to ask

    (1) EagleIrish...fullback dive multiple times with his halfback(s)

    cheese? or not?

    (2) My first possession...I went three and out and punted on 4 and inches..

    at first, I came out with a FB dive, but EagleIrish was quick to jump on me about playing by the rules. lol. HEY! LEAGUE RULES. LEAGUE RULES.

    Here's where I stand, he has two WR's with 95+ speed (one is his #2 that is a 74 overall Fr, maybe So)..anyway, I knew I was going to have to score nearly everytime to beat him because my DBs are slow..(he burnt me two or three times with his slot)

    Also, I've played in plenty of football games where the other team has went for it in this position..because, the rewards outweigh the benefits

    If it was 4th and 1 or 4th and anything..I wouldve punted..as I did the rest of the game...but I was 85% sure that by punting in that position I was giving him the win..

    I lost by 6

    Note: Im not calling eagle out by any means, I just want to know..

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