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The Houston Chronicle: Texans Edition

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by ThaBayouChef, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. ThaBayouChef

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    Jul 19, 2012
    Texans QB’s in Heated Camp Battle


    The Houston Texans enter the 2015 season, the inaugural season of 1st and 10, with one huge question waiting to be answered; who will be the starting QB to kick-off the release? On one hand you have the gun slinger from the University of Arkansas, Ryan Mallett. Mallett has all the physical traits one would desire in a starting QB. He has a 6’6 frame and has a rocket for an arm. Mallett is entering his 5th year in the NFL and has his best opportunity yet to nail down a starting role. His accuracy will no doubt play a determining factor. He has both decent short and medium range accuracy, but his deep ball lacks in that aspect. However; with the throw power he has and the burner on the outside, Deandre Hopkins, Mallett’s deep ball accuracy woes may not matter as much as they have in the past.

    Enter Tom Savage, the 4th round pick of the Texans in 2014. Savage is a lot like Mallett. They both possess nearly the same stature, and nearly the same skillset when it comes to hitting their short to intermediate targets. Savage, almost more so than Mallett, struggles with his deep balls at times. They tend to sail on him from time to time and he will have to reel those types of throws in if he wants to win this job. One thing Savage most definitely has over Mallett, athleticism and versatility. Savage does a great job of moving around in the pocket and isn’t afraid to pull the ball down and use his feet to get some extra yardage. If Savage is to win this camp battle, his athleticism and decision making will play a key role.

    As of now, this job is anybody’s. Both players have about three weeks to show what they can really do. After those three weeks, look for this coaching staff to name a starter and really begin getting ready for the 2015 season.

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